{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L } An autumnal paradise


Today should have been the day for our 9th Blog anniversary post - but i am keeping this treat as a pre-cursor because well, I promised ! 

Honestly , I could go on an expedition to find that remote that will help me to fast-forward to December of 2020 ( hoping that would be a better phase for the whole world !) . I decided to go slow, and bring around some autumnal vibes instead. We shot this beautiful editorial in a place that felt right out of my parisian dreams ! In the lovely city of Pretoria , South Africa , when the weather was chilly and the autumnal leaves decorated the sky before falling down and crisping under my feet like wafers! Shooting in a different country has a different set of challenges but this day, I will always remember !  It was dreamy and the place looked even better than the pictures thanks to the autumnal beauty ! All this while, I  couldn't decide between the 100 good shots taken by Mandy. She was a delight to work with but later we couldnt seem to work together which made me sad. But sometimes, despite everything being perfect , things don't work out. Not complaining because this shoot is one of my most favourite ever and perfect to welcome the autumn season soon ! WARNING: THE MOST PHOTO HEAVY POST on our blog ever! Tell me if you have a favourite shot?

DRESS, earrings : ZARA | Heels : Charles & Keith | Bag : Shop in dharavi | Watch : Fossil 

Till, next time , CIAO! 

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{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N } Lounge 2020


My first post on the blog was about 2020 and fast forward 8 months  ( Can you believe? ) , I can't still part ways with the magical number- 2020. At least we thought 2020 sounded futuristic and the most transformational. But well, nature had its own " transformational" plans and we are at its mercy . All of us who made those travel bucket lists , got a huge jolt and thats really nothing as compared to everyone who has been deeply impacted due to the virus. 

But this year has taught us "GRATITUDE" in abundance. I am thankful everyday for a healthy life, an opportunity to still continue to hold on to what i love most - blogging and creating content  . This month we complete 9 years and there's a ton of fabulous SELF-SHOT posts & IRRESISTIBLE giveaways coming your way as i explore the future of fashion post the pandemic. Do not forget to catch up with every post on instagram as well and stay tuned for announcements on my stories!  

Just before the lockdown began , I was in Goa and goodness, am i thankful for that! It was my birthday and i had decided to quickly make this trip as well as planned some shoots. Who knew this would be the last travel ( so far ) and the last outdoor shoot! 2019 has been very unfortunate for me professionally as well as personally due to these health issues - my lower back as well as the dreaded viral infection on my face that finally went away in June 2020- an entire year! Its the reason why i was not able to create much content despite blogging full-time. Yet, I took chances and shot outdoors despite my face being full of the lesions in February . It was not only embarrassing but dissatisfying as my face was swollen due to the infection throughout the year. It wasn't the face I was used to but nonetheless i accepted it with all my grit and continued on my goals. And I am glad I did that. This was my idea of lounging in 2020 and well, i have been lounging for a lot of 2020 inside my head ! I guess you are too?  Hoping for the real deal now , haha . 

Top/Jumpsuit/Earrings : ZARA | Neckpiece : Sarojini nagar market | Bangle : Bandra fleamarket 

Till next time, CIAO!

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{ F.A.S.H. I.O.N } Patching up with 2020

Hello People!

2020 is a strange year. Almost like a thriller novel. A mystery everyone wants to solve. A nightmare everyone wants to get out of ! And in all this, we are finding ways to preserve our sanity! 

A lot of us are buried neck-deep in "Work" of all kinds.  Even the summers went by without us enjoying a holiday, and so its important to plan A BREAK if not a holiday ! We can never replace travel , but can surely get our dopamine fix with some creative DIY ! 

The nature is in revenge mode and we know that our consumption choices are under the radar more than ever . As a conscious generation, its time to go SLOW. And this applies to fashion as well. Does that mean we need to STOP BUYING FAST fashion? The good news is - there's another post coming up on that and the answer is coming in that post ! But this post will show you ways of sprucing up your most used DENIMS and elongate their lifespan even more !

Patchwork denims are rarely manufactured  , and if you are a bohemian at heart, this DIY will totally be your jam! When i posted these denims on my instagram, most of you were intrigued and i couldn't see  options similar to this! So i came up with this DIY trick, so you can create yours! 

These cloth-patchwork denims got special love from you when I first put the trial room selfie on instagram in 2017 . I spotted this in Zara sale and didn't see this in any other Zara outlet in the whole of Bombay- so hurried to try it on . There were only 2 sizes left. The other was a size smaller. I was skeptical because its not the regular denim and cannot be worn at all times. However my bohemian heart was already head over heels.  When i tried the size which was 2 inches smaller than my original , it squeezed my butt & tummy in an uncomfortable way ! To top it, it wasn't elastic. I walked to and fro- sat inside the trial room thinking it would expand like a miracle. 10 mins. Nothing happened, haha . I asked the Zara folks to help me with the next size or check availability in other stores. Alas, their servers went down and they couldn't track either information. I kept the denim back from where i picked it. I spoke to the zara folks again- Does this shrink further on wash? The guy was like- I am sure you wear denims- they always expand. But I was in still in two minds- what if it didn't expand! Its a high waist style - So its pushing my tummy in and making me uncomfortable! I almost walked out of the store and i looked at it again. I ran back again , picked it and back to the billing counter !!! HAHA. I was not going home without these.

You can have this denim style in a day's time or maybe an hour!!!


1. Pick any denim from your wardrobe 
2. Cut square/triangular cloth pieces out of your favourite old cotton blouses/ pillow covers or sheets (Printed or solids ).
3. Use Fabric glue to stick them ( EASY) or if you are a stitching pro- just sew it on!

And done! 
If you are a guy reading this, why not try this trend as well.  Pair with a leather jacket for the colder months . I would love to see your DIY project. Share it with me!

SHOTS from August 2017:

indian fashion blog

Self-portrait from 2020 

Till next time, CIAO!

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