3 Things for which we will be thankful to Karl Lagerfeld

I have never owned a Chanel anything, yet today when the legendary Karl Lagerfeld's demise made headlines - I knew i had to pen my admiration for this legendary design-Lord down , because we all know - our Runway excitement will never be the same again .

1. The " TWEED" obsession

We have to give it to Karl Lagerfeld for carrying Coco Chanel's  tweed obsession from the 20s archives back to the 80s and now into every girls "Must-have" list ! A look at anything tweed , and we exclaim - Thats so Chanel - no matter who has made it . My recent purchases from my favourite high-street brand were all Tweed and i couldn't stop raving about them because thanks to Karl- its the most desired fabric which makes one look  "Parisian chic". Though tweed has its origin in Scotland , Coco was quick to adapt it to her collection when she released the first Tweed cardigan in 1925 inspired by the Duke of Westminster .

What Karl did was re-imagine Tweed and bring it out of its very formal setting to something casual and even Grungy with frayed bottoms. While most tweed creations were monochromatic , Karl introduced multicolour Tweed which made it more appealing to young girls who loved vibrant wardrobes . The formal "Jacket-skirt" suits were now being used as separates with different materials like leather . Tweed is no longer limited to mature women but also "girls" , all thanks to Karl.

2. The "CHANEL" Revival

Chanel was a dying fashion house after Coco Chanel passed away in 1971. A decade later when Karl was hired to bring back the Parisian fashion house in 1983 - his strategy not only gave Chanel a roaring success - but also inspired other fashion houses who were reeling through the same scenario to take note and re-build themselves. Lagerfeld always believed in living in the moment and hence infused modern elements into vintage elegance created by Chanel thus keeping the signature Chanel designs intact with a modern twist . The loyal consumer was sold on this strategy because his style continued to have a recognisable "Chanel " aura yet was relevant . Keeping all the vintage Chanel elements constant like Pearls , quilting , braids, CC Logo,  Chanel 2.55 bag - Lagerfeld continued to re-invent Chanel every year with his experimental tweaks thus making the brand the most coveted Ready-to-wear luxury label . His grand Chanel runway sets exude extravagance of a kind relatable yet larger than life. Runways will never be the same again without him but we do hope his legacy will be carried on just like he did for Coco Chanel.

3. The "Unstoppable Creative "

"Please don't say I work hard. Nobody is forced to do this job and if they don't like it, they should do another one. If it's too much, do something else." - Karl Lagerfeld 
Working 16 hours daily , Lagerfeld called himself a human machine . But unlike a machine- he was a creative machine leading not one but 3 Fashion houses at the same time - CHANEL, FENDI and his label "KARL LAGERFELD" even at the age of 85. Not only that he dabbled in photography , often shooting his own campaigns every time he'd launch a new collection - showing how deep the creative  veins ran. 
He is an inspiration to all of us who complain we don't have enough time to do what we love - because turns out - his life was a lesson in accomplishing everything he liked under 24 hours every day which also included losing 40kg in 13 months just to fit into a Dior suit! Dedication Supreme!

When asked about retiring he said "Why should I stop working? If I do, I'll die and it'll all be finished. I'm lucky to work in the most perfect of conditions. I can do what I want in all kinds of areas. The expenses are not expenses. I would be stupid to stop that. Work is making a living out of being bored."

Till next time, CIAO
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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Songs of my garden - II

"Seasons came and seasons went ... waiting in vain for that unknown scent . 
Never a glimpse , never a hint - all I hear is my cuckoo clock sing ...
Maybe the nightdress shouldn’t have wrestled the thorns ,
Maybe you thought I wouldn’t like you around ... And so I preen everyday , in my favorite cotton dress with a smile to match the Christmas roses...

Seasons came and seasons went...roses bloomed and daisies sang.
Surrounded with Bees  and dancing wasps ...
The villagers could smell the dreamiest patch .
Hot-cross buns and crotchet handkerchiefs , the vendors came to catch a glimpse...
A mix of rhubarb and coffee beans , I'm sipping on endless cups lest i don't sleep
Will i ever see you to be at peace???"

Hello Folks and i hope you are enjoying the dreamy "Songs of my garden" series . As a matter of fact i would've myself slipped into a daydream while sorting these dreamy pictures  - I'm so glad Nik and me make the best team - as much as he despises the camera , he's improving at the game! As we step into 2019, there will be more looks in this series. 

This look was shot on our longest vacation ever . This is where we stayed in a village called Greyton - which -hold your breath - claims to have wild horses roaming the streets! I was hoping to get a pic with them , but they were rare when we spent a night in here . However this guesthouse has become my favourite - one of the most beautiful places i have stayed in !

" Songs of my garden "is a poetic-vintage take on simple flowy fabrics - this series is here to un-complicate fashion. All you need is a great fabric and a color that complements your skin- and voila - you look like a princess with minimal embellishment. 

Featuring another piece from Delhi-based conscious designer brand "Juanita", this post is an ode to all things dreamy . The dress is again made of organic cotton sourced from weavers in Bihar just like in the previous post . For more details on the brand, don't forget to see the earlier post and please do share your views - they make my day <3 .="" nbsp="" span="">

Location - Lady Grace, Greyton ( South Africa),
                  Vet Clinic ( House with hydrangea )  - Greyton ( South Africa) 

Till next time , CIAO!

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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Songs of my garden

Hello folks,

My heart is filled with gratitude as i pen this post . It has been wonderful receiving the honour of the 50 most influential content marketing professionals in India for 2018. Keep showering your support as always and i hope i can create exciting content for you to enjoy!

This is my new series as we end the year - Songs of my garden. Inspired by Tuscan gardens , shot in South Africa featuring my current finds- Designer , high -street and fleamarkets. This look is shot by my better half Nik and exactly why it has brought out the best in me! You rock, love <3 p="">

Featuring Delhi- based conscious designer Shubhda Priyam- her label Juanita is everything simple yet luxury. They say a designer is inspired by their surroundings . In my case, Juanita's organic cotton dress inspired the shoot and the blogpost. This dress has traveled from Delhi to Bombay and then to South Africa and i waited patiently all this while to create this story. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did shooting for it. To see her collection visit her instagram page/ Facebook page - she retails through exhibitions and through online portals like Jaypore.

From the designer's desk : 

"The label Juanita (wah-NEE-Tah) is a Godsend for lovers of minimalism. The designer clothing is comfortable yet elegant with pure colors that resonate with your heart to bring joy and confidence. The textile used is (from the weavers of Bihar – one of the oldest inhabited places in the world with a rich cultural history going back to 3000 years) environment friendly and it encourages others to instill care regarding the state of our planet.
‘Eco – friendly lifestyle is a new sustainable change in life’.
In Juanita, particular attention is paid to quality, skill, craftsmanship and care. We are empowering the person who makes these breathable fabrics that works in variety of style." 

"Songs of my garden " 

 I cannot forget the robin’s song on one chilly morning of December - I ran to the garden in my pristine night gown- all of silk , ignoring the sharp rose-bush thorns rubbing against my bare feet- if only the gardener didn’t fall sick. A few steps and I’d lost my beautiful robe in the bush & my feet bore signs of tear- dear Stranger - I saw your golden hair shining in the break of dawn , as you vanished like morning dew. I haven’t heard the robin sing the same song ever again and I wake up before sunrise wishing to re-live that scene again . I open the door and walk in my new robe hoping to see you again. The gardener takes better care of the rose bushes and I sleep with my silk shoes on so I don’t run bare feet again ..........But what about the sweet pain that remains , hoping I’ll see you again .......

Till next time, CIAO! 

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