{ BEAUTY} 5 Monsoon Hacks for Beautiful Hair

Hello gorgeous people!

Firstly , i hope you are doing well in this rainy season especially since its wreaked havoc at some places! Secondly , sorry for posting all the time on instagram and not as much on the blog. I often
notice people like reading small informative captions as compared to a full fledged blogpost. However, for important topics like these, a blogpost is a must . A lot of you voted for this one on twitter as well as instagram and i did an INSTA LIVE with so many hacks. In this post , i list 5 important Hacks that I've used in the rainy season in Mumbai over the years .

Enjoy and share if you used these hacks!


Yes, you read it right. Monsoons make hair unmanageable . The excessive humidity causes frizz leading to entangled hair. During hair wash, we struggle to de-tangle the hair and end up pulling at them with our fingers or the comb. Mind you, this makes the hair break and you not just lose hair from the roots but also mid-way. To make things simple- First, condition your hair with a conditioner. 
Keep it on for 5-7 minutes. Wash it off and you'll see smooth hair ready to be washed. You just saved yourself from a bad hair-breakage! Once you shampoo- remember to condition again. 
Infact you can use this tip whenever your hair get extra frizzy or after you've come back from the beach . 


A wonderful home remedy which is slightly smelly! I have used a cap-full of apple cider vinegar mixed in 5 parts  water to rinse my hair post shampoo. This is not only a remedy for frizz free hair but also helps in getting your scalp rid of dandruff . Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 
Remember to do a patch test just to ensure your scalp doesn't have wounds. Vinegar on a wound can be itchy and painful . 


Thinly spaced or fine -toothed combs can further add to the frizz . After wash, use a wide toothed-comb to further detangle your hair. You may use a fine comb during blow dry for a straight-hair finish. 


Its important to not leave moisture in your scalp or hair before you head out. 
This little moisture can add to the frizz and attract fungi . Use a good dryer which is meant for daily use - esp 2000W and above. These are salon grade dryers which help in drying with minimal heat and effort thus causing less damage to the hair. 


Even if you use a good conditioner or a conditioning mask, the hair needs serum for 
manageability. Use a serum that suits your type of hair. Work the serum half-way day from the head to the hair tips. If hair tips are smooth, they won't entangle till your next hair wash. Also, serum can be used daily before you comb your hair . With consistent use of serum, i have experienced a lot less hair breakage and i can definitely vouch for its effectiveness all year round leading to better hair-growth conditions . 

Have a HAPPY MONSOON folks !

Till next time, 

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{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N} A Simple guide to Swimwear

Hello Hotties!

For some of us lucky people, summer is all year round. For others, its about to hit! Most sources on the internet classify body types and recommend swimwear styles according to that. Truth be told, thats where
most of us stop because we are not sure of our body type. To make it simple, lets just focus on the bust size and the lower body . Lets hope this is a simple guide to help you choose the perfect swimwear. For any queries, post in comments!

*Get above styles on OYSHO and AVAVERDU.

Lets get started....

BRA CUP - A/B :  Try the classic bikini/ triangle shape bikini or wear a strapless one-piece to accentuate the upper body. You can totally flaunt Bandeau tops or ruffled bikini-tops which are best when less support is required. Even high neck halter styles do wonders but such pieces are difficult to find.

BRA CUP - C/D : Go for a full support one piece . Choose a deep V-neck for minimising the bust - it looks amazing! If you love wearing a bikini , think broad straps for better support. You can also wear bikini tops with an underwire for support & pair it with high waisted bottoms to look ultra chic . Have you tried 3/4th sleeve bodysuits? Well, even they make for an amazing style on the beach if you're not swimming . You can also try the halter that ends near the bust which again makes for a minimising style.

A BODYSUIT worn as swimwear

HEAVY LOWER BODY: You can draw attention away from heavier lower body by wearing a top that has ruffles to make the look proportional. Try boxy shorts if you are wearing separates. Try color-blocking ,if you love experimenting and use darker colours for the bottoms.

BRA CUP D onwards:  Busty women look great in tankini tops or bikini tops paired with high waisted bottoms. 
For a heavier bust, its always great to pair a beachwear look with heavy metal accessories- like layered neckpieces. Heard of the beach goddess?

At the end, its always best if you spend a lot of time in trial rooms . The more you try, the more you’ll discover what works best for you. Its definitely not a one type, suits all scenario! So don't be shy and try till your eyes approve with a YESSS!


For any body type, Solid colours are the best way to look toned down. Also look for one piece swimsuits which have a curvy outline/pattern/patch near the waist which make you look like an hourglass figure- only if you prefer it that way. Dainty prints look good most of the times. Avoid big floral prints as they make the look too busy, 

Underwired bikini Top - ALDO | High waisted Bottoms- ZARA

2018 Trends: Ruffles and polka dots are back . Especially with the high waisted styles , a  60s bikini look is whats being seen in a lot of collections. 
Also, if you have a petite frame, do try the scooped front high leg style to make your legs look longer. This trend takes a lead for 2018 swimwear looks. 

Till next time, CIAO!

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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Sequinned Dreams

Hello my sweet people!

I am truly truly elated as i share this editorial with you. You know that feeling when ,what you visualise in your very casual thoughts, materialises into something even better.

This post is very much that and more. By now you know that Dolce and Gabbana is my favourite runway designer. Call it Rockstar royal- the D&G collections with their sequinned /shimmer dresses steal the runway limelight. There was a D&G collection in 2013 and i was floored with the embellished hairbands and of course sequinned dresses.

I thought the hairbands would never see a fashion store because it was too luxe to handle. But I was proved wrong 5 years later in 2018 !
Better late than never and thank you Zara for bringing runway glam to the stores. Though this hairband is half as good as the D&G ones, its perfect to flaunt in a day time or night time party .

The dress was thrifted from a store in Bandra. Its a limited edition Zara collection to which i will share the original ZARA website photo. This 80Euro dress ( it had labels intact) was bought in Rs800 on New year's eve- 31 DEC 2017. For those who follow me on instagram , i wore it on the same night and brought in the new year 2018 in this shining beauty. Lets not talk about what i was doing :D
There was no empty restaurant and i was eating street food in this dress, haha and i definitely had people staring at me in this bling !!!

The hairband was on sale and i got it for Rs.390. The shoes are also Zara and i got them in sale for Rs.1690. The earrings are another hot favourite and were found in Colaba causeway for Rs.120.

This whole look completed in Rs. 2900 and it cannot get better. You can also DIY the hairband in case you don't find it. In 2018, i am betting on hairbands and hair accessories that perk up the look, what about you?

Dress- Thrifted ( Zara) | Hairband,Shoes-Zara| Ring- Forever New | Earrings- Colaba Causeway

Till next time, CIAO!
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