{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N} Good over EVIL

Hello lovelies!

Here is wishing you all a Happy Dussehra. This post was scheduled for tomorrow but surprisingly the festival shifted and got me working early morning. This festival has always resonated with me since childhood because it celebrated - The VICTORY of GOOD over EVIL.
As a child i always felt strongly that all evil must die and our world be a heaven of good!

This year, the festival comes at a time when #MeToo- a movement against sexual abuse is at its peak in India.
The idea is to make the predators known so that no more innocent women are subjected to their condemnable acts. We live in a world of hypocrisy- but when the good unite - there will always be victory. Luckily a lot of good news is floating as a consequence of some confessions and the defaulters are stepping down. And all this around Dussehra - I am glad.

I still remember as a kid, me and my kid brother erected a Raavan once-  the most frail looking history has ever seen- He even looked cute ( Evil need not look ugly) because his face was made by an inverted clay pot , eyes painted beautifully with felt pens . I realised i couldn't even draw EVIL. But evil is inside, its not what the eyes can see. Exactly why you can never tell a predator by his looks until you've seen his mind! So i decided to make the Raavan evil from inside. His paper body was filled with explosive crackers and a lot of paper trash. The next task of burning the Raavan was the most difficult - who knew destroying evil was difficult ! I thought fire would burn the evil crackers inside - but i forgot his head made of  clay pot was rather rigid just like the ideologies people carry. We took a stick and smashed it till it was reduced to sand. At the end of it we realised it was quite a task to celebrate Dusshera in our backyard - this was our first and last. But we knew Good will always win- even if it takes a lot of efforts - one has to keep fighting !
And don't forget to eat a laddoo after you've got rid of evil - sweet celebrations!

Wearing - INTRIKA | Heels- NINE WEST | Jewellery- Just Jewellery |
Photos by Kartik Kundar

Till next time, CIAO!

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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Spring Meets Fall !

Hello peeps!

Happy Autumn and Happy Spring :D

What do you do when you're a blogger that shuttles between the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere ? It gets as amusing as "What blog-post am i to write ?" - AW18 trends or SS18 trends!

Obviously these topics are seasons apart and thats the real dilemma . For the uninitiated , seasons in Northern and southern hemisphere are the opposite. Its graduating to Fall/Winter in the northern hemisphere and Spring/summer in the southern hemisphere. I never knew this until i started living in Johannesburg !

So i decided to take up a new challenge & mix the two in this post and give both sides of the globe a fair fashion read! Read on...

This post features my SALE finds from Zara in South Africa . With a delectable oriental print and the most gracious Kimono sleeves, this blouse was an instant grab especially because it was the only piece left.Clearly a great summer piece to go with cigarette pants or even hot pants. 

The flared pants in mustard felt very Gucci especially with that floral print at the bottom . Also, this AW18 , shades of yellow are making heads turn even on the runway. The heels ,also from Zara were instant love because a) They are leather  b) Orange leather has always been on my wishlist. c) They match the cute orange leather purse i scored in Dharavi leather market ( Wearing in this post) . The earrings with delicate net and soft fabric beads looked special because of the flower that fits on the ear-lobe . 

Here's a BONUS styling tip: In the RGB (Reg-Green-Blue) color-wheel ( scroll to the bottom of this post), blue is the opposite color for yellow. As you know, RGB works as a great reference when it comes to combing contrasting colours- this combination seemed to make so much sense. Whenever in doubt, you can always refer to the colorwheel while mixing and matching your outfits! Happy pairing and hope you liked this look! 

Shot by Darrel Collins

*RGB colour-wheel to MIX and match your outfits*

( Disclaimer: Remember , fashion has no rules and this is just a reference to make it simple for you!)

Till next time, CIAO !

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{ FASHION } Story of a Beach vacation

Hey there peeps!

Firstly thank you so so much for an overwhelming response to the previous post. I am also glad to know that you would like more editorials on the blog. I am currently curating more looks that can fit our editorial themes, so stay tuned.

This fashion post is about to bust some myths about beach holidays and pleasantly so!
Like most of my posts that are envisioned and planned in advance, this post is an exception. I planned this shoot with Trevin who is a photographer based in Durban . We were going to shoot a tropical theme.

I was taken by surprise when the weather gods suddenly brought in snow and a mighty cold wave in some parts of the country . This, while we were already on our way to Durban.

This was my #Tfmqturns7 beach holiday and i had packed accordingly. I did see some temperature dips in the forecast and `added a jacket to my bag. But, the weather dipped to -1 on our mid-way halt with stormy winds and consistent rains.

My heart sunk as my idea of a beach holiday came crashing down. What saved me were these pants, my cap and of course the jacket. My denim shorts and mini dresses clearly got a free ride in this trip and the only important passengers were my outerwear!
So here goes the look that saved me on a cold beach vacay . The bright pink and yellow scarf saved the day for me with its happy colors. Its the best accessory for a monochrome outfit.

Busting the Beach holiday myths- 

1. Black is an absolutely delightful color on the beach especially when the waters are azure blue!
2. Not just floppy hats but even caps look trendy on the beach because they can withstand the stormy breeze.

I think the most important part of being on a holiday is to be comfortable . I couldn't have enjoyed if i was freezing . Looking at how the pics turned out , i am pretty glad i chose to be warm and monochrome with a hint of color !

Black cami- ONLY | Pants- Zara | Jacket- Forever 21 | Scarf- Zara | Sunnies - PRADA| Leather Bag- Dharavi | Slippers- Hill road, Bandra | Cap- Forever 21

Pics- Trevin Maharaj Photography , Durban
Edits- Me
Location- Thompsons Bay, Ballito ( South Africa)

Till next time , CIAO!
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