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I have written about the fascinating travels across the globe. But today it is for Mumbai. I have slowly and steadily fallen in love with the city and its ways. No , this is not going to be a WHAT TO DO IN MUMBAI kind of a post because its one of the most obvious things and I don't want to write what you have read so many times . But I am going to tell you about some very personal favourites and experiences that make me call this place my home.

Meet me on a Monday and I will scream - It can't get worse. This place needs new roads, traffic sense and disciple! On weekends , I am like- Oh I love Mumbai! Thats what this place does to you.

A bitter-sweet feeling run through the city. As you drive through the marine drive towards Fort, the route most tourists would take, you see the melange of palatial sea-side mansions interspersed with unkempt slums. The moment you start exclaiming- This is Beauty- the next scene is that of dust and randomness. Something like clothes lying on road dividers to be dried in the sun! Just how random yet the city moves on.

On the other hand, the victorian era architecture, the portuguese style bungalows with pigeonhole-like windows speak a story you'd eagerly want to hear but know not whom to hear it from. I have always wanted to meet someone who lives in those sea-side mansions. If you know someone, I would love to meet them. Then, There is a mysterious aura about those abandoned houses on the most lust-worthy addresses across Worli Seaface, Marine Drive and many other places & you only sigh- Wish you knew why its lying in misfortune. Places like Malabar hill leave you in awe because the hilly settlements transport you into a quaint Mumbai you will not see anywhere else. The Irani cafes, the Leopolds and the Kyaani's must have been the places your grandfathers frequented. So cool, isn't it! Thanks to bloggers like me, some South Mumbai places like the Asiatic Library brims with amateur as well as professional photographers capturing couture moments and memories as they do wedding shoots. And if this sight-seeing didn't make you hungry yet , there's much more to absorb if you head to Navy Nagar and see the old church. By now you are hungry & if you don't wish to burn a hole in your pocket- Places like Crystal (Estd 1950, Girgaum Chowpatty) and Pancham Puriwala (Estd 1840, Fort) make sure you eat tasty food at your heart's content in under 300Rs for Crystal and under 200 Rs for Pancham.

While I can die to spend at least 48hours of my life in the market of Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, nothing beats the Victorian style accessories in Colaba Causeway( bargain is tough) and of course the stunning Kolhapuri Chappals at Pioneer in under 750Rs for each pair. As I walk the street, there is so much more to absorb and the vibrance of the city gets me exhausted and I return to my nest. This is why i love Mumbai, for most of it. I know you would be tempted for pictures of food that I spoke about and much more, but sometimes I like to sound like a Novel.

Sunnies- Ray-ban
Choker- Swarovski Slake bracelet worn as a choker
Leather sling- Dharavi (Another reason i love mumbai )
On my Lips- L'oreal True Reds collection- Sonam's red

Till Next time,
From the CHAOS, CIAO!
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The Piscean speaks

Ever drowned yourself in the maze of Zodiac? I have known my zodiac sign since the earliest times I can recall because my mother relied heavily on zodiac traits. My creativity comes from the fact that I am a piscean but not to forget the creative genes from the mother. So i put some of my skills to use in these shots.

The fact that I am dreamy and live in my own world is also what the zodiac sign represents- a dreamy happy fish. Perhaps this is my most favourite trait because I believe anything and everything is possible. I don't give up . Positivity comes easy to me but it is after a constant battle in my mind where the positive fairy wins all the time.

The empathetic trait drowns me in sorrow sometimes because the misery around makes me absorb it and feel terrible about the situation and constantly so. Pisceans tend to absorb the sorrow and hence make for good healers. But in turn , they suffer internally as they have exchanged sorrow for smiles. This is the most challenging trait and to balance this is a battle in itself.

Pisceans are painfully shy; I have always been. But I had to learn the ways of the world. I constantly want to undo this trait. Its so inherent , i have to push myself out of the comfort zone. But there, its happening gradually!

Pisceans are the kindest and truest of friends and can do anything to make the friend feel better . Well, this trait is lovely to have and as a child I must have exhausted myself in friendships that were meant for selfish motives and I came out stronger. Every trait has its pros and cons. Isn't it?

Do you identify with the traits of your zodiac sign? Happy to know in the comments box.

Jumpsuit: ZARA
Tie-up Choker: ( Please don't laugh. Its the drawstring from my old shorts :D)
Earrings: KAZO
Sandals: Nine West

Till next time, CIAO!

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Hello Guys!

Its been a lovely year so far as I have been traveling to my heart's content . You know it already, if you have been following my travels on Instagram. My base station was Geneva and I did my homework to plan day trips for weekends. Colmar features in the list of one of the most beautiful villages to see and pictures of this town over the internet had me determined.

A 4 hour train journey from Geneva , Colmar was blazing hot at 31 degrees Celsius on arrival at 10am in the month of September. I knew it would be hot but I had to see this place as I have already seen a bit of France in 2014 and didn't foresee going back to cover this town alone.

Colmar is beautiful with its pastel houses in partial woodwork from the 15th Century.  An abundance of colourful and dense blooms across the city and in the cute windows of the houses, makes every frame instagrammable, as I would like to call it.

However, there is not much to see beyond the houses and the Venice -like canals which the town-dwellers have smartly commercialised with boat trips. Colmar also boasts of a lot of Michelin star restaurants which are priced to drive a lot of us away . I instead decided to dine at a Lebanese joint which had very good Tripadvisor ratings. A family run restaurant ,it serves all-time favourites like Falafel, Fattayer, Hummus and the likes. There were 2 ladies making this in the kitchen so the service was very slow. However it tasted homely and was brimming with people in no time. Though it must be a long wait to get your food once the place is full. Half a day is enough to stroll along the quaint streets in Colmar and if you had to travel a long 4hours to be here in the heat , you may not feel it was worth it. However, if you are closer to this town and the weather is good,a half day trip to this picturesque town makes all the sense. After all, who doesn't like pictures straight from a fairytale?

Cutest souvenir shops

These narrow lanes in COLMAR are dollhouse heavens with these old houses intact & it made me wonder who lived here

My dress is from PLAVATE , a designer label that brings sustainable fashion to the connoisseurs. Handmade from Khadi, this is a delight in the summer weather wherever you are.

No tourist place is complete without a few known brands that up the fashion quotient.
Artisan Soaps moulded like Desserts. How would you avoid biting into them!

Till next time, CIAO!
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