{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Songs of my garden

Hello folks,

My heart is filled with gratitude as i pen this post . It has been wonderful receiving the honour of the 50 most influential content marketing professionals in India for 2018. Keep showering your support as always and i hope i can create exciting content for you to enjoy!

This is my new series as we end the year - Songs of my garden. Inspired by Tuscan gardens , shot in South Africa featuring my current finds- Designer , high -street and fleamarkets. This look is shot by my better half Nik and exactly why it has brought out the best in me! You rock, love <3 p="">

Featuring Delhi- based conscious designer Shubhda Priyam- her label Juanita is everything simple yet luxury. They say a designer is inspired by their surroundings . In my case, Juanita's organic cotton dress inspired the shoot and the blogpost. This dress has traveled from Delhi to Bombay and then to South Africa and i waited patiently all this while to create this story. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did shooting for it. To see her collection visit her instagram page/ Facebook page - she retails through exhibitions and through online portals like Jaypore.

From the designer's desk : 

"The label Juanita (wah-NEE-Tah) is a Godsend for lovers of minimalism. The designer clothing is comfortable yet elegant with pure colors that resonate with your heart to bring joy and confidence. The textile used is (from the weavers of Bihar – one of the oldest inhabited places in the world with a rich cultural history going back to 3000 years) environment friendly and it encourages others to instill care regarding the state of our planet.
‘Eco – friendly lifestyle is a new sustainable change in life’.
In Juanita, particular attention is paid to quality, skill, craftsmanship and care. We are empowering the person who makes these breathable fabrics that works in variety of style." 

"Songs of my garden " 

 I cannot forget the robin’s song on one chilly morning of December - I ran to the garden in my pristine night gown- all of silk , ignoring the sharp rose-bush thorns rubbing against my bare feet- if only the gardener didn’t fall sick. A few steps and I’d lost my beautiful robe in the bush & my feet bore signs of tear- dear Stranger - I saw your golden hair shining in the break of dawn , as you vanished like morning dew. I haven’t heard the robin sing the same song ever again and I wake up before sunrise wishing to re-live that scene again . I open the door and walk in my new robe hoping to see you again. The gardener takes better care of the rose bushes and I sleep with my silk shoes on so I don’t run bare feet again ..........But what about the sweet pain that remains , hoping I’ll see you again .......

Till next time, CIAO! 

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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} The Fuss-Free Bride series - Part 3

Hello lovely people!

November is running away so fast, i can almost smell christmas ! That wonderful time of the year because its laden with romantic winter air and many social gatherings ,
so we can go date/spouse hunting ;)

As look 3 of the fuss-free bride series, this look is part-grand , part- flirty and a total "STAR" . Appropriate for your cocktail party/ engagement party or even the New years or Christmas party if you are the host with an added drama ! If you notice, i have used a common theme across all looks- a single tone.
Single toned outfits are simple to style and are easy hacks to looking elegant with an added bonus- they always photograph well. For special occasions , a photogenic outfit is a must !
Also, as a bride its important to let the face of the bride shine through more than the outfit. A single toned outfit brings instant focus to the face! Not only that , for bridal occasions, both outfits of the bride and groom need to be in sync. Single toned outfits make it simpler for the groom to be in sync . For example, this outfit will look great when paired with a simple black tuxedo or an ice blue suit or even off-white! Thus the groom gets more options to dress up !
Thats certainly a win-win!

The house of Karleo whips some real drool-worthy couture and this is a two-piece outfit that looked even better in person than pictures .

I have worn their skirt differently just because i love the sprawling fabric showing on the front with a side show of legs. The design is actually meant to be worn with the shorter hem on front . Nonetheless , i love how i could create variations just by turning the skirt to the side! You may add pointy gold or silver pumps in case you are looking for a more dressy look! The hair can be kept simple as the outfit is doing most of the talking . I wanted to tie my hair in a bun but my just coloured hair camouflaged with the outfit - you can see the burgundy streaks shining and i loved showing them off . Hope you loved this look as much as i did shooting in this and wishing it was my party! I didn't want to take this off!

Outfit- Karleo | Heels- Charles & Keith | Earrings- Zara
Photography- Rahul

Till next time, CIAO!
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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} The Fuss-Free Bride series - Part 2

Hello Lovelies,

Firstly I am so thankful to your response on the instagram preview of this post . I hope this final post can meet the high expectations that the preview post created .

When i was at the Soch store for sourcing , this was the third option out of 3 i had shortlisted . I was not sure if this heavy work would look good on me though i loved the piece on the hanger. When i tried it on and stepped out of the trial room, all eyes in the store were gleaming with approval- and Suraj who was the sales executive helping me with trials,  instantly said- Ma'm this is the best  . I literally felt I'm shopping for my wedding again, haha!

Most of the times, wedding shopping is concentrated excessively on the 'outfits' that a bride is wearing. However, a very important aspect of making a bridal outfit work is the accessories+ hair.

Even if you choose to wear a simple monochrome tulle Lehenga, you can look like a million bucks just by adding mogra/white roses to your hair and of course layered Kundan jewellery. That was the idea of my own bridal look and you wouldn't believe but my outfit costed Rs.12,000 and i made it look special with the kundan jewellery.

In this look, while the kurta is definitely a heavily embroidered piece with a luxe silk fabric,  bridal vibes stem from the way its styled viz. the Red gerbera flowers in my hair and the nath . Imagine the look without these two additions- it may not spell as bridal as it does with them . In general, this kurta doesn't even demand a neckpiece if you see its heavily embroidered neck, but the addition of  neckpiece adds that "extraaa-bridal " feel . Now you know how you can add that "EXTRA" to any bridal look without investing in an extra-expensive outfit - always remember to throw the attention on your face first which means Hair>Accessories >Outfit.

Wish you a happy wedding season. The finale of this series will be a cocktail look -so stay tuned. If you missed part 1, its here.

Outfit- Soch | Photography- Rahul

Till next time, CIAO. 
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