{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Sequinned Dreams

Hello my sweet people!

I am truly truly elated as i share this editorial with you. You know that feeling when ,what you visualise in your very casual thoughts, materialises into something even better.

This post is very much that and more. By now you know that Dolce and Gabbana is my favourite runway designer. Call it Rockstar royal- the D&G collections with their sequinned /shimmer dresses steal the runway limelight. There was a D&G collection in 2013 and i was floored with the embellished hairbands and of course sequinned dresses.

I thought the hairbands would never see a fashion store because it was too luxe to handle. But I was proved wrong 5 years later in 2018 !
Better late than never and thank you Zara for bringing runway glam to the stores. Though this hairband is half as good as the D&G ones, its perfect to flaunt in a day time or night time party .

The dress was thrifted from a store in Bandra. Its a limited edition Zara collection to which i will share the original ZARA website photo. This 80Euro dress ( it had labels intact) was bought in Rs800 on New year's eve- 31 DEC 2017. For those who follow me on instagram , i wore it on the same night and brought in the new year 2018 in this shining beauty. Lets not talk about what i was doing :D
There was no empty restaurant and i was eating street food in this dress, haha and i definitely had people staring at me in this bling !!!

The hairband was on sale and i got it for Rs.390. The shoes are also Zara and i got them in sale for Rs.1690. The earrings are another hot favourite and were found in Colaba causeway for Rs.120.

This whole look completed in Rs. 2900 and it cannot get better. You can also DIY the hairband in case you don't find it. In 2018, i am betting on hairbands and hair accessories that perk up the look, what about you?

Dress- Thrifted ( Zara) | Hairband,Shoes-Zara| Ring- Forever New | Earrings- Colaba Causeway

Till next time, CIAO!
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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} My idea of LOVE

Happy Valentine's day people!
While the indian media will be divided on how and why this day is observed in India, i believe life is too short to contemplate especially when it comes to LOVE!

I have never overly obsessed over this day in my life, and by obsess i mean i didn't set unrealistic expectations . I would be happy if i got those secret flowers and not sad if i didn't.

At times, i also thought, why only girls think of receiving gifts and flowers, even the boys will be  delighted if someone gifted them. But thats not how love is supposed to function for most of the populace.

The guy's gotta play the first innings. But luckily, more and more girls have taken charge and love to start the match- lucky men, right! And i think its absolutely fair.

Its funny that days like Valentine's celebrating LOVE ,are more popular when we actually don't understand love- in the teenage years. As we grow, the meaning of love gradually takes shape and now we know its more than just a day when you say I LOVE YOU!

Making your partner feel good isn't about flowers or gifts , though if they matter to your partner you should definitely use these to bail yourself out of difficult situations :D . Otherwise, the department of love functions on a heady dose of respect, acceptance, care, kindness and everything else in between. This makes up LOVE! So tell me whats in your bouquet for your favourite person? All of this or red roses ;) I sure have some red dresses thrown in for myself. Take a dekko!

Dress- C/o French Connection| Tiered Tassel earrings- Colaba causeway for Rs.120 | bejewelled hairband- ZARA sale at Rs.390 | Heels- Charles & Keith ( From a secret sale for Rs.1500| Watch- Daniel Wellington- Use Code - ILA for a 15% off if you are yet to get yourself a DW Watch!

Till next time, CIAO!

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Hello Guys,

Its been long we met here. I know some of you follow the daily updates on Instagram. I think those updates have all my investment . So much so that the blog gets sidelined unless I am blogging  24x7.

2018, is a year of NO RESOLUTIONS for me. Haha, high five ,if you secretly wished i would say that.
So NO RESOLUTIONS doesn't mean I will take life as it comes. Its just that i will not have molecular goals like last time- for example -read 1 book every month- Don't ask where i am on that- I am still at it. ( That makes it 20 for this year, if i have to continue , haha)

The sound of incomplete goals keeps ringing every now and then and you feel guilty. Frankly resolutions shouldn't make you feel low but should technically fill you with happiness and a sense of purpose. Sometimes you can't stretch to make them happen because some priorities knock on your door.

So lets just keep it simple. I am writing the first post of 2018 on January 16th . So yes, here's a promise to keep writing the blog as often and probably even more- weekly?
Your tremendous support keeps me going and i am not letting distractions come in my way.
This is the 7th year of this blog and i can only tell you, the best is yet to come! Last year, i experimented with a lot of ethnic/fusion looks which you loved- yes on instagram more than here. That tells me, I have so much to post from 2017! Even the travel to Indian towns and Maldives remains only on instagram- so gotta get it here! This year, i continue with more experiments in fashion and traveling to all the new & exciting places on my bucket list!

We had a terrific celebration last year for the blog's 6th anniversary and i cannot thank you enough for being such a sport and participate in those Giveaways worth Rs. 50,000+. This year will be no different!

I cannot disclose everything right now , but my anxiety levels are of a different order this year.
The reason is - YOU! Every day on Instagram i read messages asking me to start making videos.
And then you have requests on how to blog/Go LIVE/mini tutorials/travelogues/health routine .  I read your comments and feel each LIKE as a pat on the back. I cannot reply all the time - but i want to. Your feedback means the world to me . But, I feel so guilty i am not able to meet your expectations, but yes- this year- I will get much closer to this than before ! YAY! Are you with me?

Turban headgear- PROMOD| Jumper, Embellished hot pants, fishnet tights -ZARA| Loafers- Clarks| Watch- Daniel Wellington

P.S- an all girls GOA trip is in the makes this month :D

Till next time, CIAO!
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