{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} The Fuss-Free Bride series - Part 2

Hello Lovelies,

Firstly I am so thankful to your response on the instagram preview of this post . I hope this final post can meet the high expectations that the preview post created .

When i was at the Soch store for sourcing , this was the third option out of 3 i had shortlisted . I was not sure if this heavy work would look good on me though i loved the piece on the hanger. When i tried it on and stepped out of the trial room, all eyes in the store were gleaming with approval- and Suraj who was the sales executive helping me with trials,  instantly said- Ma'm this is the best  . I literally felt I'm shopping for my wedding again, haha!

Most of the times, wedding shopping is concentrated excessively on the 'outfits' that a bride is wearing. However, a very important aspect of making a bridal outfit work is the accessories+ hair.

Even if you choose to wear a simple monochrome tulle Lehenga, you can look like a million bucks just by adding mogra/white roses to your hair and of course layered Kundan jewellery. That was the idea of my own bridal look and you wouldn't believe but my outfit costed Rs.12,000 and i made it look special with the kundan jewellery.

In this look, while the kurta is definitely a heavily embroidered piece with a luxe silk fabric,  bridal vibes stem from the way its styled viz. the Red gerbera flowers in my hair and the nath . Imagine the look without these two additions- it may not spell as bridal as it does with them . In general, this kurta doesn't even demand a neckpiece if you see its heavily embroidered neck, but the addition of  neckpiece adds that "extraaa-bridal " feel . Now you know how you can add that "EXTRA" to any bridal look without investing in an extra-expensive outfit - always remember to throw the attention on your face first which means Hair>Accessories >Outfit.

Wish you a happy wedding season. The finale of this series will be a cocktail look -so stay tuned. If you missed part 1, its here.

Outfit- Soch | Photography- Rahul

Till next time, CIAO. 
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{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N} The Fuss-Free Bride series - Part 1

How are you beautiful people? Hope this Diwali was a fabulous one and i wish that your year ahead is full of LOVE, LIGHT and LAUGHTER. 

Just like last year , Diwali is the beginning of all things festive on the blog. Now that the wedding season will be in full swing , these new posts are ideas for all you Fuss-free brides out there ! 

If you are one of those brides or even the family of the bride who love elegant yet easy to wear looks, then this post is for you. Red is the color of passion and synonymous with all things bridal in India. 
The best part - red brightens every complexion and the simplest of accessories can take the look from plain to glamorous. 

If you are looking for a simpler outfit for the Roka ceremony or even your Sangeet so that you can dance free like a bird, take a cue from this Bandhani/Brocade border Anarkali from Soch
The flare is absolutely gorgeous as you will see in one of the pics and the use of gold embroidery patchwork makes it very royal . 

I have paired it with a Rajasthani Borla Maangtikka , contrasting ocean blue earrings , a simple Nath and a kundan neckpiece . You can even dress down with just a big Jhumka and a Maangtikka. 
Hope you like this easy look and the next Fuss-free bridal post is on the way! 

Pics- Mayur Shedge | Edits- yours truly 

Till next time, CIAO!
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{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N} Good over EVIL

Hello lovelies!

Here is wishing you all a Happy Dussehra. This post was scheduled for tomorrow but surprisingly the festival shifted and got me working early morning. This festival has always resonated with me since childhood because it celebrated - The VICTORY of GOOD over EVIL.
As a child i always felt strongly that all evil must die and our world be a heaven of good!

This year, the festival comes at a time when #MeToo- a movement against sexual abuse is at its peak in India.
The idea is to make the predators known so that no more innocent women are subjected to their condemnable acts. We live in a world of hypocrisy- but when the good unite - there will always be victory. Luckily a lot of good news is floating as a consequence of some confessions and the defaulters are stepping down. And all this around Dussehra - I am glad.

I still remember as a kid, me and my kid brother erected a Raavan once-  the most frail looking history has ever seen- He even looked cute ( Evil need not look ugly) because his face was made by an inverted clay pot , eyes painted beautifully with felt pens . I realised i couldn't even draw EVIL. But evil is inside, its not what the eyes can see. Exactly why you can never tell a predator by his looks until you've seen his mind! So i decided to make the Raavan evil from inside. His paper body was filled with explosive crackers and a lot of paper trash. The next task of burning the Raavan was the most difficult - who knew destroying evil was difficult ! I thought fire would burn the evil crackers inside - but i forgot his head made of  clay pot was rather rigid just like the ideologies people carry. We took a stick and smashed it till it was reduced to sand. At the end of it we realised it was quite a task to celebrate Dusshera in our backyard - this was our first and last. But we knew Good will always win- even if it takes a lot of efforts - one has to keep fighting !
And don't forget to eat a laddoo after you've got rid of evil - sweet celebrations!

Wearing - INTRIKA | Heels- NINE WEST | Jewellery- Just Jewellery |
Photos by Kartik Kundar

Till next time, CIAO!

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