{Fashion} Courtyard of the maidens

If you have read my travel posts earlier. you know my excitement for touristy spots isn't significant. These spots fall in my less important list and what takes over are the places less spoken about. However, I wanted to visit this famous touristy spot at Udaipur, with bells on: Saheliyon ki Bari or "Courtyard of the maidens.Don't be surprised, I am not going to lie that I was saddened to see the sorry state in which this heritage structure was in and it was no fairy-tale, like i expected it to be. Though some parts of the garden still oozed some charm, thanks to the well kept parts of this place. In pictures across the world wide web, this beautiful place looked like a dream- dressed in the prettiest cover of Pink & Magenta. The king had built this garden  away from the palace so that the queen could enjoy it with her maidens. I couldn't wait at the thought of getting a style post shot here.  Inspired by all online touristy tales, I was looking forward to visit the Saheliyon Ki Bari or Courtyard of the maidens . I went in, realized it was too crowded to shoot in,  spent exactly 15 mins beating the crowd ,to get these shots while it drizzled to our surprise. And then we ran out, like literally, heaving a sigh of relief. Moss had covered the most beautiful part of this garden, I didn't even shoot. The water might not have been recycled for a while and its stench was unbearable.This story could have been different if only the govt chose to show some more love besides the visitors who mercilessly scatter it with waste. But yes, its a beautiful garden. Hope its restored to its glory soon!

Dress: PROMOD| Scarf: LEVIS| Belt: BATA| Sandals: CLARKS| Rings: ZARA

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Till next time CIAO!

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[REVIEW] : Braun Silk Epil 5 Epilator

Hello Summers! Hello summer dresses!
And hello, you, pretty lady reading this post!

2016 boasts of the hottest temperatures all around and we are craving for the rains already. Winter wardrobes have gone back into dry-clean mode for most of us. Time to get the prettiest summer dresses in the daily-wear list.

I love summers, because of the summer dresses, oh well , mangoes,aam panna, popsicles and a lot more! You will agree, Summers become tougher for us girls, as we constantly need to ensure smooth, hair-free legs. I embraced shaving over waxing for the longest times I have known. That tells you I am such a chicken; the idea of waxing makes me run like one!

Shaving is convenient and fast. Though in a week's time, hair-growth bothers again. I have never tried epilation except for the Braun face epilator I tested.

When I got my hands on the silk epil 5, I was scared, deep down inside! Curious to know the first time epilation experience ? Its right here!


 Brand claims:
The new Braun Silk-épil 5 Wet & Dry is designed for women who are new to epilating, as it provides an extra soft experience - perfect for women who always want to be prepared and look and feel beauty ready. It can be used in or out of water for an extra gentle epilation experience.

Developed for ease of use, comfort and great results, Braun Silk-épil 5 Wet & Dry removes even the shortest hair that wax can’t catch, leaving skin silky smooth for up to four weeks.

Price: INR 7495

Availability: Buy online on AMAZON @4499 INR only



1 epilator head
1 shaving head with trimmer cap
1 skin contact cap
1 cleaning brush
1 charging cord

The Power button when pressed once- works on speed I and when pressed again goes to SPEED II . On the third press it powers OFF

-Wet & Dry epilation
- 2 speeds
- Massaging head can be used to make epilation feel less painful

First Time Epilation experience:

I was getting late for a party and decided to use the BRaun silk epil 5 for the first time. This was a risky decision but I had confidence in the product owing to my experience with the face epilator. I was shaky at the thought of turning on the device. But PRESS PLAY, and I ran the epilator head in the air touching my leg on frequent intervals based on the pain. What kind of pain you may ask- like someone pricking the leg with a thorn. Yes, it feels you are walking through a bush of thorns. Because you are scared of this feeling, you tend to be real slow with the whole process. I took 30 minutes to do both my legs! Whoa! And was i tired ! On each leg after almost 7-8 minutes of epilation, the leg gets used to the intensity  of the prick and then you find it easier to epilate.

I didnt use a shaving gel, but I washed my legs before epilation to make the hair bed moist. After epilation, I took a bath and felt better. It wasnt that bad! I can totally see myself daring the act again. But why should i? To answer this, I waited 2 weeks. The legs now showed little hair growth , though not even. This meant I could wear summer dresses for straight 2 weeks! This is surely better than shaving.

What I also noticed was that the BRAUN  booklet recommends epilation every week in the first month of use. I think this might change the behaviour of hair growth. So yes, I read this late ,but I will try to follow and get back with an update.

If you are epilating after a long time, and your hair grow considerably long, you can shave them first with shaver head and then use epiltor head. I specially like the concept of the massager head. It stimulates the skin with gentle vibration leading to a less painful experience.

- Remember ,this is a no-share product. Please get 1 for each member in the family!
- After epilation, you can clean its tweezing blades with the cleaning brush.
- If you have used a shaving gel, dont forget to wash it under the tap.
- The charging unit takes 1 hour to charge the epilator. Charge lasts upto 30 minutes of cordless use.     Do not use with the cord.
- After the battery life diminishes, you might have to replace the battery at a Braun service centre.
- The shaving head needs to be oiled every 3 months. It might need replacement after continuous usage. Though I would not be keen on using this. But since I haven't tried it, I will update this space later.

Will I recommend this product? 
- Yes. This is certainly a better option over shaving because you get longer hair-free time! The legs are smoother after day 1 as compared to shaving. You will have to give it the necessary time, before it grows on you! I think I will be able to tell you more once I have used to for about 3-4 times. So lets wait more and watch this space !

HAVE YOU TRIED EPILATORS? Tell me about your experience.

This button is used to remove the head fittings. The arrow is meant to remove the caps.

Epilator head without the skin contact cap(TOP) and massage cap (BOTTOM)

The skin contact cap is now replaced with massager head with tiny round rolling massage heads

Till next next, HAPPY Summer dresses to you :)

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[Review] La Vie En Rose for the dusky Skin

L'oreal Paris has been wooing the hearts of lipstick lovers, since they launched one of the most successful range - The Pure Reds. It had bright shades that suit all skintones just like that!The perfect reds were found!And I totally swear by all of them. I had so many HG shades in a single collection!

 L'oreal Paris has now come up with the La Vie En Rose collection which promises a pink for everyone. I am a die-hard pink obsessed girl. I can have everything in pink, even my breads :P

 Its never difficult to find a pink, so there are high expectations from this range! Also, following the successful pure reds, the pinks have big shoes to fill. When I made my selection from the la vie en rose collection, Unlike the pure reds collection, I found only few pinks suited the dusky/dark skintone .Most of the pinks are very light and sheer. There is however, one noticeable thing about these lippies, they smell like your mom's dressing table from the 90s. That rose smell is so reminiscent of the early days when we envied Mom's collection. Nostalgia might grip, I warn.

 So, Here's your guide to the perfect La Vie En rose pinks, if you are a dusky/dark skintone girl.

A little excerpt from what L'oreal has to say about this collection: "L'Oréal Paris starts the new year painting the town PINK! Presenting the Color Riche Collection Star Exclusive - La Vie En Rose.  Introducing 12 custom made matte pinks​ made just for you and your lips​
​. ​
Discover a shade of pink that is as unique as you are! The range includes 7 Signature Pinks by Color Riche Moist Mat, 5 
inks in L'Extraordinaire Mat and 4 vibrant pink nail polishes
 that are chosen by 12 iconic L'Oreal Paris ambassadors. "

Color Riche Moist Mat:

1. LIYA's Delicate Rose
2. JLO's Delicate Rose

L'Extraordinaire Mat

1. Sonam's Azalea
2. Julianne's Magnolia

Nail Polish

Aishwarya's pink


L'extraordinaire Mat: I just knew these shades were meant for the dusky/dark skintone and beautifully so. This formula in liquid lipcolors is one of the better ones L'oreal has ever launched. These colors pop bright like never before and after a few minutes of application settle to a semi-matte tint. Again, they are buildable and leave behind a beautiful tint, after heavy meals. I downed a bowl of nachos and bean sliders without losing any of the intensity of the gorgeous "Magnolia" by Julianne. Hands down my favorite shade. Also, in this picture Magnolia was just applied. After 10 minutes it became a really beautiful color brighter than what it shows here. Sonam's Azalea comes a close second and looks extremely beautiful in pictures as you can see- the perfect Hot PINK! You gotta grab them both.

Color Riche Moist Mat: Unlike the previous moist mat range, these lippies run sheer and are buildable to a color that actually shows on the bullet. This however, makes it necessary to wear a lipliner if you have pigmented lips as the lipcolor pigmentation is moderate. The finish isn't matte but satin.They are also very hydrating. As I said they smell of lovely roses or rhubarb, but the fragrance naturally wears out in an hour. Out of the two I picked- Liya and JLO, JLO reminds me of the color mom used to wear very often in those early days! If you are looking for a bright pink, with moderate pigmentation - Liya should be your pick. Both lipcolors wear a good 3-4 hours with light meals and leave a pink tint behind which makes your pigmented lips look beautiful.

Nailcolor: The nailcolor by Aishwarya is a hot pink shade that can brighten up any look. I wore 2 coats and without a top coat. It has lasted a good 4 days without chipping or losing the lustre.

Hope this review helped and let me know what you got? You can buy them here:
Catch me daily with all the beautiful visual updates on my Instagram handle.

Till next time, CYA!

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