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Dear TFMQ readers.
The last Giveaway in association with Steve Madden was a huge success and your participation meant a lot to us which brings us to our next BIG GIVEAWAY celebrating 1000 members on TFMQ fanpage.
Get a chance to view my review of the KAZO Spring Summer 2013 collection and win some awesome goodies from KAZO. To enter the giveaway, use the punchtab widget below and connect through facebook or email.For the Step where you have to comment on your favorite styles after watching my video- PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS BLOGPOST :)

See my handpicked looks from KAZO SS13 here:

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What i wore : Florence & Pisa

  1. "Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy." --Bertrand Russell
                                  Pisa is a painting so beautiful, you want to be a part of it!

Having climbed 400+ stairs to be here, no less than a victory!

And the feeling of victory continues!You have me conquered Florence!

A 1 hour train from Florence & here I am PISA!

Wandering the streets of the charming town

One of the 7 wonders of the Medieval World- The Leaning tower of Pisa is more beautiful than  its picture! It is 183 ft high and leans by
3.97 degrees - 12 feet, 10 inches (4m) off vertical

A view I never imagined, the famous tower peeks from behind the cathedral

The look of a satisfied me : Pizza, spaghetti & lots of Italy !
This has been my most favorite holiday look by far! Just the right amount of freedom with this airy Jumpsuit palazzo and elegance added with a white bolero .a touch of red with my Bourjois So delicate lipcreme.
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Review: Moroccan OIl Treatment

No parabens.Check.No SLES.Check.No Silicones.Check.My love affair with product ingredient lists began when i was reading extensively about fighting hairfall.I realised how much waste we dump in our hair with all the fancy shampoos that flood the markets .Armed with a list of -NOT GOOD- ingredients which are not recommended for hair products I went on a frantic search to find my ideal shampoo.A german brand Dr.Hauschka (Nasturtium and Lemon Shampoo for normal to oily hair)was the answer.I felt blessed and then it got discontinued!All good things come to an end?

Antonio Calero, Artistic Director, Moroccan Oil
Recently, I got a chance to meet Antonio Calero , artistic director(Moroccan Oil).I instantly fell in love! Ah yes, the charming Antonio from Barcelona- made me fall in love with Moroccan Oil as much as with himself ;)From Runways to spas, Moroccan Oil products have made their way into every girl's heart through word of mouth.On my To-be-reviewed list is the Hydrating shampoo from Moroccan Oil. 

3 looks created using Moroccan Oil products

Meet Moroccan Oil treatment

Though Moroccan Oil has umpteen products to take care for & style every type of hair, the product I tried is one of their best-sellers- THE MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT.When the smiling lady from Moroccan Oil smoothed the product onto my hair, I couldn't help take my hands off my hair. Like I discovered a feeling never experienced before! DO NOT confuse this with an hair oil.This is a styling product which smooths out your hair. You get frizz-free hair instantly with an addictive fragrance that lingers all day long!

And then my inquisitive eyes went on to the Ingredient list.Ofcourse the famous Argan Oil is on the list.The entire hair-community raves about this magical oil.And the fragrance is crazy amazing.But there are other ingredients too.

 Silicones. A conformist me, decided to rate this gorgeous product from 5/5 to a 4/5. I believe my scientist brethren and hence the -1.Yes, silicones fight frizz if that is what bothers most of us.But Silicones if used on scalp cause build-up & lead to hairfall.The Good news? This treatment is only for the hair below the scalp. So you can still relax and style your hair to glory albeit at a price you would definitely want to think twice!However, this is one of those exceptional Silicone products which absorbs beautifully into the hair strands instead of weighing them down!
Coming up next , is my review on their hydrating shampoo & Conditioner.
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A slice of VENICE!

As promised, here's a little photo blog that has my favorite captures from Venice- Lido Island( where I stayed), Murano Island( Famous for Glass factories) & Burano Island(One of the most colorful cities in the world). You see, Venice is a group of tiny islands :)
The photos reach you in a blurry state, thanks to my camera which died down so early overwhelmed by the beauty that is VENICE!



If you love what you see, do tell me . More Travel photo blogs would then be lined up next for you to see :)

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What i wore in Florence- Part 1

 Open my heart and you will see,
Graved inside of it, "Italy."

-Robert Browning
When I reached Florence in the evening, my legs pained like they have never pained before!All the walking in Venice and running on the train platforms as we changed 3 trains to reach here, had its toll on me.( Don't ask why i changed 3 trains!) Inspite of the pain, I mustered the courage to land up in piazzale michelangelo . A place designed in 1869 by Florentine architect Giuseppe Poggi,from where you get the most beautiful view of the glorious city.Not to mention the famous artwork of Michelangelo-'DAVID ',that has been recreated here in bronze while the original is made in marble.

The captivating view from Piazzale Michelangelo

The replica of Statue of DAVID : believe me this is not even half as beautiful as the real work in white Marble
So you ask me what is so special about the statue of this unclothed man? Read on,
Michelangelo took three years to finish his David.And here is Vasari’s description of David,
…nor has there ever been seen a pose so easy, or any grace to equal that in this work, or feet, hands and head so well in accord, one member with another, in harmony, design, and excellence of artistry.
(Translated by Gaston du C. de Vere) Michelangelo’s David stands over 14 feet tall!Remember that the biblical figure of David was special to the citizens of Florence—he symbolized the liberty and freedom of their republican ideals, which were threatened at various points in the fifteenth century by the Medici family and others.

 Didn't i tell you i was craving for a bird print dress. In fact the back of this dress is sheer black till the waist,but due to the weather I couldn't help but cover up :)

Hope you liked my 1st post on Florence,More of Florence covered in my next post, as i woke up to a fresh new morning the other day.

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Jiah Khan - the last I saw her!

I would have never written about my brief interaction with the lady in her glittering best at the Vogue 5th Anniversary party last year,( Remember how excited I was about the party? And the post that followed it -http://goo.gl/b1yF8) if it  wasn't for the news that is making the rounds today. I saw the update from MissMalini -'Jiah Khan Suicide 'and clicked ignorantly believing it to be the name of some new movie! To my disbelief , it wasn't a joke. Jiah Khan is indeed no more!

From what i saw of her in my brief interaction, was a lady with loads of 'You don't know, who I am' attitude. Of course, you cannot judge a person in such a small conversation.Maybe she was not comfortable with strangers approaching her.Nonetheless, I saw a lady who looked distanced from the crowd.Somebody called her- Jiah & she retorted with a frown- I am Nafisa. She had then decided to come back to her original name.She looked beautiful. More than what she looks in this picture which was clicked that day.Her presence could not be ignored.Fierce features, a glowing skin. In fact I was amazed why her beauty was never exploited on screen. In the past 2 years we are repeatedly hearing of actresses giving up on life so early, and its sad she has joined the bandwagon.Today, I am writing this not to tell you what i think of her, but to give you a very important message in life.

If you feel you have had the worst life and things are not working out for you , please hang on. If the thought of suicide crosses your mind, hang on- not to the ceiling fan but to the moment. Tell your parents that your mind is flooded with such thoughts or your spouse. Give them a chance to fill your world with sunshine.Just try this, before you take away the gift of life!

This post is not one of those regular posts, but i felt the need to share this message with all you readers out there. Choose Glee.Make Happiness a habit. Yes, even i try my best to practice this :)

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The Great Gatsby Hair-spiration

"I love luxury. And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity. Vulgarity is the ugliest word in our language. I stay in the game to fight it"

-Coco Chanel

As i was drowning in the opulence of the Gatsby parties, I couldn't ignore how distinctly hair accessories made a comeback in cinema! Thanks to the period setting of the movie & the stylists who worked hard to create those extravagant looks.The easiest & most affordable trend to adapt is without doubt, the hair accessories.
Head over to the local flea markets to get your dose of bling-encrusted hairbands or visit stores like DIVO, Accessorize, Forever 21 , Max to grab the hair accessories. You can see my love for hair accessories already in my previous posts featured here!

You can see the entire posts here:

Look 1
Look 2: Coming soon! ( Psstt...Its part of the Mediterranean holiday series.Part 1 here- Venice )
Look 3
Look 4

I generally refrain from such quick posts. But sometimes , i need to talk to you, but little. Would you like such tiny conversations in future? 

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