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No parabens.Check.No SLES.Check.No Silicones.Check.My love affair with product ingredient lists began when i was reading extensively about fighting hairfall.I realised how much waste we dump in our hair with all the fancy shampoos that flood the markets .Armed with a list of -NOT GOOD- ingredients which are not recommended for hair products I went on a frantic search to find my ideal shampoo.A german brand Dr.Hauschka (Nasturtium and Lemon Shampoo for normal to oily hair)was the answer.I felt blessed and then it got discontinued!All good things come to an end?

Antonio Calero, Artistic Director, Moroccan Oil
Recently, I got a chance to meet Antonio Calero , artistic director(Moroccan Oil).I instantly fell in love! Ah yes, the charming Antonio from Barcelona- made me fall in love with Moroccan Oil as much as with himself ;)From Runways to spas, Moroccan Oil products have made their way into every girl's heart through word of mouth.On my To-be-reviewed list is the Hydrating shampoo from Moroccan Oil. 

3 looks created using Moroccan Oil products

Meet Moroccan Oil treatment

Though Moroccan Oil has umpteen products to take care for & style every type of hair, the product I tried is one of their best-sellers- THE MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT.When the smiling lady from Moroccan Oil smoothed the product onto my hair, I couldn't help take my hands off my hair. Like I discovered a feeling never experienced before! DO NOT confuse this with an hair oil.This is a styling product which smooths out your hair. You get frizz-free hair instantly with an addictive fragrance that lingers all day long!

And then my inquisitive eyes went on to the Ingredient list.Ofcourse the famous Argan Oil is on the list.The entire hair-community raves about this magical oil.And the fragrance is crazy amazing.But there are other ingredients too.

 Silicones. A conformist me, decided to rate this gorgeous product from 5/5 to a 4/5. I believe my scientist brethren and hence the -1.Yes, silicones fight frizz if that is what bothers most of us.But Silicones if used on scalp cause build-up & lead to hairfall.The Good news? This treatment is only for the hair below the scalp. So you can still relax and style your hair to glory albeit at a price you would definitely want to think twice!However, this is one of those exceptional Silicone products which absorbs beautifully into the hair strands instead of weighing them down!
Coming up next , is my review on their hydrating shampoo & Conditioner.
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  1. i love i love moroccan oil :)
    it has improved my hair so much past 1 year

  2. I am addicted to this oil !!
    Love your blazer sweetie :)



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