Hey there folks!

 I am loving the smaller days and longer nights here - a reminder again ,that the virtual nip in the air has set in! Well, almost!

Last month, I decided to do anything to make my Frida Kahlo post come true- buy any flower headbands i come across or just get real flowers instead. I admire her and ever since i saw the movie FRIDA, I was obsessed with her iconic style. Its been a few years since and I never gave up on the idea to do a look inspired by her. My prayers were answered, when i found a series of PERFECT headbands at Forever 21 . They had over 15 designs in headbands and separate flower clips. On an average they costed me a high-500Rs, but i had to have them!

With a lot of deliberation, I chose 4. In this post, I have used only one of them. ( What i do with the remaining, well... stay tuned) I also think this look is a super QUICK FIX for a Halloween party. I took 15 mins for my makeup and hair- pretty fast as i don't have much patience with these things, haha. But yes, I didn't have to re-do anything. It all fell in place, perfectly.

As a preparation, the only thing i did was studying actual photographs of Frida Kahlo and analysing the way she posed for pictures & wore makeup- her Red lips, strong blush , thick eyebrows. She always wore chunky jewellery which included beaded neckpieces, single or layered and a dangling earring. Her gaze was always inwards, as if seeking something within- drowning in the depths of her jumbled life. And i have tried to look in the same way- hope i did ok???

All my jewellery is flea market finds from Mumbai and Delhi from ages ago. The top is also from a shop in Bandra- export stuff. My embroidered leather boots are an absolute rare find from the streets of Bandra last month- for 1000Rs!

From all the love i got on instagram, I am happy this look has turned out to be just as i imagined! So whats your Halloween quick fix?

Till next time, CIAO!
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{ EDITORIAL} Princess diaries with SOCH

I must confess, even though Bombay is far away from the word "winters", this festive season makes me "feel" the virtual nip in the air. With all the festivities that begin, i can only assume , better times are in store. All you beautiful people out there, hope you are surrounded with all the festive cheer this season brings and are feeling much closer to home than ever before.

The festival of lights is here and I feel terribly lazy because it also means - house cleaning - exciting much & how consuming! I am sure by now you are through that phase, while i will burn the midnight oil / Vacuum cleaner ! Hah! Besides, it also means dressing up -just dust off and get into the swanky new gear , will you?

Oh then , we never have anything to wear, do we?  When Soch invited me to their store , I was only glad because i needed this break amidst my busy schedule . With rich hues of reds, blues and pinks all adorned in the most beautiful embroidery / beadwork and lace, i had so much to choose from. But i could pick only two - difficult choices we make !

Coming to the looks from Soch- The Red anarkali is a more traditional looking piece with royal indian vibes because of the red and gold. Naturally, its made to feel as royal with its weight. Getting in and out of that anarkali and even sitting with it inside a car is amusing as it takes literally the entire seat haha.  The gorgeous pleats and the massive amount of fabric used to achieve the flare - makes it the perfect princess outfit for Diwali ! Not only that, i would usually carry my Diwali outfit well to the wedding season ahead- this one- is perfect for a family wedding !

The other piece though contemporary, is a fine blend between modern and traditional. You will be amazed as its so lightweight , the looks certainly deceive . Not all ethnic wear is easy to wear and fuss-free , but this one, outshines them all. The net cape is stitched to the neck and you don't need to take care of it falling off your shoulder as you would typically in a kurta with a chunni ( stole) . This is the most stylish and convenient ethnic outfit i have ever worn . Needless to say, a visit to Soch, is a promised delight- Time to dazzle your wardrobe already! So when are you visiting?

Picture- Ragul Krishnan

These captures are by NIK <3 td="">


Outfit 2 pics by Mayur

Hope you enjoyed the festive looks!
Till next time, ciAO !
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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Floral Fantasies

Hello there!

Floral embroidery is having its moment and how! Are you as obsessed with floral embroidery as the world ? Then this is for you.

Trends are never here to stay and they may not necessarily suit everyone's taste. But, combine Florals with embroidery and you have irresistible possibilties that keep you asking for more. Embroidery has been making a noticeable comeback since 2015 in designer collections, however 2017 is the year of embroidery. Step into a store and if you don't find an embroidered piece, its probably sleeping.

SS16 saw the beginning of all things floral and embroidered. From heavily embroidered sleeves to dresses to Shoes, chokers and now bags, there is not a single fashion accessory that is spared. I could have a whole section in my closet dedicated to embroidery!

Though fashion purists will argue the quality of mass pieces, machine embroidery seems to appeal the fast fashion consumers. As long as it looks good, we are ok with the process of achieving that needlework on our outfits.

My eyes have becomes embroidery-magnets. The moment i spot something nice, I have to have it. This outfit has two pieces with floral embroidery.

This top has minimal embroidery on the exaggerated puffy sleeves, while the headband is heavily embroidered with threads and sequinned flowers.

What are your favourite embroidered pieces? I would love to see.

Till next time,
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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} A Ruffle to remember

Hello there!

As promised, here are more frequent posts for you all and I am loving it. I know it means sleepless nights or perhaps slogging the whole weekend off and super early mornings- But this is How we roll! At the end, its all worth it.

Whats is the weather in your part of the world? As for me,  the rain spells have begun in the city and every part of the country is glowing with a brilliant green cover. Rains mean a lot of extra tasks- like Keeping away moisture from closets, stowing away leather shoes , avoiding thick garments as they are difficult to dry and of course doing a little rain-shoe refresh. The only part I enjoy is the rain-shoe picking or shopping :D This time i got silicon wedges in black with a gold bow. So perfect for daily wear!

For those who are still enjoying the sunny skies, the SS'17 ruffle trend has my heart. Ruffles have been a favourite from the Renaissance period adorned by the European royalty when they would wear a ruffle almost everywhere- on the neck, sleeves, dress and even shoes. All this in the renaissance period, influenced by the Tudors OF ENGLAND.

Though maintaining them is a daunting task if you want to keep them looking good. This SS17,  ruffles have made there way in every form and every possible object- From ruffled sleeves to ruffled mules, you can have them wherever you like!

This layered butterfly ruffle sleeve is my absolute favourite because it oozes a regal charm. This tudor style resort was the perfect setting to shoot the look.

The kimono style wrap makes the bust area appear lighter and draws attention towards exaggerated sleeves. Owing to the synthetic fabric, the sleeves don't crease or become flat. Thats a Yay , because I dread ironing clothes . I mean , who doesn't ! If you ever buy this layered ruffle sleeve, remember to check the fabric. Cotton will be the most difficult to manage while a synthetic fabric will be easy or you'll spend hours ironing the sleeves . As I speak , I got one more similar blouse from Zara, though the sleeve bit is slightly different. Check my insta for that!  If you have a petite frame, you can chop off some of that long wrap belt, or it can seem to consume you. Combine it with the most amazing Chokers and you're going to look a total DIVA! Enjoy the pictures- This is a picture heavy post thanks to Nik's amazing skills behind the camera, I have struggled to filter down to these! I know they are a lot, but i just couldn't help it.

Kimono Blouse - A shop in Hill road, Bandra | Choker- Forever 21 | Shorts- Zara | Tights- Marks & Spencer | Boots- Sarojini Nagar,Delhi

Location- The Himalayan, Manali. (Personal vacay)

Did you enjoy this post as much as i enjoyed shooting for it???


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