Autumn/ Winter 2012-13: Dark Florals

 The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination.  
~Terri Guillemets

Frosty florals : Style 1

A dark floral tank worn inside a warm blazer
accessorized with golden floral filigree necklace

Frosty Florals: Style 2

A dark floral waist belt worn with a light peach-pink tunic 
and black tights

 This year's Autumn/Winter collection boasts of florals transported straight from the feminine pastels of summer to the dark and edgy shades of winter!
"Flocked fabrics and lace overlays added an air of ornateness, putting a fresh spin on the idea of flowers in winter," explained Lucinda Chambers, Vogue fashion director. 
I name this trend in my favorite way- FROSTY FLORALS 

How to wear Frosty Florals?

The slouchy bag adds a casual appeal to the look

Contrasts play their best in this look accentuated with dark and light accents
There is absolutely no rule-book that says dark florals can't be worn a certain way.
The biggest advantage of dark florals is that they flatter every woman irrespective of her body type! Great news ,isn't it?
Photography by Apurva

So go ahead and splurge on dark florals this winter. Sport them in flowy blouses, waist belts, scarves, skirts, pants and even gloves!
Let the bouquet of  frosty florals rule your wardrobe this winter!
P.S These shots were taken in 2011 ! So next time, watch out this space for Fashion Forecasts!
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Fall/Winter 2012 inspiration

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 
― L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables

And then you would laugh - Its already nearing December!

True that, but how could you miss the charm of the autumn woods?
The crisp bed of orange leaves that extends a welcome carpet?

Whats more? These color palettes suit the Indian skin-tones really well !

Have a look at the Hermes Fall/Winter 2012/13 Campaign here:

This outfit ' Orange Blossom wood' is an inspiration from the lovely landscapes in Autumn.

LACE in winters !

Lace in darker hues in Winter adds a vintage chic to your look.
Afraid you will catch the cold?
Fret not, wear a skin colored warmer inside and let the faux skin show :)
Or you can choose a Lace fabric that is a wool blend just like the one I am wearing!

Tribal accessories

Generally , lace is associated with all things delicate from thread-like gold chains to
gleaming pearl ribbons.
Break the routine with chunky tribal jewellery in earthy hues like orange,tangerine,crimson red,maroon,chocolate brown and the like.

Leather for the weather

Just when winter is nearing ,it only makes sense to invest in stylish leather footwear.
They not only protect you from the cold but give a rustic feel to the look!

The bag featured here is a rare find in leather.And hence gifted to a special person.
Though i would like to buy the same for myself too!
Swap the boring browns /blacks with brilliant pops of Orange,turquoise or Red leather!
For people who prefer not to use leather- go for Faux leather footwear/bags.

Can't get enough of this orange beauty!
Side swept hair aren't that difficult to carry after all!

To warm up this fall/winter look, add a dash of your favorite lipcolor in Orangey-red.

Baby Lips in winters

Winters demand you take special care of your lips.
Do not forget to religiously slather your lips with balm before you kiss goodnight.

Before you apply your lipcolor swipe a layer of balm and let it settle for healthy looking lips.
After a few minutes ,apply your lipcolor .See the magic !
Make sure your lipbalm has natural ingredients especially beeswax.

Lace blouse,OVS | Orange Leather bag,Dharavi| Tribal necklace, gifted by my sister|  Leather pumps,TASHI |  Brown shorts, OLD NAVY

So go ahead and dig up your wardrobe to create the perfect autumn inspiration and don't forget to share with us !

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