Merry CranBerry Street Style

When in doubt, wear red.
                                    -  Bill Blas

 How many of us would agree? Red is considered as the most daring color when it comes to
anything from apparels to accessories.When most of us decide on anything in red, we think twice!
But if you own that one piece of apparel/accessory/footwear in red, believe me , with a merry attitude,
it goes on to become a statement!

 So what is that piece of 'red' that you've been thinking about?

When i first saw this pair of cranberry-colored denims, i didn't think twice :) 
I knew i had to have it .
Colorful denims if paired well, can transform your street style
from rugged & boring to bright and spunky!
 My next lookout is burnt orange :)

Turquoise on red is a harmonizing combination .Hence i decided
to pair the denims with a turquoise leaf ring and a turquoise studded neckpiece.
Mumbai is still not very cold but December it is- hence the layering effect with a polka dot shirt
worn as a jacket and another neckpiece with multichains to jazz it up.
With most colors muted, i let red do the talking! 

 Cropped denims,Globus| Ring,neckpieces,bangles,Shirt worn as jacket, Colaba| Wedges.Chandigarh| Purse, Janpath,Delhi

With  christmas eve just round the corner, you must have been full with your shopping bags!
Let me know what you bought for christmas for yourself and others!
As for me, i already have gulped down half of my Christmas cake gifted by my best friend who also 
helped me with the pictures this time ...Thats the best gift i could recieve- Cake + photos for my blog :)
                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS :)  SPREAD the CHEER :)

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Breezy Faux Winter!

'There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. '
                                                                                          ~Alfred Wainwright

Mumbai has been hot inspite of October being a promising month at least for some time.
December is when i can't resist doing posts on winter fashion. 
So for the faux Mumbai winter, lets dress up in cosy and highly tailored outfits.

Match me with the sky 

        Top: Flowy full-sleeves tunics in synthetic fabrics or knits for cooler temperatures tailored to perfection.

        Bottom :  Tights  in winter shades like black,indigo,magenta, violet or bold prints like leopard prints  and even florals. (for Mumbai )
        * Printed tights , available at Vero Moda.
         In case of cooler climates, try the woolen tights. 

  Footwear:  I know the footwear makes you wonder what it is supposed to be called and where it came from ! As the weather is 'faux', i call it a faux pair of boots. This is a 'sock sandle' where its sandal +leg warmer/socks and has a tiny wedge heel!
This suits Mumbai weather as it lets your feet breathe !
Though it may whip up extreme reactions, its upto you to love them or hate them!I await your reactions to this one :)

For a cooler weather , try leg warmers and a pair of black/grey/brown/ taupe/olive  (suede ) flat/heeled boots to add the funk.

The oriental print in the tunic inspired a pretty addition of a pink Japanese Parasol with cherry blossom tree hand-painted on it !
Infact the Red- beads are a reminder of big ripe cherries ! 

I love all things oriental and cherry-blossomy :)
I will soon post the tiny oriental charms i treasure !

Guarded by the cherry blossom parasol

Sandals, | Cherry blossom parasol, Singapore | Beads, Colaba
Till next time, wear your best tights and tunics to welcome the winters...!

I await your precious comments . Let the love flow...
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Henna revived !

This post is specially dedicated to the sweet 'prey' ( kidding ....) rehab , yes these pretty hands belong to her! I totally loved doing the Mehandi ( Henna ) art for her this Id.
I indulged in this art after a long gap of 5 years! ( and thats why, the 'prey') .
I would refrain from adding any expert comments here and let the pictures do the talking :)
Let me know how you like it...
A pat on the back for Shashank .Thank you for giving us your precious time and art (he shot the pics).
You can check his fabulous visual collection here.
Till next time...Byeeee :)

                                                       Photos : shashank, Edits: me

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