IStanbul- What I wore!

"─░stanbul is a magical seal which unites Europe and Asia since the ancient times. Without a doubt, Istanbul is certainly the most beautiful place of the world." - Gerard De Nerval

So much beauty as one could take, as I stand under the bridge that joins two continents in the same city- None other than the capital of Turkey- Istanbul. Vibrant, noisy, artsy, vintage, modern, delightfully tasty all at the same time! - the life in Istanbul is so much similar to my homeland India. There is disparity of all sorts and many other vices ,(beauty aside) which made me relate to this beautiful city.
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The A/W 13 LAVIE handbags collection

“I have a bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste and all the things I might need during the day. I call the bag my trailer. Sometimes you don't have a trailer, so that's my trailer.”
Laura Linney

Hello, pretty ladies. Its that time of the year again! Romantic weather, festivals, annual holidays and so much glee ! The A/W '13 Haute Hues collection from LAVIE bags features shoulder companions that can take you from a busy office day to an evening of fun with the ladies, to a stylish getaway & back home to a shopping spree during the festivities! Tells you why Kareena Kapoor was greedy at the LAVIE store( remember the commercial last season?) ! Travel is the sweetest escape from this busy work-life and what better than these 2 pretty travel must-haves- A red duffle handbag & a brown textured bowling bag(last picture) which also has a single shoulder strap, so you walk carefree! How convenient & on-trend! I have created two looks with 2 of my favorite LAVIE bags. Enjoy the looks & tell me your favorites! You can buy LAVIE handbags at all Bagzone outlets and online on Jabong. I have listed links of my favorite bags which you can buy online. Tell me what you bought!
For the boho-chic traveler who loves carefree strolls around unfamiliar streets. Buy here

For the lady who loves her gloss more than what can stay on the lips ! Buy here 

Feeling experimental? Carry this on a MONDAY MORNING. Whoever heard of monday blues?
Buy here for INR 3190

Some women just can't get enough of those roomy tans. This one's a classic!
Buy here for INR 3290

A must-have for a light & stylish vacation! The single shoulder strap makes it all the more convenient!
Buy here for INR 2540
Which one is your favorite? Drop your comments in the comment box below!

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Capri Islands- What I wore

“He: "Whale you be my valentine?" She: "Dolphinitely.” 

― Adam Young

 The exotic italian island of Capri in the bay of Naples was the perfect setting for my love of turquoise & white. The entire landscape as you can see is dominated by these colors.To proclaim my love for these colors - my attire readily obliged ! This island was a famous resort of the Roman emperors! You mean since 27 BC ? ( head spins). Amazed how the beauty has been preserved. So, I must have been someone in the Roman empire,. No? The main feature of this island is that it is a unique combination of beauty & glamour. You will know more in my travel post on Capri!

You must wonder, why the running shoes? I was tired after 3 days of excessive walking in Rome and found solace in my comfy pair of Pumas .I wish I could have worn open sandals , but my aching feet didn't allow me to .
Nevertheless, i wore my favorite trends- Color-blocked skirt, White blazer, Animal motif chiffon blouse and my statement necklace to please myself. Carrying a blazer helps as the winds can get chilly . And glares, dare you forget them you will be blinded by the strong sun ! Leaving you with a glimpse of the beauty and the other pretty , glamorous details will follow in the next post ! So, enjoy these pictures and get ready for the Capri travel post next. I bet you haven't seen anything as beautiful and as GLAMOROUS as the island of Capri!
Blazer- China| Chiffon blouse, skirt- Flea market,Powai | Shoes- Faas 300 by PUMA| neckpiece- Delhi flea market

Bay of Marina Picola

Finally on the streets of Capri town

The Gardens of Augustus, as you climb up the island, hypnotize you with its paradise-like panoramas

Excited for the Capri  Travel post?

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REVIEW : Oriflame Eco-beauty Range

"Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the Earth -- Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones, Swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people. Walk in balance and beauty."~Native American Elder

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are my own, and has no influence from the company whatsoever
I have always gravitated towards eco-friendly products which are as much organic as possible!The Body Shop, Human Nature( Philiphines) , Innisfree ( Korea) , Dr.Hauschka( Germany) are some of my most favorite brands for organic skincare more because they are certified for what they claim and also deliver!

When Oriflame contacted me to choose a product for review, I scoured the website like one happy child. To my surprise , they had an organic range too-the ECO -BEAUTY range. The Oriflame team surprised me by sending the entire range in May. I decided to give the range a good 3 months before i wrote this review for you.

As a child I was always fascinated with the glossy catalogues from all direct-marketing companies which had the most luxurious looking products .It was so much fun to just flip through the pages and imagine which nail color will suit me or which lotion fragrance would be the most desirable! Even today Its a delight to sift through the Online catalogue of Oriflame.
Oriflame ecobeauty Range( From L-R ): shower gel,hand cream, night cream, day cream and eye cream

Their website has a dedicated interactive page for the entire range and for every 100 clicks they will plant a tree. Click to visit. (Turn on the sound feature if you'd like to soothe your senses.)

To know the significance of Eco-beauty, explore the video links below:

1) Fairtrade  : The Oriflame team visits Kerala for sourcing their ingredient through                                 fairtrade (Coconut.)
2) Vegan      : All products are vegan
3) Ecocert    : All products are Ecocert certified. Click to know more.
4) FSC          : Learn about FSC certification here

Ecobeauty products are free from:

  • - animal-derived substances
  • - paraben
  • - silicone
  • - mineral oils
  • - synthetic fragrances

My Recommended picks from this range:

1. EcoBeauty Smoothing Day Cream ( INR 1290)

Feature: Fairtrade Shea Butter: One of nature’s great skin softening agents - used for its emollient properties, helping to protect the skin from dryness. Sourced from Burkino Faso, West Africa.

The smell reminds me of massage oils from Grandma's stable. So pure and so natural. The cream absorbs quickly and brightens the face. Has been tried on both oily as well as dry skin. Infact acne-prone skin too. The skin feels smooth and nourished with daily use! Specially recommended for people with dry skin . Tried on Nik too, so men you can safely use this after your morning shave daily!

2. EcoBeauty Smoothing Night Cream ( INR 1390)

Feature: Organic Coconut oil rich in vitamins and fatty acids, which nourishes and protects the skin against the visible effects of environmental stress. Sourced from Fairtrade Alliance Kerala, South-West India.

I have been using this too over the last 3 months. I wake up to a radiant me. A bit greasy during monsoons due to high humidity levels but an excellent rejuvenator nevertheless.

3. Ecobeauty Smoothing Eye cream ( INR 690)

Feature:   1.  Contains Swedish Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn seed oils, rich in essential                  fatty acids and antioxidants, which nourish and protect the skin through their                     anti-oxidative properties
               2. Contains Organic Tapioca Starch which gives a smooth, elegant texture on                       the    skin.

Use it around the eye and after 10 days of regular use, you will notice a more hydrated under-eye area and smooth too. Recommended for all women over 20. Signs of fatigue start diminishing which is so desirable.

The hand cream is hydrating but definitely not the best hand-cream around. If you have oily or normal skin, you can give it a try. The shower gel is good to have except that the fragrance could have been better than its grassy variant at present. 

Price Vs Quantity: For all the products, a little goes a long way. Worth the moolah!

The range is on discounts this month. Refer the catalogue. Take your pick and tell me which one is your favorite! Shop the range online here.

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