I feel Prague-tastic

What I love most about Europe is the bright sun amidst the cold. Its so bright, my face lightens up and looks so fresh not only in the pictures but also in person. My skin brightens up.Hair behave well and everything falls in order. Surely the absence of dust is the reason. How i wish I stay there forever! I wish! This is my second post of What I wore in Prague. The 1st one is here. I have fallen in love with this place and I am surely coming back!

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Vote the VOGUE 2014

-Jenifer Aniston

Its crazy how magazine covers influence our purchases. Fashion magazines to be precise beckon us almost instantly if they have our favorite star gracing the cover or our favorite designer. Fashion covers are for keeps I tell you and the very reason I decided to dig most of the Vogue 2014 covers from across the world . A new year calls for a new beginning and it wouldn't be false if I say we look forward to the January editions next to the September editions! So tell me girls & guys which cover would you like to own?

As for me, I am not typically impressed with one single cover but if I had to have one of these, it would be - Ummm...lets start with you first?


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What I wore in Prague

After striking off 3 cities from the 10 most beautiful cities in the World: Venice, Florence & Rome and within a gap of 4 months, I couldn't believe I was going to witness another one on the list of the most beautiful cities in the world i.e PRAGUE or Praha as known in Europe( Thanks to his business trip, yayy!) The experience was beautiful beyond words. Friendly people, lip-smacking food ,but more about the city in my travel post. I will reserve this post for what I wore in temperatures ranging from 12 to 6 degrees. Europe weather is so unpredictable, it is almost a mistake if you skip your woolens. The travel photos as usual will follow in my travel post . Prague is the Capital of Czech Republic and if you have seen the classic romantic movie Casablanca , you know it already. Also , the movie chasing Liberty starring Mandy Moore revolves around Prague. Do watch them!

It was so cold my warmer set is peeking out from everywhere. Lol!

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In the Island of Capri, Italy

Marina Grande, a hill lined with elaborate Villas in Capri
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