I feel Prague-tastic

What I love most about Europe is the bright sun amidst the cold. Its so bright, my face lightens up and looks so fresh not only in the pictures but also in person. My skin brightens up.Hair behave well and everything falls in order. Surely the absence of dust is the reason. How i wish I stay there forever! I wish! This is my second post of What I wore in Prague. The 1st one is here. I have fallen in love with this place and I am surely coming back!

Not only do studded flats look good, if they are comfortable , they become your travel bffs 
The cold had me layer about 3 garments including the warmer under the jacket. The jacquard jacket was so perfect in the sun, it almost gleamed like those royal fabrics you see in palace museums :)

I am an explorer
Walking on the streets

Under the glistening sunlight,
on my studded feet

Through the cobble-stoned lanes,
making memories

Stopping by to refill
with Gelatos and cream

Sealing all the beauty
in my rose gold lens

Asking passers-by to stop
And let me in the film

I take yet another break
the gastronomic kinds

And i find myself consumed,
In the beauty that surrounds.
When in Prague, remember,
Every step counts.
All roads lead to more & more beauty!


  1. Kudos Ms Explorer! You look hawt :* Have fun in Europe :)


    1. Thanks Apoorva, that was one fun vacation i had :)

  2. Such a pretty place! :D
    -XOXO Kreena

  3. Lovely pics! I'm sure you had a wonderful time in Prague


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