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Its just so amusing how 2020 brought a standstill to everything "LIFE". 

Ever since i started working , I saw the dream of travel and as a couple we decide to visit at least 1 country in a year . 2020 brought us a lot of gratitude for all that we were able to experience in the past ! 2 years down the line, I cannot wait to take off somewhere far very soon ! There is a constant realisation that time is running fast and that we need to see so much that we missed . In 2020, I had decided to visit Japan in the famed Sakura season - those blossoms just have me mesmerised ! 

And right now, all i know is I want to be in Tokyo , watch the glorious sakura blooms, eat lots of unique Japanese food including Mochi and dash into some Vintage Chanel stores ! The plan is clear and bright and I really wish it materialises ! For now , I have to save up, wait and watch while Japan opens its borders to tourists ( It hasn't yet ). 

Meanwhile, Bombay winters have been the most memorable in my 15 years here ! 17 degree mornings and nights - I have been up for them ! Extended morning walks and post 10 pm night walks were done just to feel the cold winds on my face ! And how can i forget the fashion impact - The boots were out . They were worn for more than a shoot ! In outdoor cafes , when things got safer . So delighted with how the city didn't make me miss my annual autumn vacation ! It was all right here ! 

Enjoy the look and tell me which country should i take this look to ?

Btw, can you tell these pictures are RAW- no edits needed ! Bombay weather really outdid itself ! 

Top, Culotte - Zara | Shoes - Promod | Bag - Guess | Baroque Pearl earrings - D'eanna jewels

Till next time , CIAO!

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Hello my beautiful people !

If you decided to include "reading more " in your 2022 resolution list, then i am here to make you achieve that resolution faster ! Ofcourse by writing more haha! 

Skipping the whole of 2021 like it never existed and directly updating the blog in 2022 - bet there will be a lot of blogposts come rain or sun ! I wrote a couple of drafts in 2021 but didn't go on to updating them- the year just didn't feel like it  ! However , the last 3 months of 2021 were such a relief with an all time low of COVID cases and return to normalcy ! 

While the year has begun with a landslide of Covid cases and other viral infections , it somehow seems like the beginning of better times with more of us protected with vaccines and those with Covid having manageable symptoms. And yet there are some of us who are struggling to fight the infection despite vaccines . As the recovery rates are promising, the scenario is hopeful  ! 

The past two years have made us bank on one word the most -  " HOPE" more than we ever did ! It has also shifted our focus inwards . More and more people ignoring their health all these years have in some way embraced better lifestyle habits. As much as there has been loss, there has been an opportunity to grow. 

While Some of us have deeply suffered when it comes to work and finances , some have made commendable strides to be proud of  . The year has been that of extremes and some averages. And yet , the only thing we need to take away from this year is that every little thing needs to be celebrated right from being able to just wake up every day to achieving dreams in difficult times ! Every little thing is worthy of a pat on the back . You are fabulous if you've read this far and i only hope the best is awaiting you ! Here's beginning 2022 on a hopeful note - We got this ! 

Leaving you with a look shot on the beautiful Christmas morning of 2021 ! 

Sweater, Dress, Shoes - Zara | Bag - Dharavi market ( Dooney & Bourke ) , almost a decade old. 

Till next time , 


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