{ F.A.S.H. I.O.N } Patching up with 2020

Hello People!

2020 is a strange year. Almost like a thriller novel. A mystery everyone wants to solve. A nightmare everyone wants to get out of ! And in all this, we are finding ways to preserve our sanity! 

A lot of us are buried neck-deep in "Work" of all kinds.  Even the summers went by without us enjoying a holiday, and so its important to plan A BREAK if not a holiday ! We can never replace travel , but can surely get our dopamine fix with some creative DIY ! 

The nature is in revenge mode and we know that our consumption choices are under the radar more than ever . As a conscious generation, its time to go SLOW. And this applies to fashion as well. Does that mean we need to STOP BUYING FAST fashion? The good news is - there's another post coming up on that and the answer is coming in that post ! But this post will show you ways of sprucing up your most used DENIMS and elongate their lifespan even more !

Patchwork denims are rarely manufactured  , and if you are a bohemian at heart, this DIY will totally be your jam! When i posted these denims on my instagram, most of you were intrigued and i couldn't see  options similar to this! So i came up with this DIY trick, so you can create yours! 

These cloth-patchwork denims got special love from you when I first put the trial room selfie on instagram in 2017 . I spotted this in Zara sale and didn't see this in any other Zara outlet in the whole of Bombay- so hurried to try it on . There were only 2 sizes left. The other was a size smaller. I was skeptical because its not the regular denim and cannot be worn at all times. However my bohemian heart was already head over heels.  When i tried the size which was 2 inches smaller than my original , it squeezed my butt & tummy in an uncomfortable way ! To top it, it wasn't elastic. I walked to and fro- sat inside the trial room thinking it would expand like a miracle. 10 mins. Nothing happened, haha . I asked the Zara folks to help me with the next size or check availability in other stores. Alas, their servers went down and they couldn't track either information. I kept the denim back from where i picked it. I spoke to the zara folks again- Does this shrink further on wash? The guy was like- I am sure you wear denims- they always expand. But I was in still in two minds- what if it didn't expand! Its a high waist style - So its pushing my tummy in and making me uncomfortable! I almost walked out of the store and i looked at it again. I ran back again , picked it and back to the billing counter !!! HAHA. I was not going home without these.

You can have this denim style in a day's time or maybe an hour!!!


1. Pick any denim from your wardrobe 
2. Cut square/triangular cloth pieces out of your favourite old cotton blouses/ pillow covers or sheets (Printed or solids ).
3. Use Fabric glue to stick them ( EASY) or if you are a stitching pro- just sew it on!

And done! 
If you are a guy reading this, why not try this trend as well.  Pair with a leather jacket for the colder months . I would love to see your DIY project. Share it with me!

SHOTS from August 2017:

indian fashion blog

Self-portrait from 2020 

Till next time, CIAO!

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