What is a VELLVETTE Box?

The black cardboard box wrapped in a baby-pink bow-ribbon is what happy surprises are made of!
With the most courteous people ensuring this box of happiness reaches you on time-this is one of the best customer- experience stories which you come across only rarely!

 Welcome the Vellvette Box!
Some beauty bloggers have been raving about it lately and i gave in to the temptation only to be 
overwhelmed with what i saw!

What is inside a VELLVETTE box?

Three high-end beauty, cosmetics, skincare and fragrance samples from the best brands in the world that have been specially curated to your tastes every month along with instructions on how to use them.

How do i order My VELLVETTE box?

* Every month VELLVETTE box releases a limited number of such boxes and you need to enter your details here to know when the orders will be active.The shipping is done in the 3rd week of every month!
You pay Rs.399 for each month and if you like it so much that you just can't live without one surprise every month you can subscribe for 3-6 monthly packages with discounts!

How do the people at VELLVETTE box customize the box for every subscriber?

After you sign up,the lovely people at VELLVETTE box send you a fun quiz that you can fill in if you want to receive a "personalized box". Their beauty experts make sure that your box contains product samples that are suited to your tastes. 

My Experience

* The Products:

When i received my Vellvette box, it smelled like the most wonderful woman i would want to meet ;)
It was the LUSH sugar body scrub that smelled like heaven even before i opened this box which was wrapped in 2 more layers of packaging!!!

I got- 100 gm ( FULL SIZE)  
Price- Rs.350

The next surprise -CLINIQUE SURGE PALETTE- New clover blush and Eye shadow trio got me 
feeling like God's most lucky child today! And why?
Well , I use only Kohl and lipcolors for makeup and I have been wanting a nice eyeshadow palette since a while now.

I got- 3 gms (sample)
Price(FULL SIZE)- blush-Rs.1550,
          eye shadow duo-Rs.1250;

Are people at VELLVETTE box magicians??? 

And this is exactly why i had to write about the box today after i received it.
My friends are jumping in excitement and have already bookmarked their link to make bookings for

The third product is another aspirational brand i would always think about. Shiseido from Japan.
White lucent brightening balancing softener- Whew! thats a long name for a cleanser which claims to
get you showered with compliments on your complexion!
Well, let's see!
I got- 25ml
Price(FULL SIZE)- 150ml for Rs.2850

Know about VELLVETTE BOX here:
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Peter Pan Collar

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
Remember those cute little dresses you wore in your baby photographs with a round flat collar- thats the peter pan collar.
Peter pan was a lovely character from the fairy tales who never wore a peter pan collar himself !

Well,that is something even I did not know until I found it out here.
The American stage production of J.M Barrie's play 'Peter Pan' in 1905 introduced this trend. A blouse with a similar collar was designed for this play's lead - Peter Pan.
In 1920s this style was incorporated in baby clothes and hence the 'innocence' that is still associated with this style.
Though i very much wonder why we ever had to let it go as we grew up.
Perhaps the designers never thought they would look good even on grown -ups!
I would've liked one for every new year! But its not late you know :)

I get this unexplainable itch every time i see a peter pan collar . I feel like grabbing every piece I come across.

I would love to share all the peter pan clothes i have in the coming posts :)

In this post I have done a Retro look with flared corduroy pants, a vintage Victorian pendant , white aviators , my favorite saddle bag and of-course a chiffon blouse with a black lace peter pan collar!

Do you like Peter-pan collars?

Peter pan collar chiffon blouse- Ebay HK, Corduroy pants - Marks & Spencers, Leather shoes- Tashi 

Photography by Surabhi Gawde

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VOGUE India 5th Anniversary Party

When i saw my invitation from Vogue India, I was beaming with joy like a 5-year old who gets to have all the cherries on the cake :)

I had plans to wear my orange denims as I had taken tips from Manish Malhotra in our last meet as i was sure I would bump into him, and i sure did!
However, i decided to keep my color palette basic,very basic!
Shimmer batwing blouse- OVS, | black pleated skirt- H&M,| Green leather pumps- Amore,TASHI | Turquoise soft nappa leather bag, Osprey London | Turquoise statement necklace- US| smile, mine :)
 An evening filled with a sense of achievement and pride and the decor screaming 5 letters in bold
V O G U E. Vogue India celebrated their 5th Anniversary with a glamour quotient no one could match! Being under the same roof  and dance floor with the who's who in the world of fashion and Bollywood , I felt like living a dream !

Column 1 From L-R Bandana Tewari, editor Vogue, Sushma Reddy,Sameera Reddy,| Column 2 ,top to bottom- Diya Mirza , Alex Kuruvilla,MD Conde Nast, Priya Tanna, Vogue editor

L-R in clockwise - Kajol & Manish Malhotra, Alia Bhat & Karan Johar, Jacquelin Fernandes in Sabyasachi, Angela Johnson
To mark this event, Vogue did the impossible!

Yes, Vogue brought 21 leading global luxury fashion brands under the same roof in
 The Renaissance project.
As a tribute to the Indian textile industry, each of these designers were given a piece of Indian textile to work on and their creations were displayed here.

In the right column from top to bottom- Renaissance collection| FENDI baguette -a coming together of Indian and roman cultures|  Jimmy Choo -brocade mules with a sculpted 3D element.
It was hard to believe I am seeing a Salvatore Ferragamo,Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Feretti, Fendi and the likes in front of my eyes!

The next stunner was the '50 ways to a Black Saree' fashion show where models sashayed on the ramp with creations from top Indian designers like Shaina NC ,Anita Dongre, Lecoanet Hemant to name a few.

The party saw the glitterati of the city such as Kajol, Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline
Fernandez, Dia Mirza, Sushma and Sameera Reddy, Kalki, Anurag Kashyap, Queenie Singh, Manish
Malhotra, Sidhartha Mallya, Rahul Khanna, Natasha Poonawala, Yash Birla, Kalyani Chawla, Sabina and
Anil Chopra, Shazahn Padamsee, Prateik, Jiah Khan, Tara Sharma, Simone Singh, Nethra Raghuraman,
Poorna Jagannathan, Arjan Bajwa, Pria Kataria Puri, AD Singh, Diandra Soares, Gayatri Oberoi, Nina
Manuel, Shobhaa and Dilip De, Rhea Pillai, Sheetal Mafatlal, Rahul Bose and Feroze Gujral, who joined
in Vogue India’s anniversary celebrations and mingled over cocktails, as they discussed fashion and
The charming Sushma Reddy in a Anushka Khanna ensemble
The Vogue's 5th Anniversary edition will be out on Oct 4,2012 in five different covers to choose from featuring Deepika Padukone,Katrina Kaif,Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma; which one would you pick? Let me know :)

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