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Hey lovely people.

Are you someone who starts your day craving for fresh headlines ? I have  been thinking of all the wild news that surrounds us everyday. While most of it is facts and figures or incident reporting , increasingly its opinionated headlines that create a furore. Competition for a spicy tabloid has taken the game of modified/ inferred news to an obnoxious level. Add to this, social media discussions especially on Facebook pages and twitter. While social media would've united the world in many cases  , it is also gradually spreading hatred with negative opinions being exaggerated by the common man . In the end , its not you who takes the cake - but the political agenda + paid journalism who laugh at their master plan and applaud their skills to generate charged up tweets and messages via the common man! And let us not forget the biased messages doing the rounds on WhatsApp- they disarm men of their common sense and judgement . Because these messages are controversial in nature and perpetuate feelings of betrayal and discrimination- People are silently becoming agents of negativity thus also affecting their own mental peace. The sooner they realise , the better. It'll be nicer to participate in your personal wellness or wellness of the society which will naturally evict all the negative emotions spread through paid media! Its time we take charge of our own thoughts and opinions and not be carried away by forwards!

Now coming to the outfit- this is actually a black dress . Most of you thought it was a skirt. I wore my favourite blouse from the previous blogpost over this dress to give it vintage vibes. Also, finally happy to have my pair of black PVC pumps - though mine are shaded rather than clear with silver coloured kitten heals . Don't forget to comment if you like the look <3 coming="" more="" next="" p="" posts="" themed="" up="" vintage-="">


Dress- Bebe | Blouse, pumps, earrings - Zara | Bag- Guess | Watch- Daniel Wellington

Location Courtesy - Bull Run , Johannesburg

Till next time, CIAO!

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