Before I begin this review, let me tell you, I totally ignore any advertisement that says "Glowing skin in 7 days" or "acne-free skin in 30 days". I feel its a scam to attract the vulnerable individuals who are already struggling with umpteen products in their stash , discarding them one by one but to no great effect.

This year has seen the most effective skincare launches of all time. If you have been following the blog, you might have seen my skincare regime being replaced completely by the new launches which have worked wonders for my oily,acne-prone, blemished & pigmented skin.

Last month I was contacted by HERBALIFE. I didnt seem to recognize the brand but then I googled and found out its a famous 1980 est. global nutrition &weight management company which operates through the Direct selling model. Currently present in more than 90 countries! ( Similar to Oriflame/Amway etc)

I checked their presence on social media and whoa! People are crazy over their nutrition products as well as the HERBALIFE SKIN products which is a skincare line. They recently launched the famous HERBALIFE SKIN products in India. I was sent 5 products to try the 7 day challenge which would give me a skin which is:

1) Smoother
2) Softer
3) More radiant (Glowing)
4)Reduced fine lines
5)Reduced Wrinkles

Also, it is paraben-free, sulfate-free and dermatologist tested.

My experience:

Each cream is very light in texture and gets absorbed easily.Comes with a pump, easy to dispense & apply. The most unique packaging,each bottle is packed in 2 cardboard tubes , the third one is a cover with instructions on the inside.
 I followed the regime prescribed on the instructions under the cardboard packing. Every morning I applied the serum followed by the firming eye cream and the moisturiser. Before sleeping I applied the serum again followed by the hydrating eye cream and the night cream. 

The regime felt a bit tedious to me as each time I had to apply 3 products. Initially I was skipping nights as I used to doze off without realising! 
But in 2-3 days I got more disciplined which is why I am reporting post 15 days of use. 

As per the 7 day experiment, 3 products are supposed to bring that change- THE SERUM, Moisturiser & the Night cream.
My skin has VISIBLY become brighter & smoother. My acne blemishes are gradually fading with a visible difference.
The pigmentation is going away . I can now skip my BB cream altogether! None of the products have SPF, so during the day you might want to apply sunscreen, I didn't.About wrinkles , I don't have them so much to notice however since the skin is looking smoother I can say that fine lines must be vanishing too.

I am really happy with the fact that there is a constant glow on the skin, which I experienced only after peels or my favorite collagen cream. All you need is a little discipline to achieve these results. According to me this is the best gift for a bride . Even for occassions when you have little time to yourself, HERBALIFE SKIN can transform your skin with its superemely effective botanicals. 

The bottles will easily last me for 3 months. The 5 products cost approx. 12,500. If we skip the eye creams it will be about 7500. Yes, the price tag is very high, but it promises the results. If you go for chemical treatments for your skin ,it can cost almost 3000 per sitting or more. And the results dont last forever. I have been there ,done that, all kinds of peels . But right now I am so happy with my skin , I have never been before! I want to make this regime a regular. Especially brides must give it a go from their beauty budget ;)

All I can say is, the 7,500 is justified when you see your skin post 7 days. Infact you start seeing the glow from day 1 . Are you going to try this transformation? I am looking forward to know your beauty story!

Know more about Herbalife SKIN, here. 
FAQs here.

Till next time, HAPPY GLOWING SKIN :)


  1. Nice Review But Cost is really really high... Not for budget beauties <3

  2. Hiiii,I am also an Indepandent Distributor of Herbalife , I know you are correct as the price is so high but once u started using this Skin Product u will realize that you have got best results with your skin you ever tried because it's only Skincare of world which is not any Cosematics it's pure nutrition which is required for our skin & body at daily need that's why u get ultimate result and everybody sees your change & i m completely agree with illa today people uses cosmatics which damages the skin & this harmful property makes skin suffered from skin problems then their treatment is also cosly even more but didn't give lifelong result ,,but with skin all world's people are happy n getting ultimate beauty on their face n body even in serious skin problems ,,,thanks for Herbalife Skin Products all r happy ...
    For more detail about Herbalife Products(Weight Managment ,Energy n fitness,Kids Range & Skincare) and Categories u can contact Me at - mohil92.behappynutritionclub@gmail.com
    or call 08269058898

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  3. For more information
    contact-aamir ali
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  4. I am Herbalife Independant Distributor in Bangalore. Contact me on 8147107491 / 9448518615 to try out Herbalife SKIN products. I can also help with all your SKIN needs.

  5. I am Herbalife Independant Distributor in DELHI/NCR. Contact me or whatsup-7503256860 or mail me-healthyweightlossindia@gmail.com to try out Herbalife SKIN products and Weight Management Products.

  6. First time when I started the hebalife skin product, my face had (I think its) purging. Small acne(s) started to grow, do you had the same thing?

  7. First time when I started the hebalife skin product, my face had (I think its) purging. Small acne(s) started to grow, do you had the same thing?

  8. Become a member herbalife.com.au using SponsorID 05707827 Letters RAB

  9. Become a member herbalife.com.au using SponsorID 05707827 Letters RAB

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    Disclaimer: These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

  11. Hi I just read your blog which seems to be very convencing. am looking forward to buy products , bt one thing is bothering me .. is it useful for hyperpigmented face I have fried really a ton of products but nothing really working including chemical peels etc.

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  20. It’s cheaper than plastic surgery tho!

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