{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Silken Sands

Hello June! Hello humid weather!

I have had an overdose of the sun thanks to the shoots on weekends and my meetings on weekdays.
But I am not complaining, thanks to a disciplined skincare routine and drinking lots of water. Hope you are hydrating yourself well too and the rains are just around the corner!

This  shoot was one of the most fun filled shoots because I had my friend to help me out, with the drape and she decided to stay back to see how our shoots look like. Naturally, It was hilarious for her to watch the BTS and be a part of the madness.

I dropped my cousin at the airport which was a few weeks ago at 6.30 am and packed this pretty saree from Triveni Ethnics in my jhola bag. I packed a bindi strip, lipsticks, bangles & neckpieces that I could find and my glares, everything while i was half sleepy. At 7 , we were at my friends place and realised we had no safety pins to secure the drape. Guess what, I didn't even have a petticoat. So I wore this saree over a linen pant . I can't even imagine how we managed to pull this , laughing our way throughout and draping it under 15 mins, thanks to her!

I cant begin to tell you how pleased I am with the Triveni online ordering system. I can't believe that a saree amateur like me, keyed in measurements for a blouse and got it like i imagined- all thanks to their descriptive measurement process complete with indicative images. A saree's beauty lies in the way you do the blouse. I wanted something contemporary that goes with my personality . So I was sure I wanted a crop-top like blouse which i could use with a pair of denims thereafter.

There is also an option to attach a reference image and so I attached a reference image of the blouse.  The whole measurement process is explained with diagrams as you enter your measurements one by one. I didn't even have a proper measuring tape . I used a metal measuring tape used for measuring spaces! And the team at Triveni just got it right. The blouse was 100% as per my expectations. Its unbelievable . You must give it a try. My eyes are on their lehanga collections which are so perfect for summer weddings and extremely affordable . Enjoy the edit!

Saree: Triveni | Neckpiece- Vero Moda | mirror work cross body- Sarojini Nagar | Kolhapuri- Colaba | Sunnies- Rayban

Till next time, CIAO!
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