Hello Guys,

Its been long we met here. I know some of you follow the daily updates on Instagram. I think those updates have all my investment . So much so that the blog gets sidelined unless I am blogging  24x7.

2018, is a year of NO RESOLUTIONS for me. Haha, high five ,if you secretly wished i would say that.
So NO RESOLUTIONS doesn't mean I will take life as it comes. Its just that i will not have molecular goals like last time- for example -read 1 book every month- Don't ask where i am on that- I am still at it. ( That makes it 20 for this year, if i have to continue , haha)

The sound of incomplete goals keeps ringing every now and then and you feel guilty. Frankly resolutions shouldn't make you feel low but should technically fill you with happiness and a sense of purpose. Sometimes you can't stretch to make them happen because some priorities knock on your door.

So lets just keep it simple. I am writing the first post of 2018 on January 16th . So yes, here's a promise to keep writing the blog as often and probably even more- weekly?
Your tremendous support keeps me going and i am not letting distractions come in my way.
This is the 7th year of this blog and i can only tell you, the best is yet to come! Last year, i experimented with a lot of ethnic/fusion looks which you loved- yes on instagram more than here. That tells me, I have so much to post from 2017! Even the travel to Indian towns and Maldives remains only on instagram- so gotta get it here! This year, i continue with more experiments in fashion and traveling to all the new & exciting places on my bucket list!

We had a terrific celebration last year for the blog's 6th anniversary and i cannot thank you enough for being such a sport and participate in those Giveaways worth Rs. 50,000+. This year will be no different!

I cannot disclose everything right now , but my anxiety levels are of a different order this year.
The reason is - YOU! Every day on Instagram i read messages asking me to start making videos.
And then you have requests on how to blog/Go LIVE/mini tutorials/travelogues/health routine .  I read your comments and feel each LIKE as a pat on the back. I cannot reply all the time - but i want to. Your feedback means the world to me . But, I feel so guilty i am not able to meet your expectations, but yes- this year- I will get much closer to this than before ! YAY! Are you with me?

Turban headgear- PROMOD| Jumper, Embellished hot pants, fishnet tights -ZARA| Loafers- Clarks| Watch- Daniel Wellington

P.S- an all girls GOA trip is in the makes this month :D

Till next time, CIAO!
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