Qty: 35 gm

Usage: Mark tiny dots on your face with the product and pat .
Frequency: After bath in the morning & repeat application in case of sweating after 4-5 hours

My skintype: Oily/Combination/Acne-prone
Target Audience:  Za is the embodiment of the spirit of young metropolitan women, who balance successful careers with fun and dynamic lifestyles Pros:
  • Absorbs quickly
  •          Skin feels velvet smooth after application
  •          Great base for makeup/BB cream
  •          Has mild SPF
  •           Very mild organic rose fragrance
  •           Evens out complexion diminishing Acne marks/spots ( I have been using it for 20+ days now)

Cons: None! However, I would have loved if the product was not marketed as a WHITENING product. Though the brand website says that this range gives you a bright and radiant skin that shines from within and not WHITE skin! We all love our melanin infused skin, don't we?


As the name suggests: The Day protector does its job well leaving you sun-safe and moisturized. The fact that it suits my oily acne-prone skin is evidence enough to recommend this day cream to all possible skin types. It leaves a velvet veil on your face and when you touch your face the feeling is awesome! It almost feels like non-greasy butter.(Now!!!What on the earth is that?)  In spite of sweating, it maintains the sanity of your skin by keeping it radiant and non-greasy!

Tips: Use this under your Base Makeup or BB Cream and see the magic!


What the product says:

Daytime moisturizer 35g
SPF26 PA++
Provides comfortable, light-weight yet strong protection against UV rays at daily base. Helps diminish spots and acne marks at the same time.
Minimizes the appearance of visible melanin accumulation.
Veils skin with a bright, pearly radiance that enhances skin tone for a healthy look.

How to
Smooth an appropriate amount evenly over face. Apply before foundation, for a more beautiful finish.

5 things you should know about ZA:

1. ZA is pronounced as (Zee-ae) za I know!
2. ZA is from the House of Shiseido, the largest cosmetic firm in JAPAN founded in 1872
3. ZA was launched in 1997 in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
4. ZA was launched in India on April 2014  via Influential Bloggers posts ( Remember this Instagram post?)
5. I am going to review every ZA product before you use it! Nice, isn't it? :D

Can't get enough? Read more about ZA here.

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ZA INDIA website


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