I have never in my life found myself in a situation where I've stopped work and said, 'Thank God it's Friday.' But weekends are special even if your schedule is all over the place. Something tells you the weekend has arrived and you can indulge yourself a bit.
-Helen Mirren

This precisely defines a blogger's life who has a full-time job besides a blog to keep! Pretty much defines me. I am working 24x7 and it makes me happy. And when work comes in the form of a weekend getaway to Goa, it only gets better! When the people at Blogadda popped the question, all I could say was YES! I promised you all the updates as we started our packing! I am sure you enjoyed the week before the trip on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM for all the crazy packing/styling updates. In case you missed it, I am sharing it all here! The people at SPLASH , ACCESSORIZE and KOOVS.COM gladly agreed to partner in the crime! And I am glad you liked what I wore. Thanks for your lovely feedback!

So , all you curious people, here's what I did at the ZEST showcase:
Date: 27 July
Venue: Zuri White sands resort,Varca Beach, Goa 
Hosts: Blogadda & TATA Zest

So who were all the people with me?: About 50 TOP bloggers across India with their blogs in various categories like Technology/Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle/Food/Photography/Parenting/Life/Personal and the list goes on!

What was in it for me? I had the most amazing time meeting so many passionate bloggers across India with different perspectives. I also got a chance to lay my hands on a Gear-less automobile that boasts of being the best in its segment and I can only be more sure about that, thanks to my driving partner. Read my mini car review here.
Why should you be Reading my car review? Because I am like any other consumer who understands what she wants. My needs go beyond technology.(Oh btw,Don't forget I am a computer Science Engineer) I look for luxury,comfort, safety, personality in a car.You can go to various technology websites to read the actual technical specifications of the TATA zest. But if you want to hear from a consumer's point of view, the description changes. If I say - "This peplum trend in galaxy prints with tailored palazzos in solids gives you a slimming silhouette " . You might just run away from my blog. :D
That my dear friends is the technical specs of a fashion trend . Instead if I was to say that -"Do you want to head out to a girl's day out in a comfortable yet chic way? Pick your tops in Peplum trend which have a frill at the waist in bright prints and combine it with wide-legged pants which are amazingly comfortable and chic aka palazzos. This look makes your waist look thinner and almost hides that bottom cellulite ."

The second statement is something you can relate to and might be tempted to try. So, do read my review if you also feel that Gear-less driving is your thing!

In this post I take you through the most amazing weekend I spent with fellow bloggers and mind you, I had no time to myself because I was LIVE blogging/tweeting/instgraming besides 15 minutes breaks for re-fuelling and 10 minutes at ZURI's most amazing private beach. Enjoy the amazing moments from my ZEST EXPERIENCE:

DAY 1: With the people who made the ZEST happen. And Narain Karthikeyan, our F1 hero!A short escape to the white sands beach at ZURI

DAY 2: Prepping up for the ZEST drive. 25kms x 2 trips in petrol and diesel version. LIVE BLOGGING and heading back home!

Trying on my clothes from KOOVS,SPLASH

Picture a night before wearing my stuff from Accessorize India

Cpatured my favorite mirror while selecting the pieces :

At the Mumbai airport , all set to take-off

Touch Down Goa airport

The most amazing stay at Goa. ZURI RESORTS. HIGHLY recommended!

These desserts at ZURI were a HIT!

My unfinished artwork- Ya, thats my car!

Stole a few minutes at the ZURI private beach

ZURI , I will have to come back again ! I totally LOVE you!

The amazing TATA Zest team talking about its features:

OUR F1 hero- Narain KArthikeyan who also contributed in the making of the ZEST. How cool is that?

WHAT does a SOCIAL MEDIA BUFF Love? High tea was all about admiring these cakes. Had trouble cutting them as they were too cute to be cut!
HONEY I ATE SOCIAL MEDIA! Lol. Don't kill me for that caption!

Getting Ready for the ZEST drive!

So glad MissMalini loved my neckpiece styled with the Zest t-shirt :)

Here's my crazy team: Look how much fun we had!

Lookie! So glad my cousin was there too! Blogging runs in the blood!

Just taking skilled selfies...

I know for sure I am gonna get my ZEST soon! If only you please :D

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed the ZEST experience. Thank you BLOGADDA and TATA motors. I had a CRAZY action-packed weekend! 

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AFRAID of the GEARBOX? The TATA Zest heard you!

ME: Driving? Cars? I would , if they had no gears. I don't like the gears . I don't just get them! Perhaps , I can do with a toy car. Like the ones at the gaming arenas? Why don't they get real? I could handle gears if they would switch by themselves. I mean who would like to keep a check on gears, while they enjoy the drive? The drive's gotta be smooth. Stress-free. I mean gears add to stress! Don't they?

SOMEONE: You know what? You are afraid of driving. STOP those EXCUSES!

ME:  (clicks on a button) [Fast Forward]....27th JULY 2014.After the TATA ZEST test drive , You know what? I LOVE DRIVING,  only if it is the TATA ZEST AMT .

SOMEONE: Your toy car dream?

ME: Just got real !!!!!! ( dances away in ZESTY joy.........)

Alright, I know most of you can relate to this special Dis-Affinity to Gears! And cite this as the sole reason to not enjoy driving.  BLessed, we are , as TATA realised this and built the swanky looking ZEST AMT , with style, substance, and an automated manual transmission exactly what we were looking for!

Here are the top 5 reasons why I will pick a TATA ZEST over any other sedan:

1. GO GEAR-LESS, BE FEARLESS: The automated manual transmission is the first of its kind in the DIESEL segment. It gives the gears a miss & also the clutch. You have only the brake and the accelerator on the foot and you are ready to ZOOM!

2. I HAVE PERSONALITY, DO YOU? A highly passionate team of engineers and designers have ensured the car has PERSONALITY. Don't we equate the car looks with our personal style? This car is loaded with tons of attitude and charisma.

3. I HEAR YOU: The voice recognition system is unlike others. The lady speaks in English that is, well Indian . Stop laughing, I mean No accent, this time! A predefined set of COMMANDS lets you do all the controlling you need: SET AC temperature, SET FAN SPEEDS, Connect Bluetooth. Play your favorite tracks.It connects with you , like no one does. Multiple devices connect through bluetooth. The list goes on...

4. ZEST GIVES YOU REST: What is a long drive without comfort?Those fluffy Sofas might feel a complex after seeing those cosy ZEST seats. Sit back, relax and relieve your stress. I almost felt like I was in a lounge. Leg space galore, and so much room above your head.

5. There are Another 24 REASONS: Ok, I am tired , but the people at ZEST have about 29 reasons why you should pick it up! If 8 speakers play surround sound on a sedan which has technologies adapted from world-class SPORTS cars, I might as well stop thinking and GO ZEST!
I am SERIOUS. I am not POSING :D

EXCITED about your test drive? Let me know :)
MY ZEST EXPERIENCE, coming soon.....
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Dear Men, Take Care!

We, women are definitely self obsessed and we take good care of our beauty needs. From skincare to haircare, we are sorted most of the times. But, What about the men in our lives? We leave their stubborn selves to themselves . We don't debate if they don't agree to a skincare/hygiene tip we give them. Because believe me, MEN need external sources to validate what their lady just said! Its only second nature. So while you share this article with the men in your life, you can thank me in your prayers ;)

1. Most Women use face-washes, does that mean its a FEMALE thing? Answer: A big NO!

Dear Men, facewashes are meant for everyone irrespective of gender. Its just that women adapted to those much faster than you, as they realised the benefits. Also, brands started their pilot with women as women are more keen on skincare than men.

2. Why do I need a FACEWASH when I have my SOAP BAR/Shower Gel?

Dear Men, your facial skin is more delicate than the rest of the body. Do you know that you have a skin ,that is rougher and drier than a woman's skin? That's because of a different biology. You constantly use after shave lotions that can be drying your skin further. Soap bars are known to be drying . So why would you use them to dry your skin anyways? The extra moisturizing and nourishment can be achieved by using a facewash that is formulated specifically for Men. Its only when you start using it, will you know the difference.

3. I still don't think FACEWASH is important. I have an oily skin!!!

Do you know men have more sebaceous gland than women? Which means your skin produces more oil. Not only that, when your skin becomes dry due to soaps/shaving lotions , the skin's oil mechanism over-activates and produces more oil than needed. Hence you end up feeling oily. What if a product balances the drying act? Then you will be on your way to a normal skin. SWITCH to GARNIER MEN OIL CLEAR facewash, and see the difference.

If I have generated enough interest, you might want to use the GARNIER MEN PLAYBOOK here.
Men gotta be tough, not their skin!

Till next time,TAKE CARE!

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In style with Marks and Spencer



With my favorite blogger Amena @Fashionopolis.Loved her Avatar! Cute in dress, isn't she?

CUPCAKES are every girls' best friends

Gourmet cookies, salsa , olive tapenade and hummus with lavash

What is the SS14 collection of M&S like? Its chic, vintage, modern and bohemian at the same time! Understated pastels make a come-back not only in apparel but also in footwear! The powder blue heels I chose were such a show-stopper!

Why should you go there?

1. If you want Breezy holiday Kaftans
2. Pastel footwear like never seen before!
3. Flowy Maxi dresses in floral prints, stripes, solids

Whats even better? THIS STUFF IS NOW ON SALE! 
And as I always say, no one makes better Lingerie than Marks&Spencer! You can check this section too!


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PRESS RELEASE: Join "Garnier Men India" In The Nationwide Movement

Men will be men! No matter what the situation, this statement will always hold true for them
Take a minute to think this through...
How many men have you seen who pay attention to grooming? Well, we know your answer
- barely any, right! That's true for most men. As the brand that cares about men and their
grooming, Garnier Men India is out on a mission to change this.
We believe, behind every successful man there is a woman - who helps him with what to
wear and what to do. So, what could be a better way to make men change their attitude
towards grooming than get the women to lead this initiative with us?
This is why, Garnier Men has partnered with over 30 bloggers who are recognised as experts
in beauty and care, in this Nationwide Movement where we ask men to Say No To Bars. Yes,
we mean - Say No To ‘Soap’ Bars. Wondering why? Here you go -

1. Soap bars are unhygienic as the same bar is used for multiple purposes. Instead, why not
switch to a face wash which is for a defined purpose?
2. Soap bars are history now! Modern men prefer to use face wash that is customised to suit
their skin's needs. So, why not be the man of today who loves modern facilities?
3. Soap bars are inconvenient and not practical to use at all. Then, why not be smart and
switch to a face wash which is easy to carry?
Keeping these advantages of face wash in mind, we ask men to take a pledge against
the use of soap bars. We instead recommend men to use the Garnier Men Oil Clear Face
Wash for a deep cleansing action which removes excess oil without drying your skin while
ensuring a day-long oil-free feel.
To make sure, they get the message clearly, here's a fun song which tells you why it's time

to #SayNoToBars and #SayYesToOilClear -

So go ahead, bring a change in the men you care about!

So ladies, what do you think? The GARNIER video depicts a harsh realization about the way we have been using SOAP BARS all our lives! The same soap bar used on face and privates? Oh NOOO! And this applies not just to men, but each one of us who still thinks SOAP BARS is the Do-it-all for bath. I am surprised why no one ever thought of putting this in a video ,perhaps they thought the audience would go EUWWW and not take it in good spirit! Garnier has done what others could not. If that video puts you off, you know your habits must change! Get that darn soap for bath ONLY & the face-wash for your FACE ONLY! And if you think this is a noble message, I urge you to share this post with everyone in the family & group of friends!


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