I have never in my life found myself in a situation where I've stopped work and said, 'Thank God it's Friday.' But weekends are special even if your schedule is all over the place. Something tells you the weekend has arrived and you can indulge yourself a bit.
-Helen Mirren

This precisely defines a blogger's life who has a full-time job besides a blog to keep! Pretty much defines me. I am working 24x7 and it makes me happy. And when work comes in the form of a weekend getaway to Goa, it only gets better! When the people at Blogadda popped the question, all I could say was YES! I promised you all the updates as we started our packing! I am sure you enjoyed the week before the trip on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM for all the crazy packing/styling updates. In case you missed it, I am sharing it all here! The people at SPLASH , ACCESSORIZE and KOOVS.COM gladly agreed to partner in the crime! And I am glad you liked what I wore. Thanks for your lovely feedback!

So , all you curious people, here's what I did at the ZEST showcase:
Date: 27 July
Venue: Zuri White sands resort,Varca Beach, Goa 
Hosts: Blogadda & TATA Zest

So who were all the people with me?: About 50 TOP bloggers across India with their blogs in various categories like Technology/Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle/Food/Photography/Parenting/Life/Personal and the list goes on!

What was in it for me? I had the most amazing time meeting so many passionate bloggers across India with different perspectives. I also got a chance to lay my hands on a Gear-less automobile that boasts of being the best in its segment and I can only be more sure about that, thanks to my driving partner. Read my mini car review here.
Why should you be Reading my car review? Because I am like any other consumer who understands what she wants. My needs go beyond technology.(Oh btw,Don't forget I am a computer Science Engineer) I look for luxury,comfort, safety, personality in a car.You can go to various technology websites to read the actual technical specifications of the TATA zest. But if you want to hear from a consumer's point of view, the description changes. If I say - "This peplum trend in galaxy prints with tailored palazzos in solids gives you a slimming silhouette " . You might just run away from my blog. :D
That my dear friends is the technical specs of a fashion trend . Instead if I was to say that -"Do you want to head out to a girl's day out in a comfortable yet chic way? Pick your tops in Peplum trend which have a frill at the waist in bright prints and combine it with wide-legged pants which are amazingly comfortable and chic aka palazzos. This look makes your waist look thinner and almost hides that bottom cellulite ."

The second statement is something you can relate to and might be tempted to try. So, do read my review if you also feel that Gear-less driving is your thing!

In this post I take you through the most amazing weekend I spent with fellow bloggers and mind you, I had no time to myself because I was LIVE blogging/tweeting/instgraming besides 15 minutes breaks for re-fuelling and 10 minutes at ZURI's most amazing private beach. Enjoy the amazing moments from my ZEST EXPERIENCE:

DAY 1: With the people who made the ZEST happen. And Narain Karthikeyan, our F1 hero!A short escape to the white sands beach at ZURI

DAY 2: Prepping up for the ZEST drive. 25kms x 2 trips in petrol and diesel version. LIVE BLOGGING and heading back home!

Trying on my clothes from KOOVS,SPLASH

Picture a night before wearing my stuff from Accessorize India

Cpatured my favorite mirror while selecting the pieces :

At the Mumbai airport , all set to take-off

Touch Down Goa airport

The most amazing stay at Goa. ZURI RESORTS. HIGHLY recommended!

These desserts at ZURI were a HIT!

My unfinished artwork- Ya, thats my car!

Stole a few minutes at the ZURI private beach

ZURI , I will have to come back again ! I totally LOVE you!

The amazing TATA Zest team talking about its features:

OUR F1 hero- Narain KArthikeyan who also contributed in the making of the ZEST. How cool is that?

WHAT does a SOCIAL MEDIA BUFF Love? High tea was all about admiring these cakes. Had trouble cutting them as they were too cute to be cut!
HONEY I ATE SOCIAL MEDIA! Lol. Don't kill me for that caption!

Getting Ready for the ZEST drive!

So glad MissMalini loved my neckpiece styled with the Zest t-shirt :)

Here's my crazy team: Look how much fun we had!

Lookie! So glad my cousin was there too! Blogging runs in the blood!

Just taking skilled selfies...

I know for sure I am gonna get my ZEST soon! If only you please :D

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed the ZEST experience. Thank you BLOGADDA and TATA motors. I had a CRAZY action-packed weekend! 


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