AFRAID of the GEARBOX? The TATA Zest heard you!

ME: Driving? Cars? I would , if they had no gears. I don't like the gears . I don't just get them! Perhaps , I can do with a toy car. Like the ones at the gaming arenas? Why don't they get real? I could handle gears if they would switch by themselves. I mean who would like to keep a check on gears, while they enjoy the drive? The drive's gotta be smooth. Stress-free. I mean gears add to stress! Don't they?

SOMEONE: You know what? You are afraid of driving. STOP those EXCUSES!

ME:  (clicks on a button) [Fast Forward]....27th JULY 2014.After the TATA ZEST test drive , You know what? I LOVE DRIVING,  only if it is the TATA ZEST AMT .

SOMEONE: Your toy car dream?

ME: Just got real !!!!!! ( dances away in ZESTY joy.........)

Alright, I know most of you can relate to this special Dis-Affinity to Gears! And cite this as the sole reason to not enjoy driving.  BLessed, we are , as TATA realised this and built the swanky looking ZEST AMT , with style, substance, and an automated manual transmission exactly what we were looking for!

Here are the top 5 reasons why I will pick a TATA ZEST over any other sedan:

1. GO GEAR-LESS, BE FEARLESS: The automated manual transmission is the first of its kind in the DIESEL segment. It gives the gears a miss & also the clutch. You have only the brake and the accelerator on the foot and you are ready to ZOOM!

2. I HAVE PERSONALITY, DO YOU? A highly passionate team of engineers and designers have ensured the car has PERSONALITY. Don't we equate the car looks with our personal style? This car is loaded with tons of attitude and charisma.

3. I HEAR YOU: The voice recognition system is unlike others. The lady speaks in English that is, well Indian . Stop laughing, I mean No accent, this time! A predefined set of COMMANDS lets you do all the controlling you need: SET AC temperature, SET FAN SPEEDS, Connect Bluetooth. Play your favorite tracks.It connects with you , like no one does. Multiple devices connect through bluetooth. The list goes on...

4. ZEST GIVES YOU REST: What is a long drive without comfort?Those fluffy Sofas might feel a complex after seeing those cosy ZEST seats. Sit back, relax and relieve your stress. I almost felt like I was in a lounge. Leg space galore, and so much room above your head.

5. There are Another 24 REASONS: Ok, I am tired , but the people at ZEST have about 29 reasons why you should pick it up! If 8 speakers play surround sound on a sedan which has technologies adapted from world-class SPORTS cars, I might as well stop thinking and GO ZEST!
I am SERIOUS. I am not POSING :D

EXCITED about your test drive? Let me know :)
MY ZEST EXPERIENCE, coming soon.....


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