My Khoobsurat moment: Those magical hair

"I have always dreamt , that one day I will wake up to hair as long as Rapunzel. It is a fact that scientifically, every person can have only a certain maximum hair-length. Sigh! I can never see Rapunzel like hair happening for me! But, what if the hair just bounce & shine with health?
Isn't healthy hair are as good as long hair? Who likes to see their hair dull,dry and frizzy! When I took the #SayYesToColor challenge last week, little did I know that I will wake up to naturally glossy hair. I got excellent grey coverage and that subtle hint of color & when I looked into the mirror I wanted to rush for selfies. I played with the sunshine to see that natural black cherry tint showing its beauty on my hair . The results of L'Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss has got me my KHOOBSURAT moment! I have become a Hair-fee addict! And I just cant help looking at my hair especially when yellow light falls on them highlighting the shade. Beauty is in subtlety .Its not loud. Its there and you know it! To top it all I did this all at home without actually visiting a stylist at a salon.See the video here. I am glad how the pictures have turned out. Happiness shows right? Nik is getting better behind the camera :)

Would you want to share your Khoobsurat moment with me? And did you find out which L'oreal casting creme gloss shade is perfect for you? If not, let me help you :" Don't forget to Leave comments if you like this post :)

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Khoobsoorat Moment + L'OREAL PARIS GIVEAWAY

What is a Khoobsurat Moment you ask?

It can be any moment that made you feel special . There can be so many things that make you feel special. Like a note from a loved one, a compliment from a stranger or something as simple as discovering a product which changed your life!

For me, every morning is a #Khoobsurat moment as I wake up to read your comments on the blog. I love waking up to so many opinions that motivate me each day to do better and better. It gives me a reason for this chaos in my life while I balance a full-time job with my passion for blogging. Your views and my BFF aka Nik is all I need to make my life Khoobsurat!

Whats your Khoobsurat moment? Share with me and win a L'Oreal PARIS hamper. You can participate on Facebook page as well as Instagram. Hurry , contest closes on 27th August!



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BUST your Hair color myths NOW!


I have seen so many women around me who have coloured their hair. While some looked too obvious, others looked natural, as if they never coloured their hair. Last week I coloured my hair for the first time. L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss promised me hair that will shine with health covering the greys if any. 1 week down the line, it has become only clearer that the Casting Crème gloss range enhances the natural beauty of your hair. It is not like those salon treatments which leave you with unrecognizable hair.
These 5 myth busters will astonish you and change your perception about hair colour , I mean L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss:

1. MYTH: My Hair will look FAKE

With Casting Crème Gloss, your hair gets a natural shine and tint. It’s not a different colour but a nice variation in your hair-tone. This is why they have special shades for each hair colour, for example: Glossy Blacks for people who have black hair. It naturally covers greys without giving you an obvious hint of colour. They’re also great suggestions on how to match your hair colour with your skin tone on Get The Look here

2. MYTH: My hair will look dry & damaged

With Casting Crème gloss, you will only get healthier, shinier hair. It does not contain AMMONIA. This is why there is no dryness . It also contains Royal Jelly formula which makes your hair extremely glossy. I love how smooth my hair texture has become! As long as you do not over-process your hair , hair colour will not cause damage.(Over-process means going through drastic changes like colouring natural black hair to blonde or vice versa.)

3. MYTH: I need a hairstylist to colour my hair

Follow the instruction leaflet or see my video of how I coloured my hair in less than 15minutes. Proof enough to tell you how simple it is to colour your hair at home. 

4. MYTH: Hair colouring leads to grey hair

Relax! Hair colour penetrates only the outer surface of your hair & NOT the hair follicles. Grey hair originate at the follicles. Hence, hair colour is not related with greying of hair. Greying is hereditary and stress-related.

5. MYTH: Semi-permanent will not hide my grey hair

Casting Crème Gloss imparts a grey hair coverage that lasts upto 28 washes after which it gradually fades. I had a few greys and they have blended beautifully with the rest of my hair!

Watch my video where I show you how to color your hair in less than 15minutes!

DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT in the comment box to let me know what you think!
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How to Color your hair - Black Cherry

                                     *WATCH this video only in HD,select 720p or more*

Are you surprised?

Remember my last post , where I told you about hair coloring as the latest trend?  I can't believe I have colored my hair too! A glossy black cherry tint with the Loreal Casting Creme gloss with no AMMONIA!

No strange odours, only glossy cherry tint in my hair. It was so easy I did it myself at home. Another first for me was the VLOG. Yes, this is my first ever Youtube video! And I shot it all by myself with the camera adjusted on a pressure cooker in the kitchen area.Lol. I had so much fun recording and editing this. It just took 20 minutes!


 1. I watched a LIVE tutorial on L'oreal youtube page to prepare myself for this and then shot my entire color process :)

2.  I spoke to many friends who have colored their hair over the years.

3. I read many reviews online for the L'oreal casting creme gloss.

I took the plunge after much research, only after I was convinced! L'oreal casting creme gloss helps cover greys .If you just want a nice change, then this is for you! It doesn't dry your hair.

Take a 7minute break and watch the LIVE tutorial of coloring the hair with L'oreal casting creme gloss.

P.S : A few hilarious things happened during the filming of this video. I have removed those scenes and will be sharing the bloopers later!  Also, I would love your candid feedback on my first video. Thanks a lot in advance.

In case you want to #SAYYESTOCOLOR , then check this out:
Get trendy hairstyles with coloured hair on Get The Look -

HAPPY to answer your questions. Shoot :)
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Ramp to Reality ft.Global Desi

A week has gone by since the LFW fever has kept the Mumbai fashion aficionados on their toes. I must admit my absence at the A/W hotspot has not caused much unrest. A hectic work life and many prior commitments have caused much more unrest than this. My humble thanks to the digital space hosted by popular magazines & fashion blogs .I don't miss a single show-stopping look at Lakme Fashion Week. I can feel the artsy vibes each and every day on twitter, instagram and facebook.

2 weeks ago, I took my prized possession from Anita Dongre's Global Desi collection for LFW 2013 out on a Sunday morning brunch. I admire Anita Dongre's passion for making Ramp-worthy collection accessible. Her rendition of Indian Boho-chic with her brand Global Desi, is a favorite with Desi fashionistas. She debuted her lables on LFW last year and boy, were they a delight! Aditi Rao Hydari graced the ramp in her delightful maxi. I wished I could have it and one more on the ramp. When I went for Global Desi's Spring/Summer 2014 preview, little did I know that the stores would be running SALE and I would find that most loved look from the ramp in the store! I thanked my stars & got this amazing slit skirt along with the crop blouse. She described her collection a 70s reminiscence with a gypsy feel. The latest A/W 2014 collection is called Mi-Ma-Mo. And did I tell you I am in love with her Jaipur Bride video, the audio is always on repeat. Her taste in jewellery does justice to Indian crafts like no other. Am i glad she has launched her jewellery collection with the label PINKCITY. Come fall in love...

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#SecretsRevealed : My {ZA} beauty regime

Hello lovelies!

We had an amazing #SecretsRevealed contest on Instagram and twitter! It was so much fun reading your secrets. If you missed all the fun, read all the secrets of the 10 winners and more contestants on our twitter page or Instagram page.

Now, its time for me to reveal my Secret to a healthy skin. I have an OILY, ACNE-prone in short- TROUBLED skin! More than a decade of consulting the best dermatologists and spending $$$ on my treatment , I was still looking for that perfect elixir that will make my skin glow with health without the doctor's help. I discovered a few magical products through my dermatologists but then they were only managing my acne. Blemishes were getting better with glycolic peels but then you can't subject your skin to regular chemical peels and they are so expensive approx 3000 per peel!

Ever since I tried Za day protector , I have come to realise the meaning of even-toned skin, which very few people enjoy. Read the full review here. I cannot imagine a day without this wonder. It has reduced my blemishes. As for the nights,its a common myth that oily skin needs zero night regime as it might turn greasy. Believe me, with Za night cream , you will only wake up to healed, healthy skin.

ZA from the house of Shiseido, has been a blessing for me. These guys know their stuff like no other! After all , Japan is known for innovations and japanese women for that flawless skin. Its been 15 days & I can tell you, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS night regime:


1. Za true white cleansing foam
2. Za true white toner
3. Za true white night cream


1. Cleanse face with foam. Use half a pea-size. Yes, very little product is required to lather!
2. Dab your face with the toner using your hands or cotton
3. Apply night cream . Pea-sized amount applied on the face in dots is enough.

1. Za True white Cleansing foam(100 ml)

This magic tube lathers like crazy in smallest amounts. It has small granules which also exfoliate gently, while removing the dirt .It doesn't dry your face and your face feels very clean. Perfect cleanser for that oily skin!

2. Za True white toner(150 ml)

The toner is suited for both day/night use. My skin feels hydrated after applying this toner. It absorbs beautifully.

3. Za True white night cream(40 gm)

This translucent beauty is the lightest night cream I have ever used. It has a gel-like texture. It is absorbed instantly and makes your skin feel smooth and supple.

RESULTS after 3 weeks :

1. Healthy looking supple skin
2. Reduced blemishes
3. Reduced acne break-outs

Want to know more about ZA, check here

If you have already tried this or are planning to do so, let me know :)

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 Like seasons, what if our hair changed color too?

Don’t we love seeing color all around us? Colors make us happy. I love my Instafeed when I am in the brightest of hues. What about my hair, you ask? They have been the only color-constant in my life perhaps. Jet black. It was way back in 2004 when I was an engineering student living the hostel life away from home. You know that punk-rock influence in teenage years? I was wanting to color my bangs red. Then I stumbled upon a hair dye in burgundy. I colored those strands. They shone fiery red in the sun and I felt accomplished within. I got some compliments, but the smelly experience wasn’t a welcome.That was it! I never went back to color, I thought it was unsafe and unnecessary… But I was wrong.

Almost a decade later, I see the sudden trend reports that continuously predict not just hairstyle trends but hair-color trends. The formulas have undergone change. The hair-coloring phenomenon is not just restricted to getting a different shade, but a healthier, glossier mane! Companies claim success. Consumers agree. The hair is no longer dry with Ammonia-free treatments. They infact become shinier and bounce with health.

Talking to a few blogger friends last week, I realised how it has become a regular ritual for them. They say, the shine and bounce of the new hair-color formulas is addictive. As a matter of fact, I have seen it on them. The latest celebrities are sporting the same too. You can check it out on Get The Look here:

I can only pray for that shine! Have you come across similar reviews? Hair-coloring is back. It is here to stay! What do you say? As for me, I am thinking of saying Yes to Color! {SUPER-EXCITED}{ANXIOUS}{SUGGESTIONS?}

 What do you think of these beauties. Isn't hair color a defining moment for each of them?
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REVIEW: Legend of the Cranes

ANARKALI: Santacruz market | Ring: Dadar | Lips: L'oreal Moist Mat in Glamor Fuschia| Eyes: L'oreal Gelmatic in blue force| Face: Deborah Milano BB cream, Oriflame Very Me peach me skin glow

HELLO AUGUST! And Hello , new home! My excitement was all over Instagram/Twitter/Facebook as I crossed each milestone in designing my dream house. Small,cosy and blue.I will give you a detailed peek later!

All things bordering turquoise make me go weak in my knees. When I was browsing through the INDIA CIRCUS website, I was instantly attracted to all things titled: Legend of the cranes. There was a visiting card-SOLD OUT, Iphone cover-SOLD OUT, purse-SOLD OUT. There was a mug, but I don't drink coffee. And then I saw these 12"cushion covers in poly-velvet.

I have found a mysterious positivity in this design. Its not just the color, but the cranes as well. Though INDIA CIRCUS by Krsna Mehta is a label synonymous with all things Indian, there is something very oriental about this design. Most of his designs combine Mughal elements with a surreal panache. The other favorites are art deco with a dash of Mumbaiya masala. The colors are seldom dull. They make me happy. And this is the first time I have paired an Indian attire on the blog. Hope you like it too!

Getting back to the cranes , FENG SHUI associates cranes with good luck and prosperity. A pair of cranes denotes fidelity and faithfulness.The Japanese call it the Bird of Happiness. The chinese see this magestic bird as a symbol of happy, smooth and long life. Kept in any corner of the house in the form of a painting or image, the crane brings prosperity to the home. I am not a believer of old beliefs, however this design has got me thinking.

P.s: They ship to over 200+ countries. So pretty readers across the globe should rejoice :)

Don't forget to visit this amazing treasure house for more inspiration. Here are some short links:

Love their stuff? stalk them!
*Products sent for review . All ideas expressed are purely my own views*
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