My Khoobsurat moment: Those magical hair

"I have always dreamt , that one day I will wake up to hair as long as Rapunzel. It is a fact that scientifically, every person can have only a certain maximum hair-length. Sigh! I can never see Rapunzel like hair happening for me! But, what if the hair just bounce & shine with health?
Isn't healthy hair are as good as long hair? Who likes to see their hair dull,dry and frizzy! When I took the #SayYesToColor challenge last week, little did I know that I will wake up to naturally glossy hair. I got excellent grey coverage and that subtle hint of color & when I looked into the mirror I wanted to rush for selfies. I played with the sunshine to see that natural black cherry tint showing its beauty on my hair . The results of L'Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss has got me my KHOOBSURAT moment! I have become a Hair-fee addict! And I just cant help looking at my hair especially when yellow light falls on them highlighting the shade. Beauty is in subtlety .Its not loud. Its there and you know it! To top it all I did this all at home without actually visiting a stylist at a salon.See the video here. I am glad how the pictures have turned out. Happiness shows right? Nik is getting better behind the camera :)

Would you want to share your Khoobsurat moment with me? And did you find out which L'oreal casting creme gloss shade is perfect for you? If not, let me help you :" Don't forget to Leave comments if you like this post :)


  1. You look so pretty Ila! :)
    The first picture is my absolute favorite. ^_^

    Have a wonderful day!

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