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As I write my first post of the fabulous year 2020 , I am surprised at how 2020 is so much like 2010 except that we buy literally everything over the internet,  mobile internet is accessible to everyone with rock bottom prices, countless international brands have made their foray into the indian market  and more people are running marathons to keep fit ! Ok, thats a huge shift but then as a kid ,2020 sounded very Space-age to me and i believed some of us would be living on the Moon or perhaps Mars and that i would be visiting them or at least making some advance booking for spaceships  . But in Bombay, we brought the "Moon and Mars" condition upon us ! Yes, the endless craters on our roads and diversions which make people restless and they drive like the game ROAD RASH!

That aside,  there is an increasing awareness of pollution and single-use plastic . We have definitely come a long way ! In 2010, straws and cups and poly bags would be scattered everywhere and now people are taking action ! All is not lost , we are just slow. Changes don't come easy, but when they do , there is action. That is a welcome change ! And with that hope i begin 2020 with a retro trend " Polka dots" because fashion is cyclical. Since 2018 we have been obsessed with all things in the past . So much so that we use apps like HUJI cam to convert our modern looks into retro with the filters!
Headbands, hair clips, baggy pants - we just seem to be yearning to belong to the 70s , 80s and the 90s ! So here we are - another year of cyclical trends and a lot of "BLUE" ( Pantone color of the year) . That actually sums up my wardrobe for 2020 because i love blue ( Check my instagram feed if you want to know what i mean ) .

Location: Kolkata
Photography : Arpit Rungta

Wrap dress, shell hoops : ZARA | Golden belt : Bata | Shoes : Charles & Keith | Watch : Esprit| Black slip : Local market 

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