Romancing the breeze...

'Our dreams, drifting in the stream of the vague, stretch their
arms to clutch the earth, -their efforts stiffen into bricks and
stones, and thus the city of man is built.'

- From Lover's Gifts LVIII, Rabindranath Tagore

One such structure is the 17th Century 'Castella de Aguada' - or popularly known as Bandra Fort
at Land's end ,Bandra.
The breeze carries the peacefulness of a baby sleeping in her mother's arms.
Bliss, you cannot miss!
I had the spicy Chana chor garam in paper cones and enjoyed the journey
of the drowning sun in pinkish hues.

Its been sometime and i have been busy with so many things! But here i was excited to do a new shoot for you all.
With such vivid earthy elements, I almost blended with my background !

Earthy colors are perfect for any skin-tone.
Just remember to get the right shades.
Brighter shades of greens and browns are perfect for dusky skin-tones while dull shades look best
on pinkish skin-tones.
Pairing earthy bottoms is breezy-easy. Use all your whites, blacks, floral prints with shades of browns and

Like i said its good to color your bottoms with all your favorite colors especially when Spring
is round the corner.It not only refreshes your look but uplifts your mood.
Come out of your blue jeans and black trousers.Surprise yourself with colorful bottoms :)
Also, green here reminds me that it could be the perfect way to wish you a Happy Republic Day!

Green Baggy trousers, ZARA( from export shop)  |  Grey Ganji, Colaba | Floral blouse worn as jacket, Delhi | Floral neckpiece ,Hill Road

I'm dying to see how you do that.And guess what, the best entry will be featured on the blog.
So rush your entries by February , the 14th  .Welcoming women's as well as Men's wear.

Till then , i shall plan another visit to this beautiful place.To catch more glimpses of the shoot visit

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