REVIEW: The Four Fountains Spa

                             When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors
                                                                                                                       -James Sinegal
(Disclaimer: All views expressed are my own . This is not a paid advertisement)

If you think my title and quote don't match, don't panic as yet! I have already given you a hint of what is to come! 26th August as you know was our blog's 2nd Anniversary.The Four Fountains spa invited us to pamper ourselves on this achievement! I was offered a 1 hour therapy while Nik ( the secret person behind the camera)  was offered a 30 minute therapy.

When i opened the menu book ,it lured me to an extent that i got terribly confused! Thanks to the questionnaire, I could zero down on a suitable therapy.The spa has recently launched 12 new therapies and i picked one of them - The Signature Green tea Scrubassage while Nik picked the Head-neck-shoulder massage.
The exciting SPA MENU

Each customer gets a separate room for therapy which also has a bathroom for therapies that require you to finish with a bath. On the bed are towels and those tiny clothes that you wear during a therapy.

My verdict: 

Ambiance: A spa must have an ambiance that soothes, calms and looks inviting. There is relaxing music, an aroma lingers of the most therapeutic herbs and the space is clean. If you are someone who is very particular about decor , then you may expect more work on the decor. I would give it 4 stars.

Options : I was surprised to find a wide variety of options that encompass all famous therapies- Thai, Swedish , Indian Ayurved that  target Body aches, mental tension, immunity, ageing, beauty and all that we long for in this fast life.

Therapists: At spas, therapists make or break your experience. In most spas, you have to let go. There are therapies which require you to cover yourself with only few skimpy pieces of clothes. Hence its vital that the therapists have the ability to make you feel comfortable. They need to converse, be friendly in the right way. My therapist made me feel at ease and i didn't realize how the 1 hour passed . We chatted all along because I had to write a review said more than just' Its AWESOME'. Generally one would keep mum and doze off during the therapy. But I am glad i spoke to her. The spa trains their therapists in Pune in a 45 day program complete with exams. I think its important that these details are shared with the customers so as to instill trust, however the therapists are so good, you wouldn't have any doubts. The therapist took great care while she administered the most heavenly therapy on earth . My 5 stars to the therapy i chose and 5 stars to the fact that the therapists are so motivated, dedicated and satisfied with their work. The Four Fountains spa definitely deserves a mention here because only satisfied employees can work with this level of dedication .They are very serious about their ambition- To generate happy customers who keep coming back! The Head-Neck-Shoulder massage was great too. Remember, like most spas in India, there is no cross-massage here, so male therapists for men. The best part is, both the therapies were followed by a relaxing bath.

Staff : The staff at the reception is helpful too. And they love their Swedish Massage most of it all. Its a signature therapy here, so they will convince you to go for it. In-fact my therapy had moves same as that of Swedish Massage. Me loves!

Pricing:  Like most spas, I find this expensive too. Maybe a 20-30 % drop would make me more comfortable. For those who can afford luxury, its a Go-Go! They do have package and weekday discounts that one can avail.

Will I recommend this to you: Well, if you have skipped all that i wrote above , I repeat, I will definitely recommend The four fountains spa. 5 Stars to the entire service!


So go ahead and drool at the Spa menu. Treat yourself to one this weekend! 

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Happy 2nd Anniversary to us!

Dear Readers

Its been 365*2 days since we first met, talked, agreed, disagreed, laughed, frowned, and everything else! While i find reasons to talk to you, i know you keep waiting for me to speak to you! Seems like I have fallen in love, once again. You too? Say yes, will you?

Phew! Enough of emotional talk. I love you all and I can't thank you enough for your support. The past year saw me chasing brands to sponsor giveaways for you all . It gives me so much happiness when i can reciprocate your love! We collaborated with so many well-known brands and got you as much style gyaan as we could. Juggling between my day job and the blog surely leaves me with little time for myself - thanks to you , i love every bit of this!

Upcoming things to look out for:

1. Thanks to my soul-mate of 8 years and now my better half , travel is the new section to look out for. As you know I have already shared some glimpses from Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome & Capri Islands. I will soon start sharing travel tips for the fashionista in you. After all who doesn't want to look good in the travelogues! 

2. Look out for exotic travel destinations as we explore and share as we go!

3. Better write-ups- Yes, i am working on my writing skills!

4. More product reviews for you to make a better judgement.

5. Collaborations from across the globe- Psstt...Lets keep this a secret. Ok?

6. More and more exciting Giveaways!

7. More and more style posts...yipeeee

And lots more!

The 2nd Anniversary style post:

This post is dedicated to all of you reading this .Thanks for being there!

Thanks to the eternal monsoons , this is an indoor post too!

Bustier- Colaba Causeway(H&M) | Skirt- Colaba ( Old Navy)| Pumps- TASHI | Oversized Purse- Gifted by granny | Belt- Madame

My Birthday Balloon!

Haha- A good laugh is essential, isn't it?
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TONI & GUY star-studded Launch

The premier British hair-styling brand TONI & GUY made an incredibly stylish entry into the Indian market with a star-studded launch brought to life by Celebrity stylist Mark Hampton, Ace designer Manish Arora . Strutting the Hair-Meets-Wardrobe philosophy were the Indian Divas - Malaika Arora Khan, Soha Ali Khan & Anusha Dandekar. Shiamak Dawar's dance troupe set the stage on fire and the evening saw the most scintillating dance moves! 

In the picture (left to right): Anusha Dandekar, Mark Hampton - TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe Global Hair Ambassador, Srinandan Sundaram - General Manager, Haircare, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Malaika Arora Khan,  Soha Ali Khan and Manish Arora – TONI&GUYHairMeetWardrobe, Official Fashion Stylist 

*** Don't forget to select the option HD in Video Quality while you watch these videos.***

Press Conference was followed by a Performance by Shiamak Dawar's troupe & the 3 Divas

Attended by the who's who of the fashion & film fraternity these are
My 5 favorite highlights from the Launch: 

 1. TONI & GUY: I so look forward to trying the TONI &GUY products especially because it has been a trend setter in 16 fashion week seasons so far! This British hair-styling brand marks 50 years of its successful existence this year. It is the official sponsor of London Fashion Week over the last 8 years.For your information- The TONI &GUY salons were founded by brothers, Toni and Guy Mascolo, who opened their first salon in Clapham, South London in 1963.

2. Manish Arora : A favorite on the Global fashion scene and a favorite of Pop music divas like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Fergie, etc. Manish is one designer whose collections can be spotted from anywhere. Quirky, Blasted with happy colors, dramatic silhouettes , a blissful marriage between Indian and western elements and there you have a Manish Arora. This man has the humility you don't find often. RESPECT!

I wore- Peplum Skirt, Glittery flats- ZARA |  Top- H&M | Bag- Dharavi

3. Mark Hampton : Did i hear- HOT? Enough said.

Photo courtesy: Shanaya

4. Shiamak Dawar's troupe: The lead dancer from Shiamak Dawar's troupe Aneesha Dalal was a treat to watch. I wish i was even half as good as her ( ....puts on her dancing shoes & shrugs) 3 performances with show-stoppers Malaika , Soha and Anusha and a surreal backdrop screen that changed with every song. The creative genius of Shiamak was witnessed by me for the first time! I must join him! Here are some snippets of the performances specially for you!

                               The Grand Finale performance with Malaika,Soha & Anusha

                                                                       Happy Ending!

5.Desserts : Forget all the amazing finger food and Mediterranean -inspired main course I downed with my Virgin Mojitos. The desserts created by Taj Lands End pâtissier were not just visual delights but gastronomic too. Let the pictures do the talking!

More drool-worthy pictures from the Event on my FB page TFMQ. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as i did covering it!
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Window Shopping:Shoes in FLORENCE,ITALY

Florence is a treat for fashion-food-art lovers! This city has the most beautiful houses ever with doors as high as 20 feet and windows the size of doors in India! The grandeur makes your jaw drop in awe. Besides architecture, the curious shopper will find his heaven too.The famous leather market of Florence is world-renowned and is definitely a competition to Dharavi , not because it has great prices but because it has the most vibrant shades of bags and shoes made from leather. If you ask me why I am not featuring that market here, its a simple reason- I almost rushed through it as i was running out of time and i was so engrossed I almost forgot my camera! In this post I will take you through high-street shops in Florence. Though you may find the regular shops like OVS, Accessorize, I am taking you through some special ones here. Lets get some shopping inspiration!
THE DUOMO CATHEDRAL - the shops below are in the same street

This is the first in the window shopping series- Let me know if you would love more such posts in the comment box below!
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Star with Sonam Kapoor in the next L'OREAL Ad!

Dear Readers,
This contest will make you a star! And this is for real. Thanks to L'Oreal. Have a look!

For the first time ever, L'Oreal is giving a chance to one girl & her two best friends to star in the next Casting Crème Gloss ad with Sonam Kapoor!
The rules are very simple:
STEP 1: Buy a pack of Casting Crème Gloss with its unique code inside
STEP 2: Color your hair and click a picture with 2 of your best friends
STEP 3: Go to the Cast My Girls Contest on Facebook: , upload your entry picture and tag your girl friends before you submit your entry.

This contest is for you if:

1) You would love to experiment with your hair ( See the myth busters below if you dare not!)
2) You want to surprise your BFFs.
3) You always dreamt of being on TV!
4) You are a big fan of the fashionista SONAM KAPOOR!

Boom!!! This isn't any APRIL FOOL :) So go ahead and be the ONE! Let me know if you will participate in the comments section :)I would pray you win :) And maybe I can be your BFF! Lol. Anyways, Here’s the Cast My Girls contest link again!


P.S: Some hair coloring myths below:

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TELE-WATCH:Trinny & Susannah's Makeover Mission India on TLC

It couldn't get any better! A fashion blogger meets her inspiration- The World Famous Fashion Stylists Trinny and Susannah ! Ever since I was a kid, I was glued to the TV , the moment 'What not to Wear ' would host on it. I could watch it for hours, back to back. It was a pleasure to be invited to meet the gorgeous fashionistas who have given makeovers to women over 12 countries in the last 17 years! Thanks to TLC , they roped in the ladies to do a version for Indian men and women in Mumbai and Delhi.It kick starts from August 12th and will air on TLC India at 9pm Monday to Friday  .I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that they would do a show for India and that I will get to interview them! Mr. Rahul Johri( Senior Vice-President and General Manager-South Asia, and Head of Revenue,Pan-Regional Ad Sales and Southeast Asia , Discovery Networks) said that Indians are gravitating largely towards dressing right and hence these reality shows are expected to be a HIT! 

Am i dreaming? 

Indian women don't open up so easily when it comes to dressing and especially when they are being told they dress incorrectly! 
I was interested to know how Trinny and Susannah prepared themselves for the Indian edition. To this Trinny replied that she found India very similar to Israel. The women prefer to dress up covered head to toe and the kind of fabrics, colors etc are very similar in both the countries. Hence she could relate a lot to Indian women.Believe me I was scared to death at the thought of what the ladies might think about my dressing since i claim to be a stylist myself ;) And well, I did get a compliment! Let's hope this season turns out as interesting as the current version which is the Australian edition on TLC!
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L'OREAL PARIS and TFMQ Mini Giveaway- Aug 1 -Aug 3

Dear Readers, 

Here is a giveaway in association with L'OREAL PARIS. This Monsoon I am bringing you a little gift that will help you stay rooted!Enter this Giveaway now and get a mini-hamper from L'OREAL PARIS that rescues your hair.


1. Like L'Oreal Paris and TFMQ on Facebook.
2. Comment on this blogpost after watching the video-> What did you like the most about this video?
3. Mention your Facebook Name and your city
4. Giveaway ends on 3rd August.

A Little about this video‘Jad Se Judein’ sung by none other than Mohit Chauhan for the L'Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X 'Stay Rooted' campaign:
The video is the story of 3 people - a student in search of her teacher, a granddaughter who makes a small and simple sacrifice for her grandmother and 2 friends who reconnect at a place they call their own.The Jad Se Judein song takes you back to your roots and makes you remember that person who shaped you, those in your life who had a role in making you who you are today – but those who’ve unfortunately been forgotten today.

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