REVIEW: The Four Fountains Spa

                             When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors
                                                                                                                       -James Sinegal
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If you think my title and quote don't match, don't panic as yet! I have already given you a hint of what is to come! 26th August as you know was our blog's 2nd Anniversary.The Four Fountains spa invited us to pamper ourselves on this achievement! I was offered a 1 hour therapy while Nik ( the secret person behind the camera)  was offered a 30 minute therapy.

When i opened the menu book ,it lured me to an extent that i got terribly confused! Thanks to the questionnaire, I could zero down on a suitable therapy.The spa has recently launched 12 new therapies and i picked one of them - The Signature Green tea Scrubassage while Nik picked the Head-neck-shoulder massage.
The exciting SPA MENU

Each customer gets a separate room for therapy which also has a bathroom for therapies that require you to finish with a bath. On the bed are towels and those tiny clothes that you wear during a therapy.

My verdict: 

Ambiance: A spa must have an ambiance that soothes, calms and looks inviting. There is relaxing music, an aroma lingers of the most therapeutic herbs and the space is clean. If you are someone who is very particular about decor , then you may expect more work on the decor. I would give it 4 stars.

Options : I was surprised to find a wide variety of options that encompass all famous therapies- Thai, Swedish , Indian Ayurved that  target Body aches, mental tension, immunity, ageing, beauty and all that we long for in this fast life.

Therapists: At spas, therapists make or break your experience. In most spas, you have to let go. There are therapies which require you to cover yourself with only few skimpy pieces of clothes. Hence its vital that the therapists have the ability to make you feel comfortable. They need to converse, be friendly in the right way. My therapist made me feel at ease and i didn't realize how the 1 hour passed . We chatted all along because I had to write a review said more than just' Its AWESOME'. Generally one would keep mum and doze off during the therapy. But I am glad i spoke to her. The spa trains their therapists in Pune in a 45 day program complete with exams. I think its important that these details are shared with the customers so as to instill trust, however the therapists are so good, you wouldn't have any doubts. The therapist took great care while she administered the most heavenly therapy on earth . My 5 stars to the therapy i chose and 5 stars to the fact that the therapists are so motivated, dedicated and satisfied with their work. The Four Fountains spa definitely deserves a mention here because only satisfied employees can work with this level of dedication .They are very serious about their ambition- To generate happy customers who keep coming back! The Head-Neck-Shoulder massage was great too. Remember, like most spas in India, there is no cross-massage here, so male therapists for men. The best part is, both the therapies were followed by a relaxing bath.

Staff : The staff at the reception is helpful too. And they love their Swedish Massage most of it all. Its a signature therapy here, so they will convince you to go for it. In-fact my therapy had moves same as that of Swedish Massage. Me loves!

Pricing:  Like most spas, I find this expensive too. Maybe a 20-30 % drop would make me more comfortable. For those who can afford luxury, its a Go-Go! They do have package and weekday discounts that one can avail.

Will I recommend this to you: Well, if you have skipped all that i wrote above , I repeat, I will definitely recommend The four fountains spa. 5 Stars to the entire service!


So go ahead and drool at the Spa menu. Treat yourself to one this weekend! 

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