{F.A.S.H.I.O.N} I dream of Travel


Its just so amusing how 2020 brought a standstill to everything "LIFE". 

Ever since i started working , I saw the dream of travel and as a couple we decide to visit at least 1 country in a year . 2020 brought us a lot of gratitude for all that we were able to experience in the past ! 2 years down the line, I cannot wait to take off somewhere far very soon ! There is a constant realisation that time is running fast and that we need to see so much that we missed . In 2020, I had decided to visit Japan in the famed Sakura season - those blossoms just have me mesmerised ! 

And right now, all i know is I want to be in Tokyo , watch the glorious sakura blooms, eat lots of unique Japanese food including Mochi and dash into some Vintage Chanel stores ! The plan is clear and bright and I really wish it materialises ! For now , I have to save up, wait and watch while Japan opens its borders to tourists ( It hasn't yet ). 

Meanwhile, Bombay winters have been the most memorable in my 15 years here ! 17 degree mornings and nights - I have been up for them ! Extended morning walks and post 10 pm night walks were done just to feel the cold winds on my face ! And how can i forget the fashion impact - The boots were out . They were worn for more than a shoot ! In outdoor cafes , when things got safer . So delighted with how the city didn't make me miss my annual autumn vacation ! It was all right here ! 

Enjoy the look and tell me which country should i take this look to ?

Btw, can you tell these pictures are RAW- no edits needed ! Bombay weather really outdid itself ! 

Top, Culotte - Zara | Shoes - Promod | Bag - Guess | Baroque Pearl earrings - D'eanna jewels

Till next time , CIAO!

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