{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Caravan Diaries - II

Hello beautiful people

Here is the second look of the Caravan diaries editorial . It was so much fun talking about the lesser known Caravan culture of South Africa in the first post of this series. If you missed it, don't forget to click here . This series is a take on the modern traveler who loves to travel the gypsy way, stopping at every beautiful sight ( Just like we did during our shoot in Dullstroom , South Africa ) and soaking in all that the senses can experience  . Dressed in their overused T-shirts /cargo pants/denims you can spot them from a distance , but we at TFMQ would love to share some ideas on how you can be a CHIC backpacker- the gypsy way  !

The modern WANDERER's wardrobe

If you are a backpacker , its likely that you love " messy " and wear whatever you carry in your backpack. I am about to break the myth that a backpacker or a "CARAVAN TRAVELER" cannot be
stylish. The trick is to carry a lot of pieces in thin fabrics to create a variety of combinations instead of one HEAVY DENIM /cargo pants + jumpers and some STATEMENT accessories .
 The statement accessory  : my " Flower hairband "is all it took to create an eccentric yet dressy vibe in this look !


To imitate the wardrobe of a backpacker , I have used a pyjama pant and a semi-formal blazer- both super light-weight and breezy. Also, they were both bought a couple of years ago . The blazer is a gift by Nik which he picked up on his trip to China and the pant is a flea market find.

Now lets come to the star pieces of this look - The embellished net Bralet ( picked in last ZARA sale) and the flower crown hairband ( WOOLWORTHS). Both the bralet and the hairband instantly make this look super chic. There is barely any weight these two would add to the luggage and yet they pack so much punch. Look for embellished or sequinned crop tops which you can use to layer for a trip like this! For accessories, hair accessories are having their moment right now and every high street store is full of choices right from scarf scrunchies, pearl barrettes , embellished hair-pins to oversized hairbands. Take your pick and don't forget to pack them for your next backpack travels !

Photography : Dali
Edits : Yours truly
Location: Dullstroom, South Africa


Bralet, Leather Pumps- ZARA| Flower crown, Hoops - WOOLWORTHS | Pants- Fleamarket finds | Blazer- From Guangzhou | Kolhapuri chappal- Colaba Causeway ( Pioneer)

Till next time, CIAO!

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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Caravan Diaries - I

Hello beautiful people !

Firstly thanks to my instagram family who voted for the name of this series because i was really confused . This series has two looks and both are bohemian in nature. I love bohemian styling and this was the style i wore extensively in my graduation years !

When you hear the word "bohemian" OR "gypsy", you instantly conjure up images of someone who wanders or travels on long journeys by road and wears a mish-mash of accessories. The looks i created in this editorial series are subtly bohemian and very wearable . This look is shot in johannesburg while the other is shot in Dullstroom- my favourite village in South Africa!


I have been wary of road travel all my life but ever since i came to South Africa , my idea of road travel took a U-turn! The roads here are some of the best in the world, sometimes rivalling those in Europe. Those who are still confused - South Africa is a country in Africa and not the southern region of Africa ! So yes, this country is very different from the rest of Africa and resembles life in europe albeit a bit cheaper!

Most tourists who travel to South africa wouldn't even know what I'm talking about until they see it for themselves ! Caravan culture is huge in South africa. Road travel is the most common mode of transport between cities and holidaying the old world style is as natural as breathing for the white south africans . I did try unearthing some articles on the history of caravans in this country but unfortunately not much is written about it. Its as if, this was as normal as owning a house !

I had never seen real caravan carriages in my life . But in Johannesburg , towards the end of the year - caravans are the most common sight ! Camping is huge in this country and the lack of a train network for public transport or buses has people taking up holidaying to an all new level ( OR shall i say old level?) . For me caravans existed in history and story books . But its only here i realised they are as common as having your own car ! The love for camping also stems from the fact that this country has the most faboulous outdoors and most importantly its clean!

 Every family goes on their annual holiday in their cars tugging along a caravan unit. At first it was a bit overwhelming when i saw every other car tugging a little luggage unit behind or a small caravan. I do see it as a road risk but then so many of them going their way made me comfortable with their sight ! I did feel like i was living in the 50s, such is the charm of south africa ! And this editorial series combines my bohemian styling with the experience of Caravans as an observer  - not a user . I still traveled without caravans because it took me a while to digest this was real! So if you are someone who'd love to enjoy this kind of travel , this whole equipment is available for rent in major cities - Go for it!


Now , this look here is perfect when you want to look feminine  and be comfortable at the same time on a road journey. I got this dress on sale in H&M, johannesburg . Lately i am loving dresses from H&M. I love the ruffles and the vintage floral print, not to forget the fabulously ruffled V-neck ! The boots are all over my instagram handle and my favourite recent buys from Delhi's famous Sarojini nagar fleamarket. The earrings are ZARA. I tied my hair to draw attention to the lovely details of this dress and i think it worked. Also, watch out for the next look as it features a real caravan ! Yoohoo!

*Photography : Four sixty
*Edits : yours truly


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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} The Vintage Soul - II

Hello lovely people

Remember part 1 of the vintage soul? Its been a while so you can head here and see the blogpost. The second part of the Vintage Soul was shot on the same day in the same Victorian house museum . And so it prompted me to create an old school photo-story instead of just leaving you with pictures. Going a little 1920s as this house has a lot of elements from that era.


The dress is a flea market find from Sarojini nagar , Delhi and the inspiration behind this whole series. It looked so regal in the shop and it screamed vintage opulence. I knew this dress belonged in a vintage victorian setting and hence began my quest to search a museum that will allow us to shoot this series. I added the embellished headband , the heart shaped necklace, heart shaped earrings ( both Limited edition, Zara) and my maroon velour Mary janes all from Zara to bring that opulence. The gorgeous heart shaped pearl earring is from Globus , i bought a few years ago. The satin purse was gifted by Kerastase India for an event so i don't know the brand as it didn't have a tag. The tights are from my favourite Marks and Spencers.

Hope you enjoy the photo story!

Photography- SLRPHOTO
Edits - Yours truly

Till next time, CIAO

This post was featured on Links à la Mode fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers.

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{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L } A William Morris summer - III

Hey folks!

This is the final part of my William Morris Editorial and i thought it would only be fitting if you read the idea about this editorial in the first look blogpost of this editorial !

" There are so many reasons i came out with this editorial.

1) The William Morris obsession
2) My love for Dullstroom
3) Never have my editorials been so WEARABLE

Now , let me take you through the above , one by one. READ HERE. "


Undoubtedly the most loved piece of the William Morris X H&M collaboration , this dress is reigning the hashtag #WilliamMorrisxHM on Instagram . All the girls in the house  , if you agree after seeing this post , say YAY! I am really lucky to have got my hands on this dress especially when it was sold out worldwide ! Thank you H&M India . They had only size in it which is Size 8 and i usually wear a UK 10. I asked the girls on instagram if this dress ran true to size and jumped with joy when they said it runs loose ! As you can see here, even size 8 is airy but just perfect. This dress comes with a lining and has the most amazing feel! LOVE it ! I know this one is going to my summer favourite for years to come ! Its that kind of dress, which you'll never discard until it really wears away!

We shot this look at 7.30 am in the morning and the temperature was 7 degree until 8 am. I was freezing and while we walked to the dam in dullstroom , i kinda warmed a bit but not enough to sustain !
My expressions are pretty frozen for the same reason ! My eyes watered with the cold wind and my back already gave trouble . Also, i met these sweet horses and instantly included them in the shoot. Its funny their big face scares me. I always feel they can attack me if they get annoyed with my proximity . But the owner assured me they were the kindest animals ever ! But it was a challenge to get my face to rest because of the scare. It was also because i wasn't in a position to run, so i felt stuck , Haha. The horse must be thinking the same !

This whole editorial has been shot with a lot of trouble thanks to my frozen lower back - i was barely flexible after the 3 hour drive to this village. But i will remember this 2 day stay at Dullstroom fondly as i had one of my dream editorials shot here ! As always i cannot wait to hear from you . I hope you like it and let me know in the comment box as i prepare to conceptualise the next set of editorials ! I promise you they will be super artsy!

Photography : Dali 
Creative Direction & Edits : Yours truly
Location : Dullstroom , South Africa

Until Next time ,

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