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Hey folks!

I had a tough time naming this post. Not because i didn't know what i was doing - but because whatever i was doing was so overwhelming to say the least!

There are so many reasons i came out with this editorial.

1) The William Morris obsession
2) My love for Dullstroom
3) Never have my editorials been so WEARABLE

Now , let me take you through the above , one by one.

1) The  William Morris Obsession :

Thanks to the trial room series on my instagram stories, i walked into the H&M store in April to create content. Luckily me eyes fell on these "Morris & Co." merchandise which were a Autumn 2018 Collaboration ! I have not been following H&M since the last year which is exactly why i missed this collaboration ! The price tags were high , so i didn't buy anything immediately . Instead , i went home to read more about it. Turns out i am a William Morris fan- i couldnt stop browsing his designs from the 1800s and couldnt agree more with his ideologies  ! Considered one of the greatest designers of his times , he created over 600 designs ! So yes, i am obsessed with his Wallpaper designs which were block printed in his times. One of his favourite pattern - THE PIMPERNEL - is the print that H&M used in two colour-ways . THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING PART - All 3 looks in this series features the pimpernel print but in a different outfit !  Also, I found the famous dress and pant-suit on SALE on H&M india website & ordered from there. The blouse in this post is a purchase from Johannesburg and i am supremely lucky to have laid hands on the last piece as its  SOLD OUT worldwide! Also, all pieces are different from my usual size :D The things we do to grab a piece of art!

'THE PIMPERNEL' by William Morris

2) My love for Dullstroom

In our stay so far in Johannesburg , I have visited the quaint village of Dullstroom twice. Each time discovering something enchanting and idyllic. Its a mysterious village with hidden farm estates, hilly terrain, fly-fishing dams and cosy cottages- the stuff of Enid blyton novels  . When i saw the Morris & Co X H&M campaign video ( Linked below) , i could imagine my ideal shoot in Dullstroom. Thanks to Nik who agreed with my vision and my photographer Dali (Check his work here ) who was excited to explore the country-side , we set out to explore & capture dullstroom on the lens - this time for 3 days and 2 nights !

3) Never have my editorials been so WEARABLE

Most often , my editorials have a very avant garde vibe about them - something you will see in magazines but not so much in reality ! I create those editorials for the sake of art . However this time, i could see myself creating a reality - an editorial thats enchanting yet achievable . Yes, you can totally wear all of this with ease ! Now , if only you find the last few pieces from this collection!


This has to be the most wearable piece from the collection and my absolute favourite! How can you not style a blouse a million ways! I adore the neck-tie in this blouse. The neck-tie has been around since the 1700s as documented by several publications. However it was heavily popularised by Coco chanel in her collections in the 1920s and she herself used to wear them . YSL added a silk neck-tie to women's pant suits in the 1970s and further gave it life ! With flouncy sleeves and a flowy fabric - this blouse is truly a 70s vibe coming to life !
If you notice , i have added a 2019 trend-piece to this look - the OVERSIZED HEADBAND.
The famous pink PRADA satin headband is seen everywhere on the gram and so i decided to make a DIY version to make it accessible to all! I used my accessorise silk scarf and wrapped it around my embellished ZARA headband. Thats it ! Hope you like it !


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{F.A.S.H.I.O.N} Namaste PASHA

Hey folks

In the final edition of the Namaste series for this season,  I am happy to introduce Pasha, an indian  contemporary fashion brand from Jaipur . Think innovative silhouettes inspired by traditional indian wear and the prettiest of floral prints. I have always been this girl uncomfortable in a saree , while most of you i know carry it with a breeze. But when Pasha sent me their designs and i thought i could finally be comfortable in one - though this one is a saree inspired outfit. I was delighted with the different ways in which this could be paired . I really wanted to try an off shoulder blouse but one look at this spaghetti top sent by Inderooh with their gorgeous wrap blouse ( Seen in this post , though the wrap blouse was hidden ) and i knew this was the one! As we were shooting in a park in Johannesburg i had women tell me from far away how nice i looked . That said it all ! Not to forget my Baroque pearl earrings from T&J Boutique on total repeat in this look as well!

Would you try this outfit and if yes, how would you like to pair it?


This post was featured on Links à la Mode fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers.

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{F.A.S.H.I.O.N} Namaste Juanita

Hey folks!

Hope you are enjoying the Namaste series with fresh homegrown fashion from India. This shoot is special as its one of my favourite slow fashion brands i have been endorsing from the last one year. I have previously worn it here and here. Don't forget to check those posts and read about our featured designer Shubhda Priyam whose label "Juanita" dishes out elegant pieces in premium handwoven fabrics from Benaras  season on season . I cant recommend her classic pieces enough as its super easy to style them with accessories you may already have .

I shot this look with a frozen back as i couldn't make you wait more for the 3rd in this series . As i walked in this huge park, i kept changing between my flats and my heels to avoid strain on my back. With a snail's pace and my patient photographer , we finally shot this! Oh The things we do for the love of blogging! I am not a salwar kurta fan but when i saw this Chanderi silk piece i could imagine myself in this ! The fabric is gorgeous and the pants are chic so you can still it in a contemporary fashion with a belt as well. I really hope you like the concept and the styling . In this post i am wearing a T&J boutique Kundan set we combined for this look. Both the choker and the neckpiece are such beauties - if you follow me on instagram you remember voting a 100% for these pieces. I am in love with their craftsmanship . Do check their fabulous collection here. 

 Till next time CIAO!

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