I want to be a Christmas tree

"The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!" 
~ Charles N. Barnard, American author, travel writer. 

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Bath & Body Spotlight : NYASSA Cocoa Butter Soap

For the last 3-4 years I am no longer a soap person.I always tend to drop my soap ,besides I dont like if the soap melts & becomes sloppy.Using a body-wash felt quite effortless! It would take nothing short of luxury to tempt me to use a soap again. On my recent trip to Turkey, I got attracted to handmade olive oil soaps which are fabulous. Luckily Nyassa has olive oil soaps which I will review next. In the past I have used Nyassa's Vanilla Dry fruit bar. The current line-up from Nyassa is so tempting, I have made a list of To-be-tested and it seems never-ending!

Brand: Nyassa
Soap  : Cocoa Butter
Type : Handmade butter soap
Price : INR 300
What the product says:

Vanilla Extract - Vanilla Extract impoves skin tone & rejuvenates tissue. This prevents cell damage and keeps your skin healthy and nourished.
Dry Fruit extract - Dry Fruits Extract - Dry fruit extract acts as an excellent moisturizing agent. It also helps in conditioning  and  is a natural defence against wrinkles

For best results, a rub or two will give excellent lather & the soap will last much longer. Please keep the soap dry between use.
For normal to very dry skin

I love dressing up everything. That pine fruit is from my recent trip to Vienna,AUSTRIA. Vanilla sticks from GOA.

Cocoa Butter,Vanilla, Almonds,Pistachio,Dry figs, Aloe vera, sweet almond oil....I am almost fainting with the goodness!

I love this Ceramic Soap dish I got from LIFESTYLE HOMECENTRE. It is ideal for handmade soaps. So earthy!

The Good:
  • The rich ingredient list will almost make you melt, thinking of all the goodness! ( See picture)
  • The soap feels like a dollop of hardened butter in your hands. Me LIKES!
  • The inclusion of dry-fruits on one side makes it feel like some royalty bath ritual !
  • The cocoa-Vanilla fragrance is so intensely natural, it uplifts the senses. Its like a mini Spa at home.
  • It doesn't melt & stays firm.
  • The lather is minimal indicating minimal use of harmful lather agents (SLS). Another thumbs up!
  • When you use the soap, it almost feels like you are rubbing a moisturizing lotion all over. It will not dry your skin after use. However, for harsh winters it is always wise to follow up with a body butter. ( OMG!...they have a body butter too!!!)
  • A perfect reason to not run away from baths during winter! (haha! Need better reasons?)

The Bad:

This soap is a treat to the senses & the quality is unmatched. The only lowdown is the price tag.
Also, I would prefer if the ingredient percentages were mentioned in the label.

Would I recommend this to you: 

Yes. Very much, if you consider natural ingredients as a way of life.
Bathroom luxury is another level of pampering your worn out senses.
Feeling low? Rub on some soap,girl! The moment this soap graces your bathroom shelf, you know you are are in for a luxury ride! As for me, I wish,the price tag of INR 300 was almost half. Luckily for a single person usage, this soap lasts a good one month & more.Treasuring it as I go, using sparingly so that it lasts as long as it can! Hoping,one day, this will be my regular soap! Sigh!

HAVE YOU TRIED HANDMADE SOAPS? What is your experience? I want to know :)
Here's a sneak peek of the next yummy soap in town: Review coming soon.
*All views are my own. Sample sent by Company for review*

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[CLOSED]International Giveaway: WIN 100$ shopping spree at JOLLYCHIC.COM

Ho,ho,ho.Welcome everyone across the world. As promised, I finally have a surprise for every reader on TFMQ . I am so excited to announce The first ever International Giveaway in collaboration with JOLLYCHIC.COM where you can win a 100$ giftcard to shop on their website. And I tell you they are jolly chic! Check out the dresses in the posters I created. You can buy those on their website.
Fit for a princess, I must say . They have everything from clothes to shoes . Drool over the goodness yourself- JOLLYCHIC . And now, the easiest way to enter this GIVEAWAY is:


1. REGISTER/SIGN UP on http://www.jollychic.com/
2. Post a comment on this blogpost with
a) Your NAME
b) Your EMAIL ID with which you registered/signed up on JOLLYCHIC.COM
c) Your City,Country

The WINNER will be selected on random.org
CONTEST Closes on 16th December. So invite as many friends as you can and be merry!
Invite your friends on TWITTER by tweeting this post.My handle is @ilawise26 Invite them through my Facebook page here.Also join my facebook page to get regular updates.

All the best!
Stay tuned!

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10 Must-Haves this FALL

December is the month of so much glee, so much excitement. Holidays and the start of a new year.The warmth of relationships & the cold winter breeze. New year parties, christmas fiestas & fun-filled vacations mean you need a ready list of must-haves this season so you don’t miss out on looking your stylish best in those albums later! We are inside the ONLY store.Click.Click.

Lets begin!

MUST HAVE #1: Knitted top, #2: Heart print 

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