10 Must-Haves this FALL

December is the month of so much glee, so much excitement. Holidays and the start of a new year.The warmth of relationships & the cold winter breeze. New year parties, christmas fiestas & fun-filled vacations mean you need a ready list of must-haves this season so you don’t miss out on looking your stylish best in those albums later! We are inside the ONLY store.Click.Click.

Lets begin!

MUST HAVE #1: Knitted top, #2: Heart print 

MUST HAVE #2 :Heart print,  #9: Animal Prints

MUST HAVE #4: Hoodie #6 Skinny pants

MUST HAVE #5: Denim on Denim, #6 Skinny pants

MUST HAVE #3: Black Overcoat #6 Skinny pants, #8 Lacey Camisoles

MUST HAVE #6 Skinny pants,  #7Monochromatic,#8 Lacey Camisoles, #10 Jumpers
All Apparel: C/o ONLY ,Footwear: Mine, Location: ONLY store Bandra

1. KNITTED TOPS: A few basics in the wardrobe can help in layering the outfit for the colder days. A white top is a basic throughout the year. This winter, try the knitted variants and layer them under your favorite jackets.

2. HEART PRINT: The season of love and joy cannot do without you wearing your heart literally on your jumpers, skirts ,pyjamas, everywhere! This skater skirt with tiny hearts can look great with a pair of knee-high boots & a leather jacket!

3. BLACK OVERCOAT: Ain’t no classic like that!. Just  out of your bed feeling lazy? But don’t want to step out looking like something the cat dragged in? Wear this over your sleepwear. Promise! No one knows!

4.  HOODIE: The girl next door in that hoodie,she sure strikes an attitude.Sprinkle some girly glam by pairing the hoodie with a skater skirt or go tough with leather pants or rugged denims.

5. DENIM ON DENIM: Whoever defined how much is too much? Denim on denim gets you ‘CAREFREE’ certified! Add some leather accessories or neon pops to break the monotony!

6. SKINNY PANTS : The most obvious must-have & I must repeat this ; no winter wardrobe is complete without the quintessential pair of well-fitted skinny trousers .Get them in denim or cotton, printed or plain, whichever way, it works!

7. MONOCHROMATIC: Whether its B&W or letting one color dominate your look, monochromatic fashion never fails to impress! Look how the Pantone color of the year just went monochromatic!

8. LACEY CAMISOLE: Psstt...The lacy straps under sheer shimmering Jumpers look sexy. They are a secret layer people would notice only when close.Black camisole is the best bet. Instant hotness overload!

9. ANIMAL PRINTS : This year saw animal prints going through colorful transitions. Why shy in fall? I particularly like snake print on everything- pants, wedges, hair accessories etc. all in bright hues.

10. JUMPERS: Whoever said women look attractive in a man’s shirt, sure know she looks equally appealing in that oversized jumper. Get them in bright hues this fall and a cute heart print maybe?

I will put up detailed picture posts of my favorite looks from here, Which ones do you want to see?


  1. This was such a fun post Ila. I can imagine how much work you have put into this post, it has come out really well! I have always thought you look lovely but in these pics you look like a super model :D You go gurl!

    1. You made my day sweetheart. Thanks much .Muah!


  2. I want to see you in jumpers. Nice post. I also think I shud buy some skinny pants. And a pair of boyfriend jeans.
    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

    1. Go for it babe! Skinny pants are my favorite signature style :)
      Thanks for visiting :)

  3. My personal favouite is second look.
    I am drooling over chunky knits this winters!
    And, you look absolutely stunning Ila.

    1. Sigh! If only I could wear these jumpers here. Quite comfy & stylish at the same time. thanks for the kind words :)

  4. Amazing clicks and well put up outfits..I loved each of them :)

  5. I must say that the clicks from only are by far the best till now. These looks look great. I like the last one the best. The hues of green dulled to match the foggy winters. I have a jumper like that in gray and black that I was wearing yesterday but the camisole that you are wearing looks fab. The slight touch of glitter does the trick.

    1. Thanks a ton for your kind words dear. The last look surprised me as I didnt expect it to look so pretty! The camisole is a hot buy!


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