Sailor Girl Ahoy!

Last summer, I got up at 6.30 am to reach this famous spot at Mumbai for a little shoot with my favorite girl behind the lens. At 7.30 the place was full with people , picnic baskets along. So when is it that a place in Mumbai can be without the crowd? The sun shone its nasty self harder and brighter with each passing minute. And then we knew we had to pose, click, scoot!

Sweaty, messy hair with all the salt in the air we took a rickshaw ride to our favorite hangout . A place where cupcakes, angry bird plum cakes and mini samosas tempt you to no limits! And we totally forgot about the pictures, as if that was an ordeal we were forced to go through! An year down, I get you the pictures. Enjoy!

Do you also have some unpublished pictures from the past? Share with me :)
Till next time, 

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How people react to style posts!

*Grumble ALERT*

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” 
― C.G. Jung

"Why don't you get into modelling?". "Looking great. You must get into modelling. Don't you get offers?" Its about time you get out of your day job and get into the fashion industry" . " I totally feel you deserve a break in the fashion magazines and that you must try your luck there. What are you doing here?"

And many more... I appreciate that people think so much about me. Its comforting to know people appreciate your work so much and wish all the good things for you.

Well, I wish i did get offers for modelling. But then, My blog is about STYLING and not modelling.I started the blog to share my personal style and styling tips. Not my face.  Since it is my personal style , I cannot have someone else wear it on the blog. How would it be personal style then? So what is styling you ask? In layman language- Styling means dressing up just the way you do everyday based on your mood, occasion, time of the day, weather etc. Styling is putting together an entire look top to bottom( tops, bottoms, accessories, footwear etc). The best part is playing dress-up. A same piece of cloth can be worn in a multiple ways and that is what is exciting about Styling!

Someone said, "Great pictures there, where did you get that blazer from?" . Whaaa!!! I did not write all that Ramayana(Read TEXT) for myself. Someone just pinged me. "Nice pictures.Ok, What is your blog about, again?" Perhaps an FAQ section might help.

Before I leave, this is my quick Office wear to Party wear transformation when I attended Lakme Fashion Week. Just add those pointy heels and the chunky black neckpiece and cuff . I wore the scarf as a half poncho.

Selfie is mandatory especially when you can't grab enough people for solo snaps!
My outfit ( All items bought only during SALE except Scarf: Bought in Rome for 5 Euros)

*Pointy pumps: ZARA(Sale  Rs.1300) 
                     * Courdroy bell bottoms: Marks & Spencer(Sale: Rs.600)
*Lace blouse: ONLY ( Rs.700)
                                     *Neckpiece & Cuff : PROMOD ( Rs.350 and Rs.300 Respectively)

Pictures except selfie by Neha.

On my face:
Oriflame BB cream
Oriflame Peach me face glow

On my eyes:

On my lips:
Bourjois Lip liner in No.12
Bourjois Sweet kiss Naturel in Rose Delicat
Bourjois So Delicat lip cream in Fuschia Delicat

On my Hair
Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

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This post is packed full of interesting news about India's transforming Fashion scene and why you must be excited for today, the 13th of March! Read on to find out... is bringing London's favorite high-street label Dorothy Perkins for the first time in India. What's more? The collection will be unveiled today on the LFW runway. So stay tuned while I bring live updates to you starting 7.30 pm! You can also watch the show as a live-stream video on the website.

Check out the video and spot me speaking about the association !


Few snapshots of the preview and the lip-smacking Mediterranean luncheon hosted by

AKI NARULA showing his favorite dresses from DOROTHY PERKINS collection for SS14

Bloggers interacting with AKI NARULA

Ultra feminine fabrics at the DOROTHY PERKINS with JABONG.COM LFW preview

This crinkled beauty has stolen many a hearts and we are excited to see this on the ramp.

Soft floral reigning the SS14 collection

In conversation with PEARL SHAH, Ex-editor MARIE CLAIRE and fashion consultant at JABONG.COM. A lady full of life! 
JABONG.COM almost forced us into indulgence! TIRAMISU at CELINI, GRand Hyatt .

Ombre Denim: ONLY | Striped blazer: FOREVER 21 | Red Pumps: TASHI | Floral top, bag, neckpiece : Fleamarkets

See my instagram feeds for this look:

JABONG.COM: strongly believes in democratizing fashion and bringing the runway to millions of homes. I wish them all the luck as every Indian girl/ woman should dress up as if its the runway. Dressing well should not be reserved for special days but be a daily routine! I would feel so good on the streets of Italy because every woman was dressed to kill. Why should we be behind?
According to Arun Chandra Mohan, Founder and CEO of , "This is just the beginning of a bigger expansion plan that includes launching many other international labels.”  Whoa! Am I excited?!

The Collection for LFW S/R 2014:
This season, the Dorothy Perkins SS14 collection finds inspiration in delicate pastels, sorbet hued laces, tapestry florals and tropical prints. The line uses smart separates, chic accessories and a gamut of shoes that are great for taking the look from day to night. For the next-gen, 1980’s rocker-style bleached jeans along with an array of playful bikinis and maillot swimsuits are perfect for a holiday in the sun.

And it doesn't end hosts Asia’s first ever – Google+ Shoppable Hangout, live from the ramp at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014. Whatever on earth does this mean? Let me explain. Viewers would be able to see Dorothy Perkins Spring Summer 2014 collection and also shop from the ramp on March 13, 2014 at 7:30 PM live from the main show area  . To attend please visit on the occasion, Mr. Sandeep Menon, Director Marketing, Google India said, “This could get very infectious." 

"To be part of Asia's first ever Google+ Shoppable Hangout is very exciting for Dorothy Perkins. Bringing the show to so many people in this innovative way mirrors our brand values. Fashion should be accessible for all and such a unique experience will add that extra level of excitement as we enter the Indian market” said Mr. Malcolm Storey, Managing Director, Dorothy Perkins. 

Three most popular celebrity fashionistas, Miss Malini, Mandira Bedi & Anita Dongre will host this event for customers and will interact with them about international high-street fashion brand Dorothy Perkins, its latest SS14 collection and the latest fashion trends. In addition to the opportunity to be a part of the live event, customers can browse and simultaneously buy the products.”

I told you,tonight's gonna be a GOOD NIGHT! So Stay up and stay tuned . Sharp 7.30 PM  today !

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I came back home to a parcel that contained these ! So , all the speculations put to rest, I am so happy to see that the brand is none other than GARNIER! The last I used Garnier shampoos was in 2007-10 , after which I shifted my focus to organic shampoos. I think its good to be back .

Sweaty after the workout but didn't bother to change for the picture.Here's the range and some more stock.Yay!


1. Shampoo : Rs.199 for 175ml
2.Conditioner: Rs. 130 for 175 ml

Now go and try this on your long hair. You will love them even more :)

Till next time....CIAO!
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12 washes with #LOVELONGHAIR

My hair after 12 washes with #LOVELONGHAIR blind samples. Shiny & manageable. I #LOVELONGHAIR. I pray they grow longer!

Ever since this blind-test shampoo/conditioner landed in my mailbox , there has been a lot of excitement, apprehension, confusion, besides deciding whether to test this product on my precious hair or not. I took the plunge and got back after 2 washes here. And now , before the brand will be revealed to me tomorrow, here is my review after 12 washes.

Pre-treatment: I have washed pre-oiled hair thrice out of these 12 washes. Remaining washes were without pre-treatment.

Frequency: Due to an overly oily scalp , I wash my hair every alternate day.

Usage: I always use shampoo with the conditioner as my hair are frizzy . Whenever my hair were oiled , I used the shampoo twice to remove the excess oil.

My Experience after 12 washes:

1. Hair Texture: My hair are smoother , manageable and less frizzy than before.
2. Shampoo: Like I said earlier , it doesn't lather too much which is a good sign . This indicates a balanced use of SLS according to me. But I cannot comment further as this is based on my assumptions and the bottles have no ingredient labels. Whatever it is, it feels mild on the hair and doesn't strip the hair of its natural oils.
3. Conditioner:  The conditioner is neither too thin nor too thick and washes off easily.
I would always recommend every hair-wash to be followed by 3-5 minutes of conditioner application.
4. Is your nose sensitive to strong fragrance? Then there is good news as both the conditioner and the shampoo have a faint floral smell that doesn't irritate sensitive noses.

To sum it up, no negatives that I can count . This is a mild everyday shampoo that seems to love my hair. Lets wait and see what brand this is and then well, you & me can just hit the stores :)

Till next time....CIAO!

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The Urban Hippie ft. Blogger buddies

The SALE season has officially ended. I have added some really amazing pieces to my wardrobe this time. I had to create this look which combines the A/W pieces from 2013 suitable for the beginning of spring. I grabbed a wonderful biker jacket in white linen from ZARA at Rs.1290 .MRP was 4000 Rs. ( Check its high resolution image on my pinterest board  ). I got wonderful hand-cuffs from PROMOD for under Rs.300 each( See the one i wore here)The promod skirt( Check the skirt on pinterest here)  was something I was eyeing ever since it came to the stores. And I bought this on impulse with my blogger friend Shanaya. Yes, both of us liked it and bought it immediately, thanks to our blogger friend Amena who pushed us both into getting it! Now that is Blogger Love!
And this marks the beginning of a new series BLOGGER BUDDIES.

Shanaya and me love skirts and you can tell from the purchase we made. Not for a moment did we feel we shouldn't buy the same skirt as we might repeat. While she is still at college I have been working since 5 years!  I thought it will be great to do a post where we style the pieces without knowing how the other has styled it, given the different age brackets we fall in! While I write, shanaya is sharing the picture of her shoot with me. You will see it at the end with a link to her blog. We had fun shopping the same skirt together and even more looking at the price tag of Rs.700 (60% off)  ! Real huge smiles ! And yea, we might run more shopping trips together ! Tell me what you think of this look and the double take !

buy pavers england boots

buy boots in india
Angry ? At the sun!

As for the boots they were from Pavers England A/W 13 collection and my heart broke when i saw them in SALE (sob sob!) . This is my first ever pair of boots and I love them to death!
With a little mix and match , this look can have 4 different moods. Which one is your favorite?

So here is the pretty Shanaya rocking her girlie look in that skirt.( Well, she hid the skirt here! So that you make sure to Check her post on her blog) . So here you go.

Stay tuned for the next blogger buddies series :)

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This time I was in Vienna , the capital of Austria which enjoys the 1st or 2nd position when it comes to the MOST LIVEABLE cities in the world. I can't agree more. And I tell you why! The city's transport system is highly intuitive. First time visitors will feel as if they have been living here for years. Inspite of the fact that English is not a primary language you can never get lost! Trams, metro trains and buses all have the SAME TICKET! Buy the ticket and you are on your own in the city. The best way to see the city centre( the historical Vienna which was declared a UNSECO World heritage site) is to take the Tram from a station near Stephenplatz, and get down at every station , explore and take the next tram to the next station. Guess what? The trams keep running in intervals of 5mins. How awesome is that! So when in Vienna, go TRAMMIN'! As for me, I can't wait to go back!

Inside an old tram which is predominantly made of Wood. I loved these over the new-age trams! Vienna has both. Vienna is known for Coffee. Do try the hot cup as the city is lined with cafes!

At the BELVEDERE Palace: The palace is too beautiful to be captured in its entire beauty in a lens. Not one picture on the web does justice. You have to be there to experience that beauty.
Each building is a piece of ART. I gave up after taking snaps of every building I saw. Too much beauty to capture in one camera!

This clean city has beautiful gardens throughout the roads and in historical palaces. All in full bloom!

Fountains are another pretty feature used generously in the city .

Way too happy in the city. I rarely do such poses. So you can imagine how insanely happy this place made me!

Finding the good old CCD was such a surprise. We had samosa , tomato soup , a slightly different menu from Indian menu.

If you are on Instagram, you have seen what I gulped at CCD earlier. Do follow more yummier updates :)

A beautiful amusement park -PRATER Park. Landed here only to see World's oldest & biggest Ferris Wheel

And here we enter NASCHMARKET. Home to over 120 shops. These barrels contains various types of Vinegars. Used in Salad dressings for that added spunk! Turkish food is a favorite with the Viennese people. You will find stalls from Turkish to American food. Such a celebration of cultures and cuisines. I loved the olives and pickles from Turkish stalls. 

Now If only I weren't to say GoodBye. I chose to say CIAO! I will be back :)
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Update: The #LOVELONGHAIR experience

Hey people.

So you must be curious to know my experience after first 2 washes of this blind-test shampoo/conditioner.( If you don't know what I am referring to, read about the product I received in my mail here.)
Many of you expressed your concern about the possible damages in accpeting such a challenge. Given my adventurous self, I decided to go ahead and give this range a try nonetheless. So here's the news:

Hair type: Black/wavy
Scalp: Oily
Pet peeve: Frizzy hair
Length: A little above my waist
Wear: I generally leave my hair open with a little puff. Tie them up only during a workout.

1st WASH:

Pre-treatment: Yes. I had oiled my hair a night before with coconut oil

Shampoo: Medium consistency. Pearly white in color. Lathers much lesser than usual shampoos. A big HAPPY DANCE, because this implies lesser usage of harmful SLS . My hair didn't feel squeeky clean after one wash. So re-applied to let the oil wash off.

Conditioner: Again, medium consistency. Not mentioned if I can use on scalp. So i used it only on my hair below the scalp. Left it for 5minutes, Best part is this conditioner spreads well in the hair without leaving clumps here and there in the case of thicker conditioners.

RATING: A+ to the 1st wash experience ! My hair felt extremely soft with a gentle fragrance. This is a mild shampoo which doesn't strip your hair of natural oils and keeps the shine intact.

2nd WASH:

Pre-treatment: No. I didn' t use any oil and washed my hair after 2 days of the 1st wash.

RATING: Inspite of not oiling my hair, the end result was same as before. Made me happy because this means I can do with less frequent oiling and still get gorgeous shiny hair when I am running out of time! Now this is something wow as this means the shampoo is less chemical and more of natural extracts. I just wish this is true! Though we cannot predict until , the product is revealed !th
A+ to the 2nd wash!

And now, I will be back after 10 washes :)

Till then , I #LOVELONGHAIR. Hope you do too!
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Its good if its BLACK!

“Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.” 

LOREAL 6oil nourish review

1. My HAIR

Do you notice the bounce and shine in my hairs? Well, its nothing but a new found love. And I held my excitement for a good fortnight before I the broke the news to you! A drugstore brand has finally been generous to my hair. Its formulated in the Indian labs by a PARISIAN company . With extracts of 6 nutritious oils, its a miracle packed in two bottles: The shampoo and the conditioner, launched recently by the brand's latest face - Katrina Kaif. Well then , you guessed it : L'OREAL PARIS 6 OIL NOURISH Shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is arguably the best i have found after the one from Moroccan Oil range. A treat for the Indian hair at a competitive price
! My oily scalp loves this conditioner which can be applied on the scalp as well! No Fuss! Try for yourself.


My daily essentials include my kohl and a lipcolor. The Kohl has to be black and smudge-free besides being long-lasting. Unfortunately many smudge-free kohls failed on my sensitive eyes. I use lenses and my eyes are typically dry. Even the slightest foreign particle disturbs my eyes. I am so glad L'OREAL KAJAL MAJIQUE is my true-match. It doesn't irritate my eyes and stays for 5-6 hours on my eyes . Reliable and reasonably priced and certainly a permanent addition to my SOS kit!
My favorite Thin crust Pizza at LE CAFE, RCITY MALL ,GHATKOPAR


Enough vanity. Lets talk food. I love olives, the black ones. Thin crust pizzas are incomplete without a generous sprinkle of olives. I love olive tapenade in sandwiches and danish. (Theobroma,Mumbai). I love them in my subs too! And yes, In my hummus! So , thats a long list. I love black olives :)

What is your list of blackest black?
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