Sailor Girl Ahoy!

Last summer, I got up at 6.30 am to reach this famous spot at Mumbai for a little shoot with my favorite girl behind the lens. At 7.30 the place was full with people , picnic baskets along. So when is it that a place in Mumbai can be without the crowd? The sun shone its nasty self harder and brighter with each passing minute. And then we knew we had to pose, click, scoot!

Sweaty, messy hair with all the salt in the air we took a rickshaw ride to our favorite hangout . A place where cupcakes, angry bird plum cakes and mini samosas tempt you to no limits! And we totally forgot about the pictures, as if that was an ordeal we were forced to go through! An year down, I get you the pictures. Enjoy!

Do you also have some unpublished pictures from the past? Share with me :)
Till next time, 


  1. Love your look :)
    The dress esp.!

  2. And is that certain place, Candies by any chance :) Gotta love Bandra in the morning!

    1. I knew some of us would guess that right ;) Bandra is truly amazing in the morning :)

  3. Loved the dress and shoes..and Candies had guessed ;)

  4. Gorgeous-ness :)
    My recent post:

  5. Love the pops of color! You look so pretty! ♡♡

    Do visit my blog when you get the chance, we've relaunched!! :)

    Lots of love,
    ♡ Style Spectrum


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