Girls in their Summer Jackets

It's downright undignified how many blazers I've bought over the years. And will continue to buy. They immediately give shape and add authority. With the perfect blazer, anything is possible.
-Rashida Jones

I will be echoing these words soon. The urge to bill a blazer at first sight is the latest obsession in my shopping diaries. Its like how I gravitate towards a cupcake. Slowly,stealthily like a child on a guilt-trip. A swipe of the card and I behave as if that was accidental! Besides brands like VERO MODA,ONLY, KOOVS.COM ,ZARA, PROMOD ,more and more flea markets are increasingly carrying blazers/jackets. Luckily these jackets include summer jackets suited to the Indian summer. After all layering in summer is a way to beat the sun! The Indian fashionista has embraced the trend and it looks like its here to stay. Trust me , but once you slip into a well-fitted blazer, you might wonder where they were all these years!

Here are 5 reasons why Well-fitted BLAZERS are a blessing in disguise:
1. They make you look SLIM
2. They add instant Glamour
3.They add instant authority
4. They transform you from a girl-next-door to a DIVA!
5. They can be worn over anything . Yes anything from cigarette pants, jeggings ,skater skirts, maxi skirts ,minis,shorts , jeans and the list goes on!

The most Important: HOW TO CARE FOR BLAZERS/Summer Jackets?

Blazers cost a bomb.Yes, its rare that you may find them under INR 1500 bracket unless its from the street-markets. Even then every blazer is like a gem in the wardrobe & demands special care without much fuss.


1. Hand wash is recommended and not machine wash.
2. Never wash them in powder detergents; only 1 wash of even expensive powder detergents can cause irreversible damage to the delicate fabric and shine of the blazers.
3. Use only pH neutral liquid detergents like Godrej Ezee liquid detergent. Yes, the same Ezee which is used for washing woolen and winter wear. It conditions the fabric making it soft and fluffy & gives you that peace of mind.
4. For wool blended blazers, always try to brush the dust off with a soft brush in case you do not wish to wash it often.
5. Do not wring them and always dry them flat on a surface. Hanging them from a hanger might deform them.
6. Avoid dry cleaning unless it’s a rayon/viscose or sequined blazer. For wool, cotton,linen, mild washing with Ezee will work best!

Hope these tips were helpful!

Have you shopped your summer blazers yet?


  1. Totally agree. I am in love with blazers! Unfortunately the city's weather isn't very encouraging, but I do store one in the office...the intense air-conditioning is a good excuse to throw it on..haha.

    1. Sharon, there are these light linen/lace/ chiffon blazers/jackets too which have the power to shield from strong sun and keep us cool. Try them outside office ;)


  2. I would replace the jacket with a shrug for style n avoid over heating

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