{T.R.A.V.E.L} TOP 5 instagrammable locations in Udaipur

View from Monsoon palace [ November , 2019] 

Let me tell you a secret, I visit Instagram geolocations before i visit a city every single time . In 2019 ( almost 2020) , thats a safe way to asses if your itinerary is Insta-worthy! Isn't it? Tell me, you haven't done so?

While i believe insta-worthy is more for vanity , its important that a place has a "SOUL", a vibe that makes you want to stay and come back again  . Some places may just look good on the gram but actually deliver nothing ! My definition of INSTA-worthy is a location that packs in indescribable beauty as well as a soul. A story, a history, a passion. I have done lists on "TOP 5 Things to do " for some of my favourite cities across the globe on the blog . This series is an extension of the same . Just replace "THINGS TO DO" with "INSTA-WORTHY" as these are not just beautiful places but a lot more than that! Next time you are in Udaipur ( Please make it between November - February ) , this is your foolproof itinerary , just DON'T FORGET TO TAG ME on instagram here and bookmark this post ! Share it on the gram if you love the tips .

1. Jagmandir Island palace

Jagmandir palace is a charm. Made in marble and dating back to the 1700s, this island palace is more than a piece of striking architecture. There is a certain calm about this palace which makes you instantly at peace and you don't want to leave. Sigh! The last jetty leave starting 6pm from the palace so you can only spend a little time after sunset. The best time to be here is by the 4pm jetty so that there is little sun .

How to get there? 

Access is via City palace. There are hourly jetty that ply to the palace . Last jetty is at 5pm and return at 6pm. The walk from city palace entrance to the jetty is a good 7-10 minutes and you can buy tickets near the jetty point as well as city palace entrance . If you buy them inside the city palace, you will need to buy a city complex entrance ticket of Rs.30per person.  Jetty tickets were Rs.800 including taxes for each person in November 2019 . If you wish to splurge ,you can take a private jetty as well . However, the small distance is not worth the splurge.

Jagmandir Palace | Outfit : Wrap blouse - Inderooh,Benarasi silk pants - Juanita , Jutti- Popular store in Colaba

2. Monsoon palace ( Sajjangarh)

Palaces are all about grandeur and size. But this little palace is small wonder. Perched high up on a hilltop this became a hunting lodge/monsoon hangout of the Maharanas . Can you believe it was primarily conceptualised as an observatory but it couldn't end up like one. Nonetheless, the fascinating scenery from this palace is nothing short of a visual treat - dense vegetation ,  undulating hills, glistening lakes, clear blue skies and fresh air - no wonder it makes you feel you are somewhere romantic except for the monkeys who often come claiming their vantage viewpoints ! I have visited here thrice in the last 3 years and every time i go, i come back with an urge to spend more time again ! 

How to get there?

Rickshaw : Rickshaw drops you at the bottom of the hill entrance . From there you can pay and go in shared cabs of the palace authorities. The vehicles in 2017 were rickety jeep which have now been changed to closed SUVs. Last SUV gets back at 6pm as the palace closes.

Uber : Uber drops you at the bottom however if you would like to take it up the hill you will have to pay vehicle entry charges of Rs. 200.

Private Cab : If you use your private vehicle or UBER HIRE, you can take it uphill and need to pay Rs. 200 for its entry. This option is convenient if you wish to stay longer till 7pm as the cafeteria upstairs can be used till 7pm .

3. City palace

No Udaipur trip is complete without the city place that portrays the royal saga of this land. The massive compound has multiple points that can be used for great photos with no restriction. All you need to do is get the complex ticket worth Rs. 30 pp and you can wander inside the complex. This doesn't include entry to the palace museum which is basically where the Maharanas actually lived. The museum is another stunning place for great photos especially the blue wall which is a signature of this palace. The museum ticket is a steep Rs. 300 so make the most of it by starting your trip at least by 1pm and end by 5pm when it closes. 

How to get there?

All roads lead to the city palace in Udaipur , just kidding but really . I prefer staying around Gangour ghat so that the palace is at a walking distance. But if you stay in other parts of the city, you may need to take a rickshaw as cabs are mostly not allowed in the narrow alleyways of this old town ( a major hindrance )  . Also, haggling for the right price with rickshawallas is therefore a huge problem as they know cabs are not allowed ! If you choose to take a cab , it will drop you around Chandpole and sometimes jagdish temple and you can walk upto a km to get to the palace.

City palace | Outfit : Top : Inderooh , Palazzo : A store at Lake palace road,  udaipur , metal purse , neckpiece : a road side store at Lake palace road, udaipur 

4. Badi Lake { Bahubali hill }

It took me 3 visits to Udaipur to discover this hidden gem. Rightly so because its not in the city. Thanks to an article which helped me discover this ! Its in a village named Badi which is not commercialised in any way except that when you reach the lake, they have constructed a promenade with a Rs.20 fee which makes you believe humans visit.  But until then , the roads make you feel you're headed to a deserted place ! Not a vehicle in sight except for few farmers carrying produce . But once you reach Bahubali hilltop after a 15 minute hike, it turns out to be another place you don't wanna leave.  Surrounded by hills, unique 360 degree views of the lake cutting through the hills,  Tall and artistic cacti and the not so exotic ants  . I would spend another morning here , if it wasn't for the dreadful kachcha roads. There is a little shack selling chips and other snacks along with water but i recommend you take your own water bottles as you will need them . Spend a sunrise here or maybe early hours because once it gets sunny its beyond bearable ! 

How to get there?

Rickshaw : There won't be any rickshaw at badi and so you need to strike a deal with an Udaipur rickshawalla. We made a Rs. 700 return with one hour stop at the hill top. Remember, if you say badi lake , its the promenade and you won't see views like this picture. For this hill , you need to ask for Bahubali Hill when you are making the deal as its a little ahead of the promenade. There is a parking below the hill and then you can hike up using the foot trail . Don't expect signs on the way. Hence its recommended to visit only in daylight ! The roads leading to the place are so raw that you will take 20-30 mins in the rickshaw from Udaipur's old town ( Jagdish temple ) . Those with a back problem, be prepared.

Uber : Uber doesnt ply here so you might want to book a private cab which drops you and brings you back .

Bahubali Hill | Outfit : H&M , sunglasses - Rayban , watch - GUESS

5. Gangour ghat

Besides the litter that is created by pigeons & worshipers at Gangour, everything about this little Ghat is soothing. Views of the lakeside havelis and a beautiful sunrise, with rays filtering through the Bagore ki haveli this place is a delight in the early mornings and sunsets. There is not enough place to sit here but a visit will definitely make you feel at calm. 

How to get there?

Rickshaw: If you are not staying in the old town you can take a rickshaw till Jagdish temple and walk it from there. People help easily with directions.

Uber : If you are not staying in the old town you can take an UBER till Chandpole and walk it from there. People help easily with directions.

Other places that guarantee insta worthy frames in Udaipur are listed below. However, remember i warned you about how they may not be very pleasant . Its good to visit only for the pictures and thats about it !

1. Saheliyon ki Baadi (See full blogpost )
2. Chand pole bridge
3. Ahar cenotaphs

Gangour Ghat | Outfit : Top : Inderooh , Palazzo : A store at Lake palace road,  udaipur 

Chandpole bridge

Ahar Cenotaphs| Outfit : H&M, shoes : Adidas originals , watch : Guess

Till next time , CIAO

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