{ E.D.I.T.O.R.I.A.L} Songs of my garden - II

"Seasons came and seasons went ... waiting in vain for that unknown scent . 
Never a glimpse , never a hint - all I hear is my cuckoo clock sing ...
Maybe the nightdress shouldn’t have wrestled the thorns ,
Maybe you thought I wouldn’t like you around ... And so I preen everyday , in my favorite cotton dress with a smile to match the Christmas roses...

Seasons came and seasons went...roses bloomed and daisies sang.
Surrounded with Bees  and dancing wasps ...
The villagers could smell the dreamiest patch .
Hot-cross buns and crotchet handkerchiefs , the vendors came to catch a glimpse...
A mix of rhubarb and coffee beans , I'm sipping on endless cups lest i don't sleep
Will i ever see you to be at peace???"

Hello Folks and i hope you are enjoying the dreamy "Songs of my garden" series . As a matter of fact i would've myself slipped into a daydream while sorting these dreamy pictures  - I'm so glad Nik and me make the best team - as much as he despises the camera , he's improving at the game! As we step into 2019, there will be more looks in this series. 

This look was shot on our longest vacation ever . This is where we stayed in a village called Greyton - which -hold your breath - claims to have wild horses roaming the streets! I was hoping to get a pic with them , but they were rare when we spent a night in here . However this guesthouse has become my favourite - one of the most beautiful places i have stayed in !

" Songs of my garden "is a poetic-vintage take on simple flowy fabrics - this series is here to un-complicate fashion. All you need is a great fabric and a color that complements your skin- and voila - you look like a princess with minimal embellishment. 

Featuring another piece from Delhi-based conscious designer brand "Juanita", this post is an ode to all things dreamy . The dress is again made of organic cotton sourced from weavers in Bihar just like in the previous post . For more details on the brand, don't forget to see the earlier post and please do share your views - they make my day <3 .="" nbsp="" span="">

Location - Lady Grace, Greyton ( South Africa),
                  Vet Clinic ( House with hydrangea )  - Greyton ( South Africa) 

Till next time , CIAO!

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