Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum Review

Each product from the Za stable, has made me happier than ever. I have never been more content with any skincare line before. Read my earlier reviews of Za products :
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Not only is it within the reach of the consumer with a mindful pocket, its as effective as any luxury cosmetic treatment. The serum dropped in last month and I was already very happy with the Perfect solution moisturizer, I kept this waiting till July! Moreover, anything that reads "whitening" tends to put me off. I wouldn't have tried it if I hadn't read about the reason behind "whitening". Well,they are referring to the control in melanin production which this serum has. Also, skin clarity improves giving the impression of whitening. At the end of the day, I would love if the product rids me off pigmentation, but yes without the word"whitening". Its been 10 days I am using this. Lets see if this impresses!

What the Product Says?

With Revolutionary RETINO-WHITE Complex, this Powerful Serum delivers unmatched Radiance and retains Youthful Luminosity in just 7 days.
Retinol Derivative reduces visible wrinkles caused by UV damage and aging, while its Breakthrough Intensive Triangle Technology improves skin’s resilience & clarity.
Dramatically reduces excess melanin and signs of aging giving Radiant, Youthful & Perfect Skin.Now get best of both worlds in a single Bottle:
Skin Clarity + Youth Retention!

How to Use

Apply morning and evening, after toner and before moisturizer.
Push pump twice to dispense serum onto palm and smooth over face.


Retinol-White Complex: Retinol + 4MSK
Vitamin A Plamitate
Bio-Hyaluronic acid
Marine Elastin
Yuzu Seed Extract
Apricot Extract>
Honey Extract
APM (Vitamin C derivative)
Minerals: Magnesium & Calcium

*My Experience*

For once I did not read the application instructions. I applied the serum without the toner and the moisturiser and only once in a day. The serum is translucent with a runny consistency much like the perfect solution moisturiser. I like the pump and the fact that the bottle is travel friendly.

After 10 days of use, I could see a visible difference in my skin clarity,exactly like the brand promises. You know when a brand lives up to the claims, you gain confidence not just in the product but yourself ! I used to apply a BB-cream for acne scars and in 10 days, with just 1 application, the need for hiding the scars diminished, with the diminishing marks. My only concern was "retino" as the chemical retinol which is a derivative of Vitamin A and a common component of Acne creams, is something that makes my skin slightly breakout. I do believe I got a breakout or two due to the same or maybe it was the humid rainy weather in Bombay. Only time will tell. As of today, I am going to start using it twice a day and will be really excited to share results after 15 days with a detailed review.
Till next time, keep it clear & beautiful :)
5 things you should know about ZA:

1. ZA is pronounced as (Zee-ae) za I know!
2. ZA is from the House of Shiseido, the largest cosmetic firm in JAPAN founded in 1872
3. ZA was launched in 1997 in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
4. ZA was launched in India on April 2014  via Influential Bloggers posts ( Remember this Instagram post?)
5. I am going to review every ZA product before you use it! Nice, isn't it? :D

Can't get enough? Read more about ZA here.

ZA INDIA website

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Levi's 711, Like no other { Fashion }

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." - Yves Saint Laurent
About 5 years ago, My undying taste for denims made me buy them buy the dozens. Then one fine day in 2010, I decided I had had enough. It was time to change. Time to let new styles seep into my wardrobe. I gave away all that was left of denim. 
Then from 2011, began a life in colored denims,anything but blue. I thought it was still a change. Then one fine day in 2015 a mail in my mailbox told me I would have a new addition in my wardrobe- The Levi's 711 Skinny. I have never preferred skinny until I try it as they tend to accentuate the wrong curves most of the time. Also ,they aren't the most comfortable fits- It can get uneasy with that tight embrace and hot too.So as you know, I am very accommodating when it comes to adjusting with new guests. I offer them all the comfort. But this guest was otherwise! When she hugged me its was tight, yet so warm, it felt she belonged to me forever! Maybe, I was missing her in my wardrobe all this while.She's light, cozy, breathable , stretchable but not in the ugly way and so easy to get into and get out of! She can be my next travel companion. And above all ,she makes me look effortlessly good! She's the best they ever made after years of research. Not only that she comes with her set of cousins.
 And then she whispered with a smile-Do you know why am I so good ?  
Levi's invented my forefathers in 1873- The iconic 501- which you wore in 2015 as 501 CT with rips. I know you enjoyed that immensely. In 1934, Levi's invented the blue jean for women revolutionizing women's fashion forever. For the Fall 2015 season, the Levi’s® brand harnessed over 80 years of women’s global denim expertise, paired that knowledge with the innovation and relevancy of today, and obsessed over the details - from the fit and fabric to finish and style - to create a transformational women’s jean collection. The Levi’s® brand global design team identified the key fits and styles that women want, obsessively working to optimize the latest fabric innovations and slimming technologies, creating the perfect fitting jean for each body type. Such innovations include the most advanced stretch and recovery, signature authentic Levi’s® details and world-class finishing.

Meet my cousins this fall: 
LOT 700 
Named after the first-ever pair of Levi’s® women’s jeans, the signature Lot 700 fits are the ultimate look-amazing styles, designed to flatter, hold and lift all day, every day. Fits include: 710 Super Skinny, 711 Skinny and 721 High Rise Skinny.


Designed to smooth and enhance, the mid rise shaping jeans help slim the tummy, lift the seat and lengthen the legs. These fits include the 311 Shaping Skinny and 312 Shaping Slim. The new Levi’s® Jeans Collection will be available in Levi's® stores, and online on The price will range from INR 1999 - 4599.
Grab your 711- Now!
 Denim: Levi's 711 | Cape,Sequinned tee- Sarojini Nagar | Stilettos- Nine West | Watch-Daniel Wellington | Sling- Vero Moda | Hand Cuff-Silvette

 Till next time, Stay Stylish .
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