I was bowled over by the ZA Perfect solution Restoring Collagen cream as you read in my review here.

I was naturally curious to try the entire PERFECT SOLUTION range. This foam comes with the same fuschia packaging which is so beautiful and catchy; now lets see if the product inside was impressive!

What the Za wbsite says:

This Cleansing Foam has a rich, resilient lather that permeates into the skin to gently remove impurities and make skin feeling plump, firm and glowing.
Removes excess surface cells to give clear, radiant and soft skin.

How to Use

Squeeze a small amount onto your palm and add warm water to create foam. Massage gently over face in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.


AMT (selective cleansing ingredient)
Yuzu Seed Extract

Price Rs.399

All product lines from Za are exclusively available at Shoppers’ Stop, Central, New-U, Health & Glow in Mumbai, Delhi NCR & Bangalore.

My experience 

A small pea-sized amount is required to wash the face. It is a cream-based foaming facewash . Personally, I find foaming face washes very drying even for my oily skin as its important to keep the face hydrated and moisturised even if its oily. This face wash left my skin feeling fresh and clean however I felt it was drying my skin. I immediately felt the need to use a moisturiser . I therefore opened the Global ZA website and found out the usage. As you can see in the image below, the usage is face wash followed by toner and the moisturiser ,sealed with the collagen cream. I luckily had the moisturiser which is Elle Beauty awards winner for 2014. After that I felt my skin was finally feeling good. So , for me this delicately scented face wash will work only if I follow it with a moisturiser or else it is mildly drying. I have seen other people with just the opposite opinion however, you can only try it yourself to judge if it works for you. As for the anti-ageing bit, I strongly feel the Za collagen cream is my best friend and I could live solely on that. About the face wash's effectiveness to fight the anti-ageing process we might have to stick to the 4 step process to know the real results. 
The 100 ml tube will last a good 3 months with an extensive usage (Ideally twice a day is enough).  This face wash is part of the Perfect solution range and the recommended usage as per Za's global website is explained in the image below. I will advise trying the face wash followed by a moisturiser.

And now for 10 lucky readers, 20 travel size Za minis are up for grabs so you can stay fresh even while you travel! All you have to do is COMMENT on the blog & mention your {NAME, TWITTER HANDLE, CITY} and keep tweeting to us till tomorrow with hashtag #ZaGiveaway !  Results on Friday 28th November! Till then TWEET and REPEAT :)


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  1. Name Bhawna Varshney
    Twitter handle @bhawnachirps
    City Faridabad

  2. Hey ILA!!:*
    You are back with yet another fab giveaway!!!!!!
    Love this one, I loved the three giveaways which were held on your TL also, but my bad Coudnt win there but so what? Try try until you succeed and so here is my entry
    Name- Aarushi Sharma
    Twitter - @deepikafancy
    City - Gurgaon

  3. Name-Shweta Murarka
    Twitter handle- @tweetershweta
    City- Mumbai

  4. Thanku so much for such a nice u ILA... :)

  5. Name- Ria Gupta
    Twitter @cool_rg
    Gurgaon, Haryana

  6. Name → Divya misra
    Twitter Handle → @divyamisra2
    City → Lucknow

    thankyou ila didi ;-) for such amazing giveaway

  7. Hey! This is awesome :*
    This is such a cool giveaway :)

    My name- Pratiksha Sahu
    Twitter handle- @PratikshaSahu05
    City - Jaipur

    Thank you so much ! :)

  8. Heya Ila! Woah, thats such a Pretty-Pink and awesome Blog Post :D
    And Za Giveaway is like Woah ;) Really really wanna try this baby :P

    My deets are :
    Name : Divya Gattani
    Twitter Handle: @divyaszaika
    City: Katni ( Madhya Pradesh)

  9. Woah this one is great...
    Name - Monika Sehdev
    Twitter handle - @munty_s
    City - Amritsar
    Really wish to win this n thanks alot Ila Mam..
    Much love..

  10. And Oops, forgt to say Thankqooo for this #Giveaway!
    Eish :D Wanna win :)


  11. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway, Ila! :)
    Fingers crossed! :)
    Saachi Garg

  12. Thank you for this amazing giveaway, I would love to win the Za beauty product
    Name - Garima Gulyani
    Twitter handle - @GarimaGulyani
    City - New Delhi

  13. WOW..!! such a fantabulous giveaway.. who doesn't want to look fresh and lovely all the time, even while travelling. I am sure by using amazing products of Za, I'll definitely get the desired results and the attention too.. ;) :)
    Name: Saraswati Thakur
    Twitter Handle: @saras_thakur
    City: New Delhi

  14. Name - Garishma Gulyani
    Twitter handle - @GarishmaG
    City - New Delhi
    Wish to be super luckiest in winning this contest since i'm in love with Za beauty products eversince i had seen them in their promotional event in Taj Hotel :)

  15. Hey!! Did I just drop in here by mistake? Or no may be, I know I am a boy but I found this giveawy extremely good! I want to gift this Za prouduct to my lovely sister. So it will be a surprise for her if I win it and gift it. I am finding it weird amongst all the ladies I am the only guy, but this is just and just for her.
    Name- Ayush Garg
    City - Delhi
    Twitter - @ayyushgarg
    I hope I am amongst those 10 lucky people!! Fingers crossed, thankyouuuuuuuu!:-)

  16. Hi
    Thanks for lovely giveway dear
    My name sugandha dixit
    twitter @sugandhadixit85
    City Faridabad NCR
    wish to be lucky since i attended za beauty school in delhi i knw its awesome

  17. Wish to win this fab #ZaGiveaway from you..
    Loads of love 😁😁

  18. Yaay! Thank you so much Ila. I won I won :* Woo-hoo!
    Email sent :)

    Much love :* <3

  19. Yayy.. i won.. what a start of the day.. thank you so much...

  20. need this product where to buy in india

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