I was bowled over by the ZA Perfect solution Restoring Collagen cream as you read in my review here.

I was naturally curious to try the entire PERFECT SOLUTION range. This foam comes with the same fuschia packaging which is so beautiful and catchy; now lets see if the product inside was impressive!

What the Za wbsite says:

This Cleansing Foam has a rich, resilient lather that permeates into the skin to gently remove impurities and make skin feeling plump, firm and glowing.
Removes excess surface cells to give clear, radiant and soft skin.

How to Use

Squeeze a small amount onto your palm and add warm water to create foam. Massage gently over face in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.


AMT (selective cleansing ingredient)
Yuzu Seed Extract

Price Rs.399

All product lines from Za are exclusively available at Shoppers’ Stop, Central, New-U, Health & Glow in Mumbai, Delhi NCR & Bangalore.

My experience 

A small pea-sized amount is required to wash the face. It is a cream-based foaming facewash . Personally, I find foaming face washes very drying even for my oily skin as its important to keep the face hydrated and moisturised even if its oily. This face wash left my skin feeling fresh and clean however I felt it was drying my skin. I immediately felt the need to use a moisturiser . I therefore opened the Global ZA website and found out the usage. As you can see in the image below, the usage is face wash followed by toner and the moisturiser ,sealed with the collagen cream. I luckily had the moisturiser which is Elle Beauty awards winner for 2014. After that I felt my skin was finally feeling good. So , for me this delicately scented face wash will work only if I follow it with a moisturiser or else it is mildly drying. I have seen other people with just the opposite opinion however, you can only try it yourself to judge if it works for you. As for the anti-ageing bit, I strongly feel the Za collagen cream is my best friend and I could live solely on that. About the face wash's effectiveness to fight the anti-ageing process we might have to stick to the 4 step process to know the real results. 
The 100 ml tube will last a good 3 months with an extensive usage (Ideally twice a day is enough).  This face wash is part of the Perfect solution range and the recommended usage as per Za's global website is explained in the image below. I will advise trying the face wash followed by a moisturiser.

And now for 10 lucky readers, 20 travel size Za minis are up for grabs so you can stay fresh even while you travel! All you have to do is COMMENT on the blog & mention your {NAME, TWITTER HANDLE, CITY} and keep tweeting to us till tomorrow with hashtag #ZaGiveaway !  Results on Friday 28th November! Till then TWEET and REPEAT :)


Till next time,
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I dream of LUXE {WATCHES]

 Though we are all budget-lovers and fleamarket hoarders, it doesn't hurt to see what people on the other side of the planet: I call it the "luxury haven" are upto! I take you through the top 3 women's watches I fell in love with. There is a story and a beautiful one behind each of these stellar creations! Read on...

Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari (Tropical Garden of Bulgari) Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari is Bulgari’s first tourbillon designed and created for ladies. The champlevé enamel dial is crafted using a number of mastered techniques. First, the tropical design is carved into a gold base. Then, a master gem-setter sets brilliant cut diamonds into some of the flower petals and branches. Next, a master enameller fills the cavities with moist powdered enamel. Three layers of enamel are applied for the flowers, five layers for the leaves and eight layers for the parrot. After each layer is applied, the dial is cleaned and fired in a kiln. A single dial may require up to 25 kiln firings. Finally, after polishing, the tropical enamel design is set onto an ivory lacquer base dial.
The colourful dial is framed by a 37mm 18-carat pink gold case. The timepiece is fitted with a 56-jewel Calibre GG 9051 automatic movement with a Tourbillon mounted on a sapphire crystal bridge. Production is limited to just 50 pieces. (source)
 Van Cleef & Arpels :The Pont des Amoureux Timepiece

Paris’ Pont des Arts, that uniquely romantic setting, symbolizes the union between the two banks of the Seine. In this timepiece, it also represents the beginning of a love story. 
Thanks to the complex Retrograde movement which animates its dial, two characters meet for a kiss at noon and midnight. 
Their poetic embrace on the Pont des Amoureux symbolizes life’s happiest moments: those which are devoted to love.
The moonlight which bathes the Parisian façades is highlighted by an enameling technique used on a watch for the very first time: Contre-Jour enamel. 
By meticulously hand-painting details in black and white, a spectacular and mysterious effect of architectural relief is obtained.

Métiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements – Chinese embroidery Glyptics, gemstone cloisonné work and engraving

  Crafted in pink gold according to the cloisonné technique, the dial is carpeted with flowers in rubies, cuprites and garnets. Like the silk thread Chinese embroideries embellished with precious fabrics, the graceful elegance of the stones cut and sculpted according to the glyptic art are adorned with finely engraved gold leaves and pistils. Concern for detail taken to extremes, as epitomised in the veins of the plants and the rounded shape of the petals, endow this ornamentation with a fascinating depth effect. The particularly delicate ruby engraving is a true challenge. The pink opals are individually cut and lapped to form a tapestry of stones on a dial prepared for this purpose with barely 0.5 mm thin white gold partitions. The impressive finesse of the work accomplished by the master lapidaries and engravers pays a vibrant tribute to the traditional art of embroidery exercised for millennia in China. 

It has taken me a day to compile these favorites and I loved unearthing the beauties!If you like the LUXE series, tell me,I would love to delve deep and bring more pieces of luxe fashion from the art dungeons!

Till next time,

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What I wore in Paris ft.Notre Dame

  Slogan jumper- (HILL ROAD, Rs.250)
oxblood skater skirt- VERO MODA( Sale Rs.700, MRP- 1800 approx, Yr.2012)
Black Suede leather boots-  Springfield( From Pax-Colaba at just Rs.990, for an export piece of 55GBP)
Grey floral thermal tights- Marks & Spencer(SALE Rs.600,MRP Rs.1200 approx) 
Sunglasses-BATA (Rs.800, I LOST THEM IN PARIS...Sob!Sob!)
Sequin & beaded cuff- PROMOD( SALE Rs.300, MRP Rs.1000)
Feather earrings-PROMOD( SALE Rs.200, Yr 2011)

So you just saw this last photo. What just happened? No, I am not one of those tourists who pull locals from the crowds for photos (ROFL). While I kept getting clicked myself , Uncle- as I would like to call him ran and stood with me and said, 1 with me too! And this happened twice in PARIS :O
**No comments**

So back to this look, I wore it on the 3rd day in Paris when I was to visit the famous Notre Dame cathedral and wander the streets of the heart of Paris- starting from the 4th district.This was also the day I caught a cold so terrible it left me after a week only after I was back in Mumbai. Aaachooo! Imagine catching a cold and feeling all cold in temperatures ranging 8-10 degrees. I decided not to feel defeated and defeat the cold instead. I kept my cool,stayed happy from within and thanks to determination, I could channelize all the positive energy and enjoy the remaining 7 days with a stuffy nose and a painful sore throat.Oh and that is the famous AMORINO gelato in my hands- I am a FANGIRL. AMORRRINNO!I had this gelato on atleast 3 days after catching cold :D :D  I used tonnes of tissue papers to wipe my nose. Sorry france,If I used too much paper, I had to enjoy you anyways. Everywhere I went I was collecting tissues.I killed the cold, not physically, but mentally :D

Well, again, back to this look!!! God was so kind! I was passing by Bandra,hill road 3 days before I was to travel for Paris! This TRES CHIC jumper lined with fleece is one cosy and totally 'ON TREND' find . The typography trend is big since SS14 and I could not resist grabbing this piece even if it was a bit loose.

I somehow end up with vacations in Autumn/winters which is why I never get to wear the summer clothes. This time I was determined to wear my favorite skirt and the thermal tights were a blessing.

The thermal tights are another lovely steal from the M&S SALE in August this year! They surprised me with how warm and cosy they are & the style++.

Did you like this look? And does my nose look stuff here ? :D
More PARIS posts coming soon. Only if you enjoy them :D

Till next time

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{FASHION} What I wore in PARIS ft.LOUVRE


Metallic grey jacket- DEBENHAMS ( SALE -Rs.1700.MRP-5500)
Heart Cropped jumper- (HILL ROAD, Rs.250)
Tassel Belt -PROMOD( SALE -Rs.1000,MRP-Rs.2200)
OMBRE pants- ONLY( Sale Rs.1000, MRP- 2500)
Black Suede leather boots-  Springfield( From Pax-Colaba at just Rs.990, for an export piece of 55GBP)
Grey warmer- JOCKEY( Rs.300)

I loved doing these jumpy shots,because everyone around didnt bother. If you look closely, you see 2 couples almost so much in love. There was a certain air of romance and people dont shy, In france, the expression of LOVE is to let go, SET FREE- sealed with a kiss ;)

Hello folks!

I know you were waiting for these posts for a while now. I so wanted to reach Paris & discover that it was overly-hyped but NO! I fell in the trap. This beautiful city is indeed a gem. So dense, so artsy, even an year would be less to discover every interesting thing about this well-preserved capital. I will be telling you more about the city in my travel section, for now lets get back to our favorite-THE CLOTHES!

Paris is the fashion capital of the world and this made me google extensively on what i should wear to look as stylish as every Parisian around.I had all the pretty dresses with lace, stripes and flare on my mind, ofcourse complete with bumblebee glasses and a pretty hat. But ,SUPRISE! I did none of that. Forecasts said temperature range would be between 10-15 degrees and I didnt want to rattle in the cold like last year in Rome! ANOTHER SURPRISE: The parisians dress very much like how I did in Autumn. Every youngster has an edgy punk-rock-ISH vibe about his/her clothing. None of them really feminine. Though I did see the grandmas wearing the kind of stuff we imagine parisians would wear!

I carried 2 boots- The BEST idea ever. The trick is to keep your feet warm and the rest of the body can bear a little lesser warm clothes. Two warm tights to wear with the boots- The Marks & Spencer thermal tights did a wonderful job(Will show in the next post). Two Jackets- One I wore here: My favorite jacket ever from Debenhams( Got it for Rs.1700 in SALE,MRP 5500). Its a steal and ups your glamor quotient instantly- yes those frills make it look so awesome!

For my face, I wanted a nude look- So i opted for bold eyebrows( eyebrow liner + Loreal Kajal Magique) and Bourjois lip liner in No.12 and Deborah Milano Atomic Matt in No.2 . Wore Za Collagen cream with with my Rimmel London BB CREAM and BOOM- I loved how this turned out!

I wore this to the LOUVRE musuem , yeah , a date with Monalisa had to have a HEART! This quilted heart cropped top is warm and I got it for dirt cheap in Bandra(Rs.250) . It might still be around hill road , if you may want! No, I am not giving away this one yet! Hope you enjoy this look!
Stay tuned for all the FRANCE -WHAT I WORE posts & travel posts!

Till next time,

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Loreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush in Fuschia Flush {REVIEW}

The Loreal Paris Lucent Magique blush is a collector's delight. Even before it was delivered to my doorstep , I knew my purse will have to make space for this glamorous touch-up box. This is what the L'oreal Paris website says about the blush:

3 colour pigments give an immediate rosy, healthy glow
- The blush is lightweight to wear and leaves the skin comfortable
- Makes your cheeks looks fuller, more radiant and youthful

I can't agree more with all the 3 points. Each is true.

The Blush comes in 4 shades:

1. Sunset glow
2. Blushing Kiss
3. Duchess Rose
4. Fuschia flush

For a dark and cool skin-tone like mine, fuschia flush was the brightest choice and boy! Was i right!
This intensely pigmented blush has to be applied with care as it imparts too much pigment with every stroke. The only drawback for starters is that they will have to do a trial and error with the blending to know which combination out of the 3 shades suits them best.

Now,the FUSCHIA FLUSH palette contains:

From top to bottom:
1.Baby pink highlighting shade with gold microscopic particles
2. Bright Rose matte shade
3. Fuschia with purplish microscopic shimmer particles

Clearly this palette will suit every cool skin-tone whether you are fair-medium-dark or very dark. The shine is subtle or bold based on how much product you use.
As you have read the review above, this palette is a must-have for those who don't want to be caught with dull black packaged blushes in parties besides being equally functional for those glamorous parties with friends.

For me, the moment I put on this blush, I feel festive as it instantly adds a happy glow. After all festivals are all about being happy! So find out your Lucent magique shade as you are worth it this festive season!

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