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 Though we are all budget-lovers and fleamarket hoarders, it doesn't hurt to see what people on the other side of the planet: I call it the "luxury haven" are upto! I take you through the top 3 women's watches I fell in love with. There is a story and a beautiful one behind each of these stellar creations! Read on...

Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari (Tropical Garden of Bulgari) Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari is Bulgari’s first tourbillon designed and created for ladies. The champlevé enamel dial is crafted using a number of mastered techniques. First, the tropical design is carved into a gold base. Then, a master gem-setter sets brilliant cut diamonds into some of the flower petals and branches. Next, a master enameller fills the cavities with moist powdered enamel. Three layers of enamel are applied for the flowers, five layers for the leaves and eight layers for the parrot. After each layer is applied, the dial is cleaned and fired in a kiln. A single dial may require up to 25 kiln firings. Finally, after polishing, the tropical enamel design is set onto an ivory lacquer base dial.
The colourful dial is framed by a 37mm 18-carat pink gold case. The timepiece is fitted with a 56-jewel Calibre GG 9051 automatic movement with a Tourbillon mounted on a sapphire crystal bridge. Production is limited to just 50 pieces. (source)
 Van Cleef & Arpels :The Pont des Amoureux Timepiece

Paris’ Pont des Arts, that uniquely romantic setting, symbolizes the union between the two banks of the Seine. In this timepiece, it also represents the beginning of a love story. 
Thanks to the complex Retrograde movement which animates its dial, two characters meet for a kiss at noon and midnight. 
Their poetic embrace on the Pont des Amoureux symbolizes life’s happiest moments: those which are devoted to love.
The moonlight which bathes the Parisian façades is highlighted by an enameling technique used on a watch for the very first time: Contre-Jour enamel. 
By meticulously hand-painting details in black and white, a spectacular and mysterious effect of architectural relief is obtained.

Métiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements – Chinese embroidery Glyptics, gemstone cloisonné work and engraving

  Crafted in pink gold according to the cloisonné technique, the dial is carpeted with flowers in rubies, cuprites and garnets. Like the silk thread Chinese embroideries embellished with precious fabrics, the graceful elegance of the stones cut and sculpted according to the glyptic art are adorned with finely engraved gold leaves and pistils. Concern for detail taken to extremes, as epitomised in the veins of the plants and the rounded shape of the petals, endow this ornamentation with a fascinating depth effect. The particularly delicate ruby engraving is a true challenge. The pink opals are individually cut and lapped to form a tapestry of stones on a dial prepared for this purpose with barely 0.5 mm thin white gold partitions. The impressive finesse of the work accomplished by the master lapidaries and engravers pays a vibrant tribute to the traditional art of embroidery exercised for millennia in China. 

It has taken me a day to compile these favorites and I loved unearthing the beauties!If you like the LUXE series, tell me,I would love to delve deep and bring more pieces of luxe fashion from the art dungeons!

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