Hair clips are Sassy

When we talk hair clips after teenage years its about claw clips(clutchers), plain jane hair pins , barrettes and FULL STOP.
Welcome the newest trends in hair pins .The plane jane black hair pin gets a makeover with sassy embellishments in soft ceramics, plastic and even metal.
I bought these pretty Hawaiian Flower hair pins from 'Ginger' (Lifestyle). They have a pretty collection of hair accessories this season .Style your hair, the pretty way!

Some more cool hair pins on the web!

Dove hair pins by Marc Jacobs
Vintage style hair pins
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Of High Street fashion and the Floral romance!

Since i'm in Chandigarh for my internship these days, i miss the malls in Mumbai.Nevertheless sector 17 in Chandigarh offers high street experience.Girls strut around in classy heels and high price fashion! Its good to watch them dressed up for a shopping spree.As i hopped from one shop to another i found few of my online finds in the stores!.

1) Have a look at these light blue jelly shoes at United Colors of Benetton(henceforth ref to as UCB) similar to the ones i posted in the shade 'nude'

As you can see ,the dummies are wearing the prettiest of floral prints.This season has been the best ever floral treat for the girly girls! I'm lovin it :)

2) Floral skirt in UCB

3) Blue printed jumpsuit.Pink floral long skirt. The dummies have been redesigned to create more Oomph around fashionable clothing.These runway-look dummies make you drool over the slightest hint of fashion! So keep drooling....

4) Grown -up-Teen Diva!

5) Too Cool Buddies!

I happen to like just about any kind of clothes on these hot dummies. And i'm sure all of you will agree . The burden on visual merchandisers has surely come down :)
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Monsoon sandals/ballerinas

Its raining.And college reopens just in time to welcome the rains! Some of us like carrying a spare pair of shoes but i prefer using a rain sandal/ballerina .Here are some nice options to go with:

1.Binty from Bata

I tried this pair in a Bata shop.It retails for Rs.500.Since they are absolutely flat
they kinda hurt my feet but look pretty.Maybe they can fit you better! Try on!

2.Open toes jelly shoes

This slingback in nude sells for under 30$ on ebay.It can also be bought under Rs.500 in Mumbai from Lokhandwala,hiranandani ,Alfa market ,etc.These go well with any kind of dress and adds
a chic element to your outfit.

3. Open toe heeled sand

4. Laced jelly shoes

These peppy rain shoes with laces are a very cool choice for college-goers.
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Monsoon rainboots

If you are living in an Indian city, the rainy season is sure to be filled with puddles ,thanks to the drainage system :)
So here i get some rainboot ideas which you can not only dream about but get them on
I classify these boots into the categories as below:


These fiery red booties are a fashionistas dream Rain boots! For under 40$ on ebay with shipping,these are a MUST-HAVE for every girl whose all set to battle the rain.
Also available in yellow and black,wear these when you are off to an outing !

links to buy

2.Traditional chic

These pretty blue rainboots look everybit traditional and every bit chic.For the girl, who likes to keep it simple yet sweet!
Buy it on


Like the name suggests, for the child at heart- this makes a perfect pair :)
Enjoy shopping!
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2011 Monsoon fashion umbrellas!

Hieeeee there!
Its finally a lazy sunday that has given me time to talk to u lovelies~
I'm sure you would be waiting to gear up and some of you must have already equipped yourself with trendy monsoon accessories from shoes to rainwear!

Well,without much delay , i would open my 'Monsoon Treaure trunk' for you to drool over and get urselves one too!

So here we go with umbrellas first!

1.Wine Bottle umbrellas!

I saw them for the first time with my pretty Manager who had just returned from China after a 3-year stint! That bottle of umbrella totally took my attention! You can stylishly carry it to your college or office and then flaunt the bottle on your desk ;)

Since i'm a keen online buyer, i looked up for these on
Prices start $10 which is almost Rs.500. Not bad for a style to die for !
Go and get yours at
For reference attaching a link here.

There are more variants this year like -Vase umbrella,perfume bottle umbrella.
Check them out !
As you can see, i have a weakness for pinks! :D

2. Vase umbrella

3. Perfume bottle umbrella
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