Beach Vacation 101 for the Indian Bride

The summer wedding season is back! After a tiring sweaty wedding in the sun, a beach break a.k.a honeymoon is the most sought after option. I am assuming dear reader, that you are either planning your beach honeymoon as I write or you are just planning a beach vacation. If its the latter, you might want to read my previous article here for beach fashion 101. If you are hitting the beach immediately after your wedding , take the cue here And men, if you are reading this, please pass this on to your bride-to-be:

1. The HENNA

Guess what peeves the beach bummers when they see those henna covered legs of the bride on a beach! I said it!
If your legs are tattooed with Henna/Mehndi, Please DO NOT wear shorts. The combination of anything short with henna clad legs is terribly unattractive. Especially since the henna is erasing in an uneven manner it makes it look worse. Instead opt for Sexy sarongs that reach your ankle over your swimwear. There is nothing more feminine than flowy maxi dresses which are halter neck or tubes. Alternatively you can pair tanks /spaghetti tops/tube tops with maxi skirts. The bottomline: Cover the Henna!


Ok, so your mom-in-law gifted you this thick silver anklet on the wedding which you just can't seem to take off your feet. I would suggest you wait till your vacation gets over and go back home to those beloved anklets. These metal anklets just don't work at the beach. If you are so fond of anklets , you might want to substitute your silvers with a beaded anklet or a black thread anklet or maybe something that is made of shells, but no traditional SILVER please! It looks off-the-mark with beachwear.


Its best to wear Flip-flops on the beach . You must be well past your teenage years to wear those KETOS that look hideous, or if you are thinking CROCS, NO WAY! Lets embrace the beach sand with pretty flip-flops in pop colors like yellow, red,blue etc.

For any tips, drop me a message!
Till next time...CIAO


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