How people react to style posts!

*Grumble ALERT*

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” 
― C.G. Jung

"Why don't you get into modelling?". "Looking great. You must get into modelling. Don't you get offers?" Its about time you get out of your day job and get into the fashion industry" . " I totally feel you deserve a break in the fashion magazines and that you must try your luck there. What are you doing here?"

And many more... I appreciate that people think so much about me. Its comforting to know people appreciate your work so much and wish all the good things for you.

Well, I wish i did get offers for modelling. But then, My blog is about STYLING and not modelling.I started the blog to share my personal style and styling tips. Not my face.  Since it is my personal style , I cannot have someone else wear it on the blog. How would it be personal style then? So what is styling you ask? In layman language- Styling means dressing up just the way you do everyday based on your mood, occasion, time of the day, weather etc. Styling is putting together an entire look top to bottom( tops, bottoms, accessories, footwear etc). The best part is playing dress-up. A same piece of cloth can be worn in a multiple ways and that is what is exciting about Styling!

Someone said, "Great pictures there, where did you get that blazer from?" . Whaaa!!! I did not write all that Ramayana(Read TEXT) for myself. Someone just pinged me. "Nice pictures.Ok, What is your blog about, again?" Perhaps an FAQ section might help.

Before I leave, this is my quick Office wear to Party wear transformation when I attended Lakme Fashion Week. Just add those pointy heels and the chunky black neckpiece and cuff . I wore the scarf as a half poncho.

Selfie is mandatory especially when you can't grab enough people for solo snaps!
My outfit ( All items bought only during SALE except Scarf: Bought in Rome for 5 Euros)

*Pointy pumps: ZARA(Sale  Rs.1300) 
                     * Courdroy bell bottoms: Marks & Spencer(Sale: Rs.600)
*Lace blouse: ONLY ( Rs.700)
                                     *Neckpiece & Cuff : PROMOD ( Rs.350 and Rs.300 Respectively)

Pictures except selfie by Neha.

On my face:
Oriflame BB cream
Oriflame Peach me face glow

On my eyes:

On my lips:
Bourjois Lip liner in No.12
Bourjois Sweet kiss Naturel in Rose Delicat
Bourjois So Delicat lip cream in Fuschia Delicat

On my Hair
Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment


  1. Love the your lace top and it´s a great idea with this scarf, it looks amazing!:)



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