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My first post on the blog was about 2020 and fast forward 8 months  ( Can you believe? ) , I can't still part ways with the magical number- 2020. At least we thought 2020 sounded futuristic and the most transformational. But well, nature had its own " transformational" plans and we are at its mercy . All of us who made those travel bucket lists , got a huge jolt and thats really nothing as compared to everyone who has been deeply impacted due to the virus. 

But this year has taught us "GRATITUDE" in abundance. I am thankful everyday for a healthy life, an opportunity to still continue to hold on to what i love most - blogging and creating content  . This month we complete 9 years and there's a ton of fabulous SELF-SHOT posts & IRRESISTIBLE giveaways coming your way as i explore the future of fashion post the pandemic. Do not forget to catch up with every post on instagram as well and stay tuned for announcements on my stories!  

Just before the lockdown began , I was in Goa and goodness, am i thankful for that! It was my birthday and i had decided to quickly make this trip as well as planned some shoots. Who knew this would be the last travel ( so far ) and the last outdoor shoot! 2019 has been very unfortunate for me professionally as well as personally due to these health issues - my lower back as well as the dreaded viral infection on my face that finally went away in June 2020- an entire year! Its the reason why i was not able to create much content despite blogging full-time. Yet, I took chances and shot outdoors despite my face being full of the lesions in February . It was not only embarrassing but dissatisfying as my face was swollen due to the infection throughout the year. It wasn't the face I was used to but nonetheless i accepted it with all my grit and continued on my goals. And I am glad I did that. This was my idea of lounging in 2020 and well, i have been lounging for a lot of 2020 inside my head ! I guess you are too?  Hoping for the real deal now , haha . 

Top/Jumpsuit/Earrings : ZARA | Neckpiece : Sarojini nagar market | Bangle : Bandra fleamarket 

Till next time, CIAO!


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  2. Hey! I m glad you are better now. Hoping for more content coming our way. And these shots are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful blog. Yes, 2020 has taught us to be grateful for everything we have, also my patience level has increased to another level 😂

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