Knock , knock .Who's there? #LOVELONGHAIR

You have known my obsession for long hair ever since the blog started. My lab is always abundant with shampoos from all over the globe which claim to be the best.I have been using them up and still waiting to find the best. And then this happened.

Love Long Hair walked into my mailbox almost as if by magic. Two bottles. Plain white. No fancy labels. No ingredient labels. Just- LOVE LONG HAIR. So what do we call it? Ofcourse, the LOVE LONG HAIR range. Yes, I totally love long hair ! This is the first time I will be experimenting with a shampoo/conditioner who's brand name will be revealed only after I have had 12 washes! People have warned me. They say beware. But I can tell you one thing. The brand must really be confident to do something like this. And I can't wait to let their confidence show in my hair. My long hair ! So Stay tuned. I will be back after the 1st two washes :)

P.S: LOVE LONG HAIR has sneaked into Twitter  too. Do follow to check what others have to say!



  1. Isn't it risky ila ? Are they responsible for your loss ? Can you claim it ? ... Still if you want to try.. Best Luck

    1. Thats a good point and I certainly thought over it before I accepted this challenge. Shampoos with labels are as risky . We might face hair loss or other hair damage, but we don't go ahead to sue the company. Here a brand is so confident that they have given samples for trial to social media influencers .Once the brand is disclosed after 12 washes, my feedback will be online. But yes, if things go wrong and the brand goes missing then its a blunder!

  2. I am honestly petrified of bottles with stickers like these with no ingredient list or the expiry/manufacture date! But if it works out for you that would be awesome. Request you to do a blog post if it turns out to be a good experience :)

    1. I will be doing a post after 2 washes. Already did the first wash and it was nice. Will do a second post after 12 washes :)

      Stay tuned Jyoti!


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