This time I was in Vienna , the capital of Austria which enjoys the 1st or 2nd position when it comes to the MOST LIVEABLE cities in the world. I can't agree more. And I tell you why! The city's transport system is highly intuitive. First time visitors will feel as if they have been living here for years. Inspite of the fact that English is not a primary language you can never get lost! Trams, metro trains and buses all have the SAME TICKET! Buy the ticket and you are on your own in the city. The best way to see the city centre( the historical Vienna which was declared a UNSECO World heritage site) is to take the Tram from a station near Stephenplatz, and get down at every station , explore and take the next tram to the next station. Guess what? The trams keep running in intervals of 5mins. How awesome is that! So when in Vienna, go TRAMMIN'! As for me, I can't wait to go back!

Inside an old tram which is predominantly made of Wood. I loved these over the new-age trams! Vienna has both. Vienna is known for Coffee. Do try the hot cup as the city is lined with cafes!

At the BELVEDERE Palace: The palace is too beautiful to be captured in its entire beauty in a lens. Not one picture on the web does justice. You have to be there to experience that beauty.
Each building is a piece of ART. I gave up after taking snaps of every building I saw. Too much beauty to capture in one camera!

This clean city has beautiful gardens throughout the roads and in historical palaces. All in full bloom!

Fountains are another pretty feature used generously in the city .

Way too happy in the city. I rarely do such poses. So you can imagine how insanely happy this place made me!

Finding the good old CCD was such a surprise. We had samosa , tomato soup , a slightly different menu from Indian menu.

If you are on Instagram, you have seen what I gulped at CCD earlier. Do follow more yummier updates :)

A beautiful amusement park -PRATER Park. Landed here only to see World's oldest & biggest Ferris Wheel

And here we enter NASCHMARKET. Home to over 120 shops. These barrels contains various types of Vinegars. Used in Salad dressings for that added spunk! Turkish food is a favorite with the Viennese people. You will find stalls from Turkish to American food. Such a celebration of cultures and cuisines. I loved the olives and pickles from Turkish stalls. 

Now If only I weren't to say GoodBye. I chose to say CIAO! I will be back :)


  1. Awesome post :-) Vienna should be in my travel bucket list.

  2. So many places to see. When I was in college I thought of taking a break of atleast 3 months every 5 years and see the world. Alas! it's not happening. But now I have planned to visit 3-4 places in India and 1 place outside India every year. Till now I have visited 16 UNESCO world heritage sites and planning to visit another five in 2014 :-). Want to see atleast 100 before I die :-D ..In 2013 I visited places in south Karnataka and Sri Lanka, targeting north Karnataka, Maharashtra and Cambodia for 2014.

    Athato ghummakad jigyasa :-)

  3. Fun trip it seems ...

  4. Tram from a station near Stephenplatz, and get down at every station , explore and take the next tram to the next station.

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