Update: The #LOVELONGHAIR experience

Hey people.

So you must be curious to know my experience after first 2 washes of this blind-test shampoo/conditioner.( If you don't know what I am referring to, read about the product I received in my mail here.)
Many of you expressed your concern about the possible damages in accpeting such a challenge. Given my adventurous self, I decided to go ahead and give this range a try nonetheless. So here's the news:

Hair type: Black/wavy
Scalp: Oily
Pet peeve: Frizzy hair
Length: A little above my waist
Wear: I generally leave my hair open with a little puff. Tie them up only during a workout.

1st WASH:

Pre-treatment: Yes. I had oiled my hair a night before with coconut oil

Shampoo: Medium consistency. Pearly white in color. Lathers much lesser than usual shampoos. A big HAPPY DANCE, because this implies lesser usage of harmful SLS . My hair didn't feel squeeky clean after one wash. So re-applied to let the oil wash off.

Conditioner: Again, medium consistency. Not mentioned if I can use on scalp. So i used it only on my hair below the scalp. Left it for 5minutes, Best part is this conditioner spreads well in the hair without leaving clumps here and there in the case of thicker conditioners.

RATING: A+ to the 1st wash experience ! My hair felt extremely soft with a gentle fragrance. This is a mild shampoo which doesn't strip your hair of natural oils and keeps the shine intact.

2nd WASH:

Pre-treatment: No. I didn' t use any oil and washed my hair after 2 days of the 1st wash.

RATING: Inspite of not oiling my hair, the end result was same as before. Made me happy because this means I can do with less frequent oiling and still get gorgeous shiny hair when I am running out of time! Now this is something wow as this means the shampoo is less chemical and more of natural extracts. I just wish this is true! Though we cannot predict until , the product is revealed !th
A+ to the 2nd wash!

And now, I will be back after 10 washes :)

Till then , I #LOVELONGHAIR. Hope you do too!


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