12 washes with #LOVELONGHAIR

My hair after 12 washes with #LOVELONGHAIR blind samples. Shiny & manageable. I #LOVELONGHAIR. I pray they grow longer!

Ever since this blind-test shampoo/conditioner landed in my mailbox , there has been a lot of excitement, apprehension, confusion, besides deciding whether to test this product on my precious hair or not. I took the plunge and got back after 2 washes here. And now , before the brand will be revealed to me tomorrow, here is my review after 12 washes.

Pre-treatment: I have washed pre-oiled hair thrice out of these 12 washes. Remaining washes were without pre-treatment.

Frequency: Due to an overly oily scalp , I wash my hair every alternate day.

Usage: I always use shampoo with the conditioner as my hair are frizzy . Whenever my hair were oiled , I used the shampoo twice to remove the excess oil.

My Experience after 12 washes:

1. Hair Texture: My hair are smoother , manageable and less frizzy than before.
2. Shampoo: Like I said earlier , it doesn't lather too much which is a good sign . This indicates a balanced use of SLS according to me. But I cannot comment further as this is based on my assumptions and the bottles have no ingredient labels. Whatever it is, it feels mild on the hair and doesn't strip the hair of its natural oils.
3. Conditioner:  The conditioner is neither too thin nor too thick and washes off easily.
I would always recommend every hair-wash to be followed by 3-5 minutes of conditioner application.
4. Is your nose sensitive to strong fragrance? Then there is good news as both the conditioner and the shampoo have a faint floral smell that doesn't irritate sensitive noses.

To sum it up, no negatives that I can count . This is a mild everyday shampoo that seems to love my hair. Lets wait and see what brand this is and then well, you & me can just hit the stores :)

Till next time....CIAO!


  1. Oh really!! Now I wanna try this out on my hair after reading this!!

    1. Yea. Lets see which shampoo this is and what are the price points . I hope its not very expensive!


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