L'OREAL PARIS and TFMQ Mini Giveaway- Aug 1 -Aug 3

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Here is a giveaway in association with L'OREAL PARIS. This Monsoon I am bringing you a little gift that will help you stay rooted!Enter this Giveaway now and get a mini-hamper from L'OREAL PARIS that rescues your hair.


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2. Comment on this blogpost after watching the video-> What did you like the most about this video?
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4. Giveaway ends on 3rd August.

A Little about this video‘Jad Se Judein’ sung by none other than Mohit Chauhan for the L'Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X 'Stay Rooted' campaign:
The video is the story of 3 people - a student in search of her teacher, a granddaughter who makes a small and simple sacrifice for her grandmother and 2 friends who reconnect at a place they call their own.The Jad Se Judein song takes you back to your roots and makes you remember that person who shaped you, those in your life who had a role in making you who you are today – but those who’ve unfortunately been forgotten today.

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  2. What i love about this video is "Nostalgic moments" which never die.. As we grow old, some of us forget our past good memories, after watching this video i got goose bumps.. as i also have some sweet memories with my best friend who always stand by me in my good and bad times and now, I am planning to give a good surprise to her and make her feel how much she has hold a special position in my heart.. Thanks once again..!! for this beautiful giveaway ..:)

    Liked both the pages hope to win

  4. One thing i love about this video is it remind us our good memories with our close ones...

  5. facebook name:- megha jain
    city- panchkula

  6. everythg abt the video s good.. frm the concept to the song,acting and of course Mohit's melodious singing... giving a good message to us,getting back to roots and if the roots r - stronger we will never lose the touch. FB Name- Radha ramachandran, CITY- Bangalore.


  8. facebook name- ADVIKA RASTOGI
    city- MORADABAD

  9. memories are forever, loved the video, it brought back my childhood memories and made them miss more and more..beautiful song and picturization..loved every bit of it...

  10. Hi,

    Thankyou for the giveaway :)
    I am a fan of both the pages on FB.
    And coming to the question that what i liked in this video, so
    let me confess my love for this so amazing, heart warming video.
    i am liking it for everything. Starting from the sequences displayed in the video which i found so heart touching as i it what live inside me and
    Mohit chauhan's magical voice and awesome lyrics of the song makes me relive the moments spent together here there and everywhere which bring back the smiles and tears altogether.
    Inspired is the feeling of the moment :)

    1. FB NAME Surbhi Agarwal

    2. Email- Surabhi.careers@gmail.com

  11. The video makes me remember about the strong bond which we share with our near and dear ones, our sweet memories with them that are now almost forgotten, or that remain hidden in our sub-conscious mind. It makes me remember about the persons who have shaped me to a good human being. It makes me realize that some relations in life are stronger than anything else and they can not be forgotten easily. They remain strongly rooted to our memories just like the Loreal Paris that keeps our hairs rooted to our head. I like this fact that is put up so well in the video.

    Facebook Name : Bidisha Banerjee

    City : Kolkata

    Email Id : bidishabanerjee@live.com

  12. This video gives us a sense of nostalgia and makes us realize that in this busy world we should take time out to appreciate people, things, places, moments from our past that have made us the individual we are today. Just love this video and thank you L'Oreal Paris for helping us stay rooted and connected with our dear ones.
    Name - Akanksha Singh.
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/akanksha.goldy
    Place - Pune.

  13. When u love and care for somebody,when u r connected by heart,u are ready to sacrifice anything for them.bond between people really matters a lot.i like the video because it put beautiful message of commitment and sincerity which keeps us rooted, no matter how younger or elder we are and how far we are from each other.when i watch this it reminds me of bond i share with my son.recollect most cherished moments of my life with him .this keeps me rooted to up n downs,happiness and sadnees of my life. i also liked voice quality of singer mohit and picturization.

  14. my facebook name -deepika mehta
    city - hyderabad

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  16. Actions speak more than words.. that was truly reflected in the grandma and her grand child actions.. a child is always a child however grown up they might be. I never got to spend my childhood with my grandparents so always wondered how it would be. Nevertheless, I always get tears in my eyes when I come across such incidents. Nothing would have been more better than Mohit's pleasant voice for that song.

    I am already in tears as I write this. I have my grandparents in front of my eyes. I hope they souls are in peace.


  17. Just like the video suggested, it's all about staying rooted.
    In this busy world, where we have no time for others, taking out a little time to spend with those who matter the most gives a sense of joy. It's all about staying connected with them. Sharing a cup of coffee over a conversation, meeting old friends and reliving old days and of course doing good for others. It's the simple things that give us immense joy. In fact the video fills you with nostalgia and reminds you how important is to show your love, care and concern. It is necessary that we respect and value others and spread joy.

    Facebook Name- Shreya Zachariah
    City- Navi Mumbai

  18. Im in love with this song!!!! It totally goes in sync with the video.... :D
    I loved all the 3 stories they have depicted in the song especially the one in which the two frnds meet after so long and then play the same game and have the same fun they used to have as kids....This video made me feel very nostalgic and remember all the special people that have been a part of my life and whom i havnt met up with for a very long time..I guess this is wht i like the most about this video..after watching those three beautiful and heart touching stories i too have realized the importance of staying connected with the people who are important or have left an impact in our lives..

  19. My Fb name: Neha Mishra

    My location: Bangalore

  20. Heart Touching Memories . . . nd the song :)
    My Fb name: Devaki Wilson
    My location: Madurai,Tamilnadu

  21. Experience had taught me that even the most precious memories fade with the passage of time... But sometimes i feel that we should in good things as much as you can, because everything ends someday, but good memories stays forever...

    meena chhichhia ,

  22. The video shakes me up n takes me down to memory lane..all the small little things which I dont value now ..life was so good. .small little things gave me joy.I loved all the stories especially grandmother n grandaughter.it reminds me of my grandmother who is my role model.she was smart, beautiful n educated.she inculcated values of life n joy of living. To be compassinate , empathetic , I learnt from her.I wish I could go back in childhood n enjoy the things like playing with her.school , silly games, kind teachers.the video emplores me to time travel back to my roots n growing up years.

  23. Richa Shailendra

    Roots is where we come from
    Roots is where we go
    The axis of our existence
    The core of our sustenance
    The emotions that feed our souls
    Without which we are nothing better than ghouls
    Roots is where we gather them
    To Nourish, Inspire and Prosper from.

    The moments that make up my past,
    The moments frozen in history,
    Seem so far away today,
    Seem to be part of a story.
    Yes, this is my story,
    Yes, this is yours,
    Roots is where I come from,
    Roots is the true home of yours.

    The time bygone carries a lesson,
    In all the pain and misery
    The bright flashes of brilliance
    The path to true salvation
    That is where I go to hide
    That is where I meet you
    That is what teaches me
    To distinguish between friends and foes.

    Timeless it all might seem
    At the same time there is a feeling,
    Time is nobody's slave
    Every moment is just a moment-here now and then its fleeting.
    In a heartbeat it might be over
    We don't seem to care
    It is only when we are out of daze
    That we ask the questions,How,When,Where.

    The questions are not important,The quest is,
    Raw from the hurt & anger, as important the rest is,
    For a weary traveller on the path of life,
    For a weary soldier, as is a break from strife.
    Childhood is a kingdom where we all reign,
    It is indeed eternal, indeed insane,
    It is where our destinations lie in the end,
    Do not worry as the end is around the bend.

    Relationships, Emotions, True Love and Sacrifice,
    In the ledger of life, this is all that we have got to show,
    Because Roots is where we all come from,
    And Roots is where we go!

  24. mY fAcE bOoK nAmE iS - AAyUsHI sHrIvAsTaVa , cItY i BElOnGs TO - BhOpAl ...

    NOw COmInG uP tO vIdEo.. FIrSt OF aLl '' a HEaRt TOuChInG vIdEo '' i LOvE tHe VIdEo IT rEmInDs US oUr GOoD mEmOrIeS AnD vIdEo MAkEs mE rEmEmBeR aBoUt THe STrOnG BOnDs WHiCh WE sHaReS wItH oUr DEaR oNeS . EVeRyThnG aBoUt THe VIdEo IS gOoD fRoM cOnCePt TO eVeRyThInG aNd OFcOUrSe MOhIt CHaUhA's mElOdIuS sInGiNg GIvInG uS a GOoD mEsSaGe. sUcH aN iNsPiRaTiOnAl SToRy '' mEmOrIeS nEvEr DIeS '' It LAsTs 4eVeR .... <3<3<3<3<3

  25. Followed all the rules :)

    After watching this video showing out the close bonds with our loved ones :) :)

    FB Name : Bhavani Sekar

    City: Chennai, Tamilnadu

  26. Hi

    Already a liker of both the pages :)

    About the video, I loved the concept that is Jad se Judein and this video makes us think about our roots, our upbringing and our childhood. I loved the portion wherein the grand-daughter does the same thing which her grandmother did in her childhood to bring a smile on her face, In today's life everyone is so busy that we seldom get time to be with our family, sometimes, people are so much into their work that they don't even get a chance to call their parents, or have a nice little chat or may be sunday lunch with family... this video reminds us that we should care for our family, people around us and we should never forget our roots, our upbringing because a person may touch the stars, the limelight but he/she can never leave his/her roots, morals, culture and traditions :)

    Meenakshi Kapur
    New Delhi


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