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I have seen so many women around me who have coloured their hair. While some looked too obvious, others looked natural, as if they never coloured their hair. Last week I coloured my hair for the first time. L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss promised me hair that will shine with health covering the greys if any. 1 week down the line, it has become only clearer that the Casting Crème gloss range enhances the natural beauty of your hair. It is not like those salon treatments which leave you with unrecognizable hair.
These 5 myth busters will astonish you and change your perception about hair colour , I mean L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss:

1. MYTH: My Hair will look FAKE

With Casting Crème Gloss, your hair gets a natural shine and tint. It’s not a different colour but a nice variation in your hair-tone. This is why they have special shades for each hair colour, for example: Glossy Blacks for people who have black hair. It naturally covers greys without giving you an obvious hint of colour. They’re also great suggestions on how to match your hair colour with your skin tone on Get The Look here  http://bit.ly/1p7I45a

2. MYTH: My hair will look dry & damaged

With Casting Crème gloss, you will only get healthier, shinier hair. It does not contain AMMONIA. This is why there is no dryness . It also contains Royal Jelly formula which makes your hair extremely glossy. I love how smooth my hair texture has become! As long as you do not over-process your hair , hair colour will not cause damage.(Over-process means going through drastic changes like colouring natural black hair to blonde or vice versa.)

3. MYTH: I need a hairstylist to colour my hair

Follow the instruction leaflet or see my video of how I coloured my hair in less than 15minutes. Proof enough to tell you how simple it is to colour your hair at home. 

4. MYTH: Hair colouring leads to grey hair

Relax! Hair colour penetrates only the outer surface of your hair & NOT the hair follicles. Grey hair originate at the follicles. Hence, hair colour is not related with greying of hair. Greying is hereditary and stress-related.

5. MYTH: Semi-permanent will not hide my grey hair

Casting Crème Gloss imparts a grey hair coverage that lasts upto 28 washes after which it gradually fades. I had a few greys and they have blended beautifully with the rest of my hair!

Watch my video where I show you how to color your hair in less than 15minutes!

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  1. I feel like this post was written for ppl like me. I m scared to colour my hair for fear of damaging it.
    But ur post gives me a little courage to venture out. Lets see...whn!!



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