Like seasons, what if our hair changed color too?

Don’t we love seeing color all around us? Colors make us happy. I love my Instafeed when I am in the brightest of hues. What about my hair, you ask? They have been the only color-constant in my life perhaps. Jet black. It was way back in 2004 when I was an engineering student living the hostel life away from home. You know that punk-rock influence in teenage years? I was wanting to color my bangs red. Then I stumbled upon a hair dye in burgundy. I colored those strands. They shone fiery red in the sun and I felt accomplished within. I got some compliments, but the smelly experience wasn’t a welcome.That was it! I never went back to color, I thought it was unsafe and unnecessary… But I was wrong.

Almost a decade later, I see the sudden trend reports that continuously predict not just hairstyle trends but hair-color trends. The formulas have undergone change. The hair-coloring phenomenon is not just restricted to getting a different shade, but a healthier, glossier mane! Companies claim success. Consumers agree. The hair is no longer dry with Ammonia-free treatments. They infact become shinier and bounce with health.

Talking to a few blogger friends last week, I realised how it has become a regular ritual for them. They say, the shine and bounce of the new hair-color formulas is addictive. As a matter of fact, I have seen it on them. The latest celebrities are sporting the same too. You can check it out on Get The Look here:

I can only pray for that shine! Have you come across similar reviews? Hair-coloring is back. It is here to stay! What do you say? As for me, I am thinking of saying Yes to Color! {SUPER-EXCITED}{ANXIOUS}{SUGGESTIONS?}

 What do you think of these beauties. Isn't hair color a defining moment for each of them?


  1. Thought I have never colored my hair, I really wanted to go Rihanna red at one point, If only I was daring enough. Love the effect hair color has ! :D

  2. I got the most expensive hair color back in 2006 and hated what it did to my hair texture!
    Incidentally, I went red too :)
    In case you do go ahead with this, do please share your experience for the rest of us :)
    All the best!

  3. I appreciate you sharing this blog article. Really thank you! Really Great. volume rebonding for thin hair


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